Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1288: There's Really Such A Monster?!

Chapter 1288: There's Really Such A Monster?!

Chapter 1288: Theres Really Such A Monster?!

A few days after Riley and the rest of the prodigies were revived, the prodigies of the other races were revived too.

They also relayed to the respective high-level officials the reason for their death. These high levels were equally dazed.

They all believed that they were killed by some unknown level-3 cosmic cloud state prodigy.

At the start, the high levels of the races didn't believe it.

They also thought that something happened to the prodigies while they were being revived.

However, when they learned that the other race prodigies said the same reason, they were stunned.

Was there really such an absurd prodigy?

In the Blood Tower.

Eve, Windsor, and Howard were sitting there. Before them stood Riley's group.

Eve looked at the four. "Riley, the prodigies of the other three races were also resurrected."

Riley nodded. "Elder Eve, I heard about it."

Eve fell silent and continued to speak. "Then, do you know how they explained their own deaths?"

Riley and the rest were stunned.

Riley asked, "What did they say?"

These few days, they had been resting as they felt that they received some serious side effects from being revived.

They really wanted to know what the other prodigies had said.

After being silent for a while, Eve spoke slowly. "They explained things the same way you did. They encountered a level-3 cosmic cloud state with many G.o.d art domains from an unknown race."

Riley and the rest gasped. "Elder Eve, did they really say that?!"

Before Eve could speak, Howard snorted and said, "Hmph! But we've flipped through the entire region. We still didn't find the entrance to the war domain! I suspect that all your side effects are very serious!"

"Howard!" Eve frowned slightly. "Since everyone who was revived said this, there must be some basis."

Howard's face changed, and he stopped speaking.

This reason was an insult to those who went to check for the entrance of the war domain.

It was like saying they were useless!

After some silence, Windsor said, "Even I think we should go there and have a look again."

Eve nodded. "I've discussed with the people in charge of the other three races. They think the same."

Howard's face was even worse looking. He said, "I'll go over as well!"

Eve nodded and said to Riley's group. "You guys can come too."

Soon, the four races headed off.

The prodigies got together on the way.

Kaneip, from the Abstruse Lightning Race, Winston from the Single-Armed Race, as well as Rutherford from the Abyssal Race were all there.

After the atmosphere fell silent, Kaneip's mouth twitched, and he said, "Did we really get killed by a level-3 cosmic cloud state?"

Their faces were strange.

"Cough, we should go see the entrance to that war domain first."

They didn't want to keep discussing this topic.

Soon, they came to the valley of the war domain.

Three planet-sized orbs were floating there, but the entrance to the war domain was no longer there.

Rutherford looked at the position in the middle of the three spheres. "I remember that the war domain entrance was here. How could it disappear?!"

Howard sneered. "We searched for it before. You can try again."

Everyone began searching.

They searched everywhere but still couldn't find anything.

Howard and the others sneered. "We told you that there was nothing!"

Windsor frowned and looked at the others.

His eyes scanned around before settling on the three orbs in the center.

He punched towards the ball.


Just as the fist force was about to penetrate the ball, s.p.a.ce suddenly rippled, and an orb glimmering with all sorts of spirit force colors appeared.


The three b.a.l.l.s rattled in the air, but the blood light soon dissipated.

There wasn't even a crack on that ball. There was just a flow of silver and gray light that quickly fused into the void.

Howard couldn't help but say, "How is this possible?!"

"How did this thing escape our senses? It was just hidden in the void like that, and we didn't even notice?!"

"And Elder Windsor's attack does not affect this thing at all."

Riley frowned. Windsor was a level-4 cosmic monarch state!

Although his cultivation level was suppressed, his power was still very strong.

Yet, even his attack couldn't damage this...o...b.. One could imagine how terrifying it was.

An Abstruse Lightning Race frowned. " Why do I feel Lightning Domain chi from this?"

"I also sensed Darkness Domain chi" An Abyssal Race said.

"We feel Earth G.o.d Art Domain and Body G.o.d Art Domain chi"

Everyone fell silent.

They thought about what their prodigies had told them.

Their skin crawled.

Was it true?

Was there really such a monster?!

Afterwards, Riley slowly said, "I feel that guy's chi."

Kaneip nodded. "I feel it too!"

"It's that monster's chi! Even after I died, I wouldn't forget it!"

Windsor's face was serious. "Let's try to break this...o...b.."


Everyone nodded and rose to attack the center of the three orbs.

Windsor roared. "Everyone attack together!"


Over dozens of beings attacked.

A terrifying power swept through s.p.a.ce.


That colorful ball finally appeared in the sky again.

All these attacks struck the ball. However, they were shocked to find that the ball only fluctuated a little bit.

When the attacks were gone, the ball was still fine.

"Impossible!" Howard roared.

One Abyssal Race elder said shakily, "Did you guys feel it? How many G.o.d art domains are there on this ball?"

Everyone was at a loss for words.

They counted.

" There are at least 13. There's also a few types of G.o.d art that I don't' know."

"This was really made by a level-3 cosmic cloud state?!"

They could all feel that the power of this thing wasn't too strong.

Someone from the Single-Armed Race looked at Riley and the rest. "Kaneip, do you guys know what race that being came from?!"

Riley and the rest shook their heads.

Riley opened his mouth and said, "That being was with his fellow race members. They didn't say what race they came from. Even though they got rankings on the leaders' battle list, they didn't show their race."

Everyone just remembered that the monster got first on the leaders' battle list?

Windsor frowned. "Is he from some cosmic lord civilization?"

"But if he is, why wouldn't he dare to reveal his race?"

"Even a cosmic monarch state civilization can't give birth to such a prodigy, right?"

At this moment, Rutherford suddenly said, "I think I might know how to find out what race they are!"

The Abyssal Race elder asked, "How?!"

Rutherford said, "Last time we came to the war domain, we were with a few Advanced Demon Race, the ones whose Abyssal Race blood reached the standard."

The elder frowned. "What insignificant people got to do with this?"

Rutherford hurriedly said, "They said that there were two Elf Races on the side of those prodigies. The Elf Race is an enemy of the Demon Race."

The elder asked, "What civilization is the Elf Race?"

Rutherford twitched his lips. "Cosmic realm state."

Everyone was shocked.

"You're saying those prodigies are with cosmic realm state civilization beings?!"