Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1213 - : Is There Some Misunderstanding?

Chapter 1213 - : Is There Some Misunderstanding?

Chapter 1213: Is There Some Misunderstanding?

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In the depths of the mining region, a hundred-meter-tall black lion was fighting with four beings from the Gray Skinned Race with two pairs of eyes.

They were all peak cosmic cloud states.

However, the power they manifested was far beyond a peak cosmic cloud state.

Even an ordinary level-1 cosmic realm state might not be a match for them!


The black lion roared and the black demon chi formed another lion that was exactly the same. The two lions charged towards the four beings at the same time.

The four beings from the Gus Race gasped. “What?!”

They didn’t expect this.


One being from the Gus Race held a huge frosted ax. He sliced towards one of the lions. With this strike, s.p.a.ce itself seemed to have frozen.

This lion formed a four-meter long black ball and shot it at the ax.


The explosion filled the world.

On the other side, the hand of the being from the Gus Race flowed with flames. He formed hand signs and created a huge flaming hand that slapped towards the other black lion.


The lion slapped back towards the flaming palm.


Another roar filled the world.

The other two Gus beings also charged next to the lions and attacked them.

At this moment, the lion released a black mist and dodged two attacks.

It counter-attacked and forced back the two beings.

After this, a black lion suddenly charged into the middle of the four people. A black light flashed, and spirit force shot up.

Seeing this, the four of them gasped.


They retreated like crazy.


The huge lion exploded. A terrifying spirit force wave shot in all directions.

Even the distant mountain ranges were charged by the powerful spirit force. The earth rattled as cracks appeared on the mountain. Huge rocks fell.

In the center of the explosion, a section of the mountain was wiped away. Only a huge basin appeared.

The four beings from the Gus Race were injured a little.

They looked at the black lion tensely.

“d.a.m.n it! it’s not enough! We need more reinforcements! This beast is too strong!”

“d.a.m.n it! It’s here again…”

The black lion charged over again.

Seeing this, their faces changed.

This beast was terrifying!

They were the strongest batch of prodigies in their race. Their combat power was very powerful, and they were famous even in the Chaos Star Realm.

However, the four of them were no match for this beast!

At this point, a few beams rapidly neared the battlefield.

They all sensed the appearance of these few chi and stopped.

The black lion retreated a little in vigilance.

It was smart and knew that if more cultivators came, it would be difficult to stop them.

The Gus Race rejoiced. “Is there reinforcement?”

“Who would it be?”

But soon, their faces changed.

“No! This isn’t someone from our race!”

“Foreign race?! d.a.m.n it!”

Lu Ze and the girls appeared.

“You guys, this is the mining region of the Gus Race. What race are you guys? What are you doing here?” The one holding the frost ax said.

He looked at Sabrina and Lily.

They were peak cosmic cloud states, but their chi was clearly beyond that.

Usually, they wouldn’t care but here, there was the lion too.

Lu Ze was studying the Gus Race too.

They weren’t that much weaker than the peak cosmic cloud state super beasts.

With his current cultivation level, he could fight one.


Lin Ling looked around. She pointed behind the Gus Race. “There’s a group of people hiding there inside a formation. It’s probably their excavation base.”

Lu Ze and the girls’ eyes lit up.

Nangong Jing’s quiet golden eyes flashed. “Let’s go over now!”

Lu Ze nodded. “Mhm! Jing Jing, you guys go over. I’ll handle these people here.”

The Gus Race had a bad feeling.

Lu Ze smiled at the girls. “Go, be careful.”

They nodded.

Then, Lu Ze looked at the nearing being from the Gus Race with killing intent. He licked his lips. “Who are we?”

He inserted spirit force into a summoning crystal.


A huge fire wolf appeared.

Terrifying flames rotated around it. It was a peak cosmic cloud state cultivation level, and its chi was shocking.

Even the black lion was shocked.

So strong!

It retreated silently and fused into the demonic chi.

Are these two groups of people enemies?

Great, it can watch the show.


“d.a.m.n it, is this a guardian beast?!”

“Who is this guy?!”

Just what background did this guy have?

Seeing the girls head towards their base, their faces sunk. “d.a.m.n it! how did they find the base?!”

They paid quite the price to hide the base.

However, they didn’t dare to move as that wolf was watching them.

“Don’t worry, the base’s defenses aren’t weak. They can’t break it.”

“The most important opponent is the one in front.”

The one with frost ax forced out a smile. “Friend… is there some misunderstanding between us?”

Lu Ze grinned.

The wolf roared, and the flames around it soared.

The temperature became extremely high.

The fire wolf charged towards the four Gus Race.

The four-strong ancients were speechless.

d.a.m.n it!

This guy was a mad man?!

Why was he targeting them like this?!

They didn’t seem to have messed with this guy before?

Meanwhile, Lu Ze looked at the black lion.

The black lion became nervous.