Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1289: Are The Two Emperor Race About To Start War?

Chapter 1289: Are The Two Emperor Race About To Start War?

Chapter 1289: Are The Two Emperor Race About To Start War?

Rutherford nodded. "Indeed, I saw two elves beside those beings."

Another abyssal prodigy said, "Elder Bernard, Rutherford is right. We all saw it too. It's a pity, those few soldiers from the Advanced Demon Race are dead."

When the beings of the four races heard this, the atmosphere fell silent.

Windsor looked at the orbs. "The defenses of this...o...b..are too strong. Even we can't break it. It seems that if we want to know who they are, we can only go to the Elf Race."

The high levels looked at each other. Bernard nodded. "Elder Windsor is right. What does everyone else think?"

The rest of them nodded.

"In that case, let's go ask the Elf Race."

The universe was extremely vast. The Eternal Song Gallery was made of countless stars.

The galleries were linked together to the Eternal Song Gallery, forming the cosmic web.

In between the cosmic webs, there were very few stars. It was a barren void s.p.a.ce. The cosmic beasts and organisms in the void s.p.a.ce were very ferocious. Even the insectoids thrive there.

In the void s.p.a.ce outside the Eternal Song Gallery, there was a group of black planets floating, wandering the universe.

There were dense holes on the planets. Hideous-looking insectoids came in and out. Their chi painted the surrounding s.p.a.ce dark red.

In the center of this cl.u.s.ter of planets, there was an extremely huge cosmic body.

In a huge cave on this astral body, there was a humanoid insectoid that was red and white, sitting on a huge stone.

Vast spirit force was pulled from the void into its body.

At this moment, it suddenly opened its eyes. Terrifying spirit force spread out as walls on the cave cracked.

All the cosmic beasts in a wide range felt something terrifying and fled.

All the insectoids here stopped what they did and screamed.

A few insectoids appeared.

One with a red sh.e.l.l screamed. "Master, what's wrong?"

The insectoid great monarch said coldly, "Evan, Edison, and Nate all died!"

Moments later, terrifying chi erupted like a volcano from these insectoids. "What?! Edison and Nate are fine, they are the weakest in the cosmic monarch state, but even Evan died?! He's a level-8 cosmic monarch state!"

"Did those d.a.m.ned elemental beings or the beings from the Heaven Race intervene?!"

"They are declaring war on the Insectoid Race!"

"Master, we should tell the actions of these two emperor races to the Great Insectoid Mother! Her Majesty won't let them go!"

The Great Monarch waved his hand. "They died at the Eternal Song Gallery."

"Eternal Song Gallery"

The Blood Insectoid Race said, "That's the border of the Elemental Domain and Heaven Realm The two races are there to control that region Are they going to wage war?"

Everyone was confused.

The Great Monarch shook his head. "Now, the Elemental beings, Heaven Race, Divine Race, and Mechanical Race are all searching for the Barren Emperor's body law source in the barren realm. The emperors and our Great Mother are all seeking for pathways to transcend. It doesn't make sense that the Elemental beings and Heaven Race are starting war now. And"

The insectoid monarch was puzzled.

"What's wrong, my Master?"

"And I sensed Star Spirit Race chi before Evan's mental force connection with me broke."

"Star Spirit Race?!"

They were all bewildered.

"Star Spirits are rarely seen. Why would they fight against our cosmic monarch states? And, cosmic monarch state star spirits rarely appear."

"This is why I'm confused too."

"But regardless, we need to check out the situation there."

Three months later, Planet Qiming.

Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

He finally reached the level-8 cosmic realm state.

He looked at the girls. They were still cultivating, so he got off and left the room.

Ying Ying was watching cartoons on the couch alone. Seeing Lu Ze come out, her eyes lit up as she took out two gaming controllers and patted the couch.

"Lu Ze, let's settle the score!"

Lu Ze rolled his eyes and played games with this game addict.

Meanwhile, a hideous black-looking s.h.i.+p appeared.

Windsor and the others looked at the giant tree-like galaxy with a sliver of shock.

The corner of Howard's mouth twitched. "So this is the Elf Cosmic Realm? Not bad."