Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1264 - Gift Of The Gods

Chapter 1264 - Gift Of The Gods

Chapter 1264: Gift Of The G.o.ds

Lu Ze walked back into his room.

Because the spirit gathering rooms and dao enlightenment rooms hadn’t been built yet, they weren’t in such a rush to break through.

The human researchers had learned from the Elf Race about building spirit gathering rooms and dao enlightenment rooms. Their efficiency was much higher, and they didn’t need to wait that long.

Therefore, Lu Ze and the girls rested at home.

Lu Li and Alice hadn’t reached the peak cosmic cloud state, so they had to go cultivate.

Meanwhile, the rest just chatted.

Ying Ying saw Nangong Jing and the rest enjoying alcohol and wanted to try it sneakily. However, Qiuyue Hesha found it and stopped her immediately.

A day later, Elder Nangong notified them that the rooms had been set up.

Lu Ze and the girls came to Planet Jinyao.

This time, Nangong Lin, Luo Bingqing, and the rest were also there.

They would also be learning in the dao enlightenment room.

As for the elders, they still didn’t feel secure and wanted to guard personally.

Lu Ze and the girls could only let them be.

Lu Ze gave them the overlord level summoning crystals.

To be honest, if someone could break through the barrier, it wouldn’t be something the overlords could handle.

However, this was a mental a.s.surance for them.

Lu Ze and the girls went into the medium-grade dao enlightenment rooms.

This was a complete version this time.

They immediately felt knowledge about the universe clear up in this room.

“Let’s begin.” Lu Ze took a deep breath.

In order to maximize the effect, the dao enlightenment room was only tens of square meters.

It was completely made of deep blue metal inscribed with ruins. There were six cus.h.i.+ons in the middle.

Lu Ze and the girls sat down and entered cultivation state.

Lu Ze’s mental force entered his cells.

His cells were filled with countless star dust, forming a thick cosmic cloud.

There was just one more step, and he could break through.

He took a deep breath and used the last drop of white liquid.

Immediately, that vast cosmic cloud started to ripple.


Lu Ze’s mind went blank, and his consciousness left his body. It fused into the universe, and he could sense all that knowledge.

In just an instant, his consciousness recovered.

It was as though that was just a hallucination.

Meanwhile, that powerful spirit force that the cosmic clouds could no longer handle seeped towards the cell walls.

Eventually, the stardust fused into the cell walls.


There was another blast.

Lu Ze could feel his cell walls starting to fuse with spirit force.

From a cellular level, his body and spirit force was fusing.

Lu Ze was breaking through.

At the same time, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling emitted the same vibe.

Their break through ripples started to fuse and expand outside.

A light appeared from the void and covered the entire galaxy.

Fire, oceans, forests, earth, pillars, and so forth all appeared.

G.o.d art secrets were emitted by these phenomena.

The entire galaxy could hear all sorts of sounds.

The phenomena were extremely vast.

The others who were waiting in the rooms saw the phenomena and immediately went into cultivation.

The elders were sitting before the house, drinking tea together.

When the light sprayed, they were mesmerized.

But soon, they broke free from that state.

They were still shocked.

“Good thing we aren’t in a spirit gathering room or dao enlightenment room. Otherwise, we would’ve gone into the cultivation state immediately.” Elder Nangong said.

Elder Lin sighed. “Indeed so. This phenomenon is much stronger than before.”

“This is just the start, and it’s already far beyond the strongest last time.”

“This phenomenon… it’s not just Ze, right? it seems Jing Jing and Hesha also broke through?”

The others nodded.

“Heh, our race is very fortunate this time. We’ll probably get a new batch of prodigies!”

Everyone was quite excited.

Lu Ze and the girls’ phenomenon was a prodigy creating machine!

Only Red Flame Saint was dumbfounded when the phenomenon appeared.

This wasn’t the same as he imagined.

His mind went blank.

He quickly said, “Wait… why are you so calm when such a phenomenon appeared?!”

Right, it was his first time seeing this.

Elder Nangong patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry, it’s normal to be shocked the first time. You’ll be used to it a few times later.”

Elder Lin and the others nodded.

All the humans in the galaxy stopped what they were doing and fell into learning.

As for those low-level civilizations in the galaxy, they knelt on the ground as they looked at the phenomenon in the sky.

To them, this was the gift of G.o.ds.

Last year, they received this gift. Those who were gifted became powerful. Some could control water and fire and allow them to survive better in harsh environments.

Now, the G.o.ds gave their blessing again. This made them very grateful.

Even cosmic beasts and wild beasts stopped being ferocious. They enjoyed this endless light.

Meanwhile, the races outside the galaxy saw this light again and felt very complicated.

Indeed. Was it the same as last time?

What sort of race was the Human Race?

Were they blessed by a cosmic lord civilization?