Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1214 - You've Taken Care Of My Elders

Chapter 1214 - You've Taken Care Of My Elders

Chapter 1214: You’ve Taken Care Of My Elders

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This was Lu Ze’s first time to see such a powerful beast in the universe.

It possessed a peak cosmic cloud state combat power. Basically, its talent was on par with prodigies from cosmic lord civilization, right?

Would a beast like that taste delicious? Lu Ze wanted a bite.

In fact, it was difficult for a beast to acquire such talent. At most, its cultivation level was capped at peak cosmic cloud state within the Xavier Ancient Ruins. If it were to venture into the galaxy, the beast could have been much more formidable.

Perhaps it could become a cosmic lord boss in the future?

Although they have summoning crystals and don’t need these beasts themselves, can they bring this beast back and turn it into a guardian beast?

However, he had no way to control the beast. If he brought it back and it caused severe damage to the race, he would be unable to prevent the havoc.

At this point, he had to find the Red Flame Saint and Nangong Lin. He shouldn’t waste time attempting to tame the beast. But then, he couldn’t help but change his mind. He decided he would eat its meat.

The black lion noticed Lu Ze’s eyes and subconsciously took a step back.

This guy… What is up with those eyes?!

The beast could sense the difference between the odd two-legged animal and the other two-legged animals.

How come there seems to be a lethal threat?!


The black lion released a blood-curdling roar and directed it at Lu Ze.

Seeing the black lion’s hideous eyes, Lu Ze remained unusually calm. As he was about to use a diamond crystal and kill the beast, the black lion suddenly turned and disappeared into the demonic chi. The whole process was done in a blink.

Lu Ze was at a loss for words. He felt dumbfounded by the turn of events.

What?! Did that beast flee just like that?

Shouldn’t it be supposed to protect its home?

Are the instincts of beasts this accurate now?

Was it aware that it was about to get eaten then?!


Suddenly, deafening eruptions bombarded the area. Along with it, red fire waves and spirit light flashed.

A shockwave was noticeably spreading across all directions. In turn, the black demonic chi was blown away as the mountain range quaked with immense force.

The fire wolf had already clashed with the four beings from the Gus Race.

One had to admit that the four beings from the Gus Race were not weak by all means. Combining all of their strength alone could stall the fire wolf for some time.


The figures of the opposing sides flashed continuously without any signs of stopping at all.

“d.a.m.n it! Who is this guy?! Why is he targeting the Gus Race like that!”

A bulky being from the Gus Race clashed with the fire wolf and looked coldly at Lu Ze.

The one with the frost axe said, “Don’t worry, there’s still that lion to think about. It should be fiercely territorial. It probably won’t let that guy go…”

However, his words trailed abruptly. Because… he just discovered that the black lion fled.

It fled!?

It wasn’t just him who was dumbfounded, the rest of his companions also gasped.

“How is this possible?!”

Oh s.h.i.+t?!

What is with this situation?

Previously, they were fighting for their lives. Even then, they didn’t manage to drive the beast away. But how come it ran away during this time?!

The four beings were stupefied, but they didn’t have time to ponder on it. The fire wolf alone was enough to keep them occupied, given the pressure it imposed on them.

All they had to do now is to fight using the fullest of their power.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze decided to let the lion escape after thinking for a bit. If he had the opportunity in the future, he could just return and tame it. He should be able to bring it back to his race by then.

This time, he would let it go.

With those thoughts, Lu Ze focused on the battlefield. His eyes flashed with a sliver of killing intent. Thereafter, he instantly appeared in front of the bulky being from the Gus Race.

His eyes flashed with spirit flames. He used Body G.o.d Art Domain and instantly subjected his opponent to it.

Straight away, the bulky being sensed the disappearance of his Body G.o.d Art. His once-powerful chi turned feeble. It dropped down dramatically.


The bulky being gasped and felt as though he was in a trance.

At this point, the fire wolf from afar roared.

Fire waves were shot out and eventually released a few hundred fireb.a.l.l.s at the other three beings from the Gus Race. It then vanished into a red light and appeared once again in front of the Gus Race.

It lifted up its sharp claws that were ablaze with fire and swiped toward the Gus Race.

Feeling the overwhelming power, the face of one of the beings turned pale. His heart went cold.

Too strong!

He lost his access to Body G.o.d Art and couldn’t even use divine art. He couldn’t block it at all. Nevertheless, he wasn’t going to sit there and wait.


He suddenly let out a battle cry, and the muscles on his arms bulged.

The spirit force ran rampant.


The fire wolf’s claws clashed with the hands of the being from the Gus Race. Immediately, the fire wave and spirit force set off.




The sounds of bone cracking could be heard. The being from the Gus Race spat some blood and fell back. His two hands sank excruciatingly. The bones inside were completely crushed.

One hit and he was heavily injured!

The other three from the Gus Race were taken aback.


“Gugu! How is that possible?!”

That person had the strongest defenses out of the four.

As Gugu was falling back, Lu Ze emerged out of nowhere. Pale white spirit flames ignited around him as his body made the s.p.a.ce rattle. He swung his leg and kicked.


Gugu had no power to dodge anymore. He could only watch as the right leg made contact with his waist.


Gugu’s spine was shattered, and his body ended up dislocated in an eerie way. The organs within and muscles were torn apart. He died almost instantly. He was murdered so fast that the other three from the Gus Race couldn’t react on time.

After witnessing Gugu’s body smash into a mountain that collapsed subsequently, they finally regained their bearings.

“d.a.m.n it!”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you killed Gugu!!”

“Who are you?! What conflict do we have with you?!”

Even though they were shouting, they were deeply terrified. The power that this guy displayed was way beyond theirs.

Lu Ze grinned. “After all, you took care of my elders before. Naturally, I have to pay you back now.”

The three couldn’t believe what was happening.

The one with the frost axe said, “Friend… No, Master, are you perhaps… mistaken? We have never seen your elder…”

Lu Ze retorted, “My elders were brought here by you to mine.”

The three were speechless. The races of those miners had only reached the cosmic cloud state. In addition, they weren’t even powerful among the cosmic cloud state races! If they were, they wouldn’t need to offer themselves to become a miner for some trivial rewards.

Yet, this scary guy was claiming that his elders were working here?!

How was he so shameless?!

Obviously, this guy was only coveting their mine, so he found some random excuse to attack them.