Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Unbelievable


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Just when Lu Ze’s smile froze, Lu Li’s soft voice said, “Seeing how brother is so confident, Li won’t hold back.”

“Wait!” Lu Ze quickly called.

Lu Li smiled at Lu Ze. Her crystal eyes showed some confusion, “What’s wrong? Li really wants to see brother’s manly side.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed.

He was planning to pretend that he had a stomachache, but now that Lu Li said such, he couldn’t use that excuse.

He forcefully brought up his chest, “You’re just level eight, I’m not worried at all!”

Since he had decided to fight, Lu Ze didn’t think much. His eyes focused and his power emanated. A faint white glow appeared on the surface of his body. He was into battle mode.

Lu Li saw the white light and her eyes opened wide, “You…”

She opened her red lips and pointed at Lu Ze. She couldn’t speak.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Ze asked in confusion.

“Emitting white light. This is only achieved by reaching a perfect refinement state for a small level!” Lu Li’s gentle smiled disappeared. “What happened? Don’t you know? You’re only level four. How is this possible?”

Lu Ze saw her shocked look and immediately his mouth raised up, “How is it? You didn’t expect it right? Your brother is a prodigy.”

Hearing this, Lu Li took a deep breath. Her chest went up and down. Moments later, she finally collected herself as she put a smile back on and said, “I am a bit shocked. Perhaps, brother really is a prodigy, but…”

She also showed some white light on her body as she smiled, “Li’s six bowels have also reached perfect refinement.”

Seeing the white light show on Lu Li’s body, Lu Ze’s smile faded slowly.

f.u.c.k!! f.u.c.k!!

Lu Ze felt despair. Lu Li reached level eight and perfect refinement for six bowels. She completely relied on herself. Lu Ze could only admit defeat to such talent.

At the same time, Lu Ze was thinking that after his graduation trial, he would give some light orbs to Lu Li too. At that time, she would definitely become much stronger with her talent.

But now, Lu Ze felt despair. He thought he was fine, but now, he realized it was all wrong.

Outplays didn’t exist!

Your sister was still your sister.

But Lu Ze had his advantage. The perfect refinement for each small state had different effects. Skin refinement greatly increased his defenses while the six bowels brought better stamina, recovery, and immunity. They weren’t fighting to the death. At least, Lu Ze felt he would be able to take more of a beating than yesterday.

Such small aspirations. He just wanted to be able to take a beating. Lu Ze wanted to cry.

“Brother, Li is going to attack.”

Then, Lu Li dashed. Her black hair danced as her body shot through the air at Lu Ze.

Her white hands brought a chi wave towards Lu Ze’s chest. Her power was strong and her speed was faster than yesterday. Clearly, she planned to give him a beating again.

Lu Ze moved his feet, his left elbow struck horizontally towards Lu Li’s wrist. Lu Li smiled. Her palm turned to a claw and grabbed Lu Ze’s elbow. Then, her wrist shook and Lu Ze felt he was flying.


Lu Ze was brought up by Lu Li with one hand and smashed onto the ground heavily.

Lu Ze’s chest felt heavy, it was a bit painful. His ribs seemed to have cracked open. His defenses weren’t strong enough for such attacks.


Lu Ze got up and grinned at Lu Li who stopped to smile at him.

There were gene serums anyways. He would recover.

He needed to quickly breakthrough to experienced mastery for the fist technique. If his movement technique could break through to completion, it would be even better.




Lu Ze fell to the ground again and again and struggled to get up before throwing himself back into the battle. He focused on learning the foundational fist technique and movement technique.

Gradually, his fist technique got more skilled. His movement technique was more agile. Although he was still smashed on the ground repeatedly, Lu Ze was lasting longer and longer.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze laid on the ground. his chest palpitated rapidly. He didn’t even have the power to get up.

There was not a single muscle that didn’t ache. Did his ribs really break?

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Lu Li really went hard.

“Here, serum, can you drink it?” Lu Li came up to him. Lu Ze turned around. He looked up from two long white legs… It was a tight sports shorts at the top.

Pfft, bad review.

If he went higher, it was that busty chest that blocked her face.

Lu Li squatted down. There was also an aromatic sweat from her face. She frowned, “Lu Ze, I’m asking you a question.”

Lu Ze raised his hand, but he found that it was powerless too. After all, she threw him from his arm so many times.

Seeing this, Lu Li brought back her hair showing her white side face. She twisted the bottle open and placed it next to Lu Ze’s mouth, “Here, drink.”

Lu Ze opened his mouth and the serum was poured gently into his mouth by Lu Li. It was sweet and sour, like strawberry yogurt. It was great.

The serum went down his stomach, and his body felt warm. Gradually, Lu Ze recovered some power.

He gasped, “Lu Li, you were too cruel.”

Lu Li showed a gentle smile again, “But brother improved a lot, right? It’s all due to Li’s work. You need to thank Li.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Every time she had some evil plan, she smiled like this. No matter how pretty her smile was, she was still a demon.

He really didn’t understand how she concealed her true self in the school for this long. How did people not see through this?

This was unbelievable!

Half an hour later, Lu Li showered and changed clothes. Lu Ze finally felt he had the strength to walk. He got up slowly and washed before changing clothes and going back home.

Lu Li who came back first was already eating breakfast with their parents. Lu Ze walked over and sat down.

“Good son! I heard Li say that you’ve made huge progress these two days?” Fu Shuya asked.

Lu Ze got dazed and glanced at Lu Li before nodding, “Yes, some improvements.”

Lu Wen’s eyes lit up. The middle-aged handsome man showed a sly smile and patted Lu Ze’s shoulder. “Good luck, get into Federal University. I’m telling you, it is full of beautiful girls… pff…”

Lu Ze looked at Fu Shuya who instantly subjugated Lu Wen shakily.

Oh my G.o.d, that was scary!

“Good boy! Just work hard on your own accord. Don’t give yourself too much pressure. Don’t listen to your dad. Being happy is the most important.” Fu Shuya smiled.

The businesswoman outside was just a spoiling mother at home.

Lu Ze looked at his parents. His eyes flashed as she said, “I will work hard. I will show you that I can get into Federal University.