Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1265 - Deepened Connection Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 1265 - Deepened Connection Pocket Hunting Dimension

Chapter 1265: Deepened Connection Pocket Hunting Dimension

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As the phenomena appeared, the powerful races of the Elf Cosmic Realm looked over.

When they saw the familiar phenomenon, they thought back to what happened last year.

Immediately, quite some powerful beings started to fly over. This included Fred and Yi Lei of Crystal Race, Mirium and Cagel of Golden Spear Race. Even the Elf Queen and the others came over.

They had benefited quite a lot from this.

At the same time, an Advanced Demon Race was also looking at this scene.

He felt quite some powerful chi, including the Elf Queen.

His eyes flashed as he kept feeling that knowledge in the light.

d.a.m.n… this light is really mesmerizing.

Lu Ze was fusing his spirit force and body while using the knowledge of the phenomena to learn battle intent and Undying Battle Intent.

Invisible rays formed around him. Green light also flashed.

He used a blue dew, purple liquid, and blue crystal to learn Undying Battle Intent Divine Art simultaneously.

At this moment, Lu Ze felt something different about his mental force dimension.

He was dazed and felt that his connection with the Pocket Hunting Dimension seems tighter.

Despite not going into the Pocket Hunting Dimension, he could still sense the maps he had completed.

This shocked Lu Ze so much that he even stopped learning and breaking through.

What was going on?!

His connection with the Pocket Hunting Dimension had always been tightening as he grew stronger, but this had never happened before.

Was this because he was starting to break through to the cosmic realm state?

He found that he could sense the Pocket Hunting Dimension but couldn’t do more.

Therefore, he began to focus on breaking through.

Time flew by. The phenomenon went from strong to weaker.

Soon, the invisible wave around Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling disappeared.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and smiled.

He finally broke through to the cosmic realm state.


This power…

Was much higher of an improvement compared to previously.

How strong would he be if he unleashed his full power?

Lu Ze didn’t know, but he knew it would be terrifying!

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling also opened their eyes.

They looked at each other and smiled.

At this moment, Lu Ze and the girls felt a powerful chi surge.

It was Lu Li and Alice. They seemed to have reached a critical point. “It seems they’ve benefited a lot from this phenomenon. They’re about to break through too.”

This phenomenon was a fusion of these four. It was too effective.

Lu Li and Alice had been using the very top cultivation resources. Under such conditions, their progress was very fast.

Lu Ze smiled. “Perfect, let’s consolidate our cultivation too.”

The four closed their eyes and went into cultivation again.

Quite some people stopped their learning as the phenomena disappeared.

Their eyes were full of joy.

“I broke through! Two levels in a row!”

“I did three! This is too amazing! Why am I so amazing?!”

“I broke through four levels! Am I a legendary prodigy?!”

“Hahaha! I learned Lightning G.o.d Art!”

“I learned Fire G.o.d Art!”

Excited voices sounded. In this phenomenon, everyone benefited quite a bit. More powerful people learned G.o.d arts and became prodigies.

Although the phenomenon had disappeared, they were still immersed in their enlightenments.

Outside the barrier, some of the beings stopped cultivating. They were also excited.

A week later, everyone was immersed in cultivation.

At this moment, another wave spread from Planet Jinyao. The phenomenon appeared again.

This time, it was Lu Li and Alice breaking through.

A few days after this phenomenon disappeared, the humans and other beings slowly opened their eyes.

Alicia and the other elders looked at each other.

They felt their cultivation bottleneck loosen up. Soon, they might be able to break through. They were cosmic realm states after all!

Alicia could see the determination in the eyes of the elders.

She smiled. She also made up the same determination.

Mirium opened her eyes. “It really is them…”

Cagel beside him also had a complicated expression. “It’s too fast. They’ve already broken through to the cosmic realm state.”

With this, the Golden Spear Race higher-ups had lost their voice.

They were all in a state of disbelief.

One elder sighed. “His power is far beyond our imagination.”

The others nodded.

In the Crystal Race region, Yi Lei and Fred also didn’t know what to say.

Far away, the Advanced Demon being felt his cultivation level break through. He flew back towards the Demon Realm.

Planet Jinyao.

Those immersed the deepest in cultivation were those in the dao enlightenment room and spirit gathering rooms.

They also opened their eyes one after one and walked out.

Nangong Lin and Zuoqiu Xunshuang also walked out.

Nangong Lin was still stunned.

He still couldn’t accept that the phenomenon was absurd.

“It seems they have finished.” Elder Nangong smiled.

Elder Lin nodded.

Saint Lin Dong nodded as if recalling something. His expressionless face twitched, and he said, “Last time, we were attacked by insectoids.”

Lu Ze opened his eyes as he panted.

This time, the progress of his breakthrough was too huge!

His battle intent reached the domain level, and his Undying Battle Intent reached familiar mastery!

Just that was a huge improvement to him.

If he used Undying Battle Intent, his power would rise two levels even in cosmic realm state.

This was a cosmic realm state!

Cosmic lord divine art was indeed very powerful.

If he was at perfect mastery, it might bring up two levels of combat power, even in cosmic lord state?

Lu Ze also learned the lightning dao rune shard.

His Lightning G.o.d Art was far superior than before.