Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: This Isn’t Right


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

In the dark room, Lu Ze who was sitting cross-legged opened his eyes. A painful sensation came from his chest covering him in cold sweat.

He didn’t really die, but it really did hurt.

He felt his tears were coming out. He died once a day. No, yesterday he died twice. It seemed that from now on, he would die every day.

If this continued, would he be used to death?

Lu Ze felt cold thinking about this. He rolled around on the bed and put the blanket over him.

In this cold world, only his blanket could give him some warmth.


Lu Ze thought about that green wolf and the transparent blades it shot out. That was a wind blade right?

There were even magic beasts. What place was that?

However, no one could answer Lu Ze. He didn’t even have a little elf cheat. Wasn’t it normal to send a cute, bed warming elf?

This quality of this service was too low, bad review!

Lu Ze sighed. From the looks of that green wolf, Lu Ze was no match for it at all. He should just stay being a rabbit killer.

Although he knew that the wolf would drop great things, his life was more important. Although death wasn’t scary, not caring about death is scarier.

That might get addicting!

He would definitely not do that in his entire life! Otherwise, he was a dog!

After making up his mind, Lu Ze didn’t think much and tried again. He couldn’t sense that dimension indeed. It really did seem to be available once a day?

Lu Ze looked at the time, it was eight. He clearly only stayed in there for an hour or so. Time didn’t seem to match.

It seemed he needed to be careful. If he killed a few more rabbits, it would be a few more orbs.

After learning the rule of going into that strange dimension, a small faint red orb appeared in Lu Ze’s hands. He put it in his mouth and started cultivation.

The orb carried intense heat as it entered his mouth. Lu Ze frowned and began refining his skin.

Soon, an hour or so later, he finished devouring the light orb. Lu Ze took out another and continued.

After devouring the third light orb, Lu Ze felt that his skin grew very tight. Each skin cell emitted a faint glow. His flesh and blood were completely different from before.

He opened his eyes and looked at himself. He was covered in a thick layer of grime. The disgusting smell made him want to puke. He quickly got up and went to the toilet and took a shower.

Lu Ze finally remembered to shut the door this time, fearing Lu Li would come in again.

After the shower, Lu Ze saw that his skin became very nice.

His mouth spasmed. If he went to school with this skin, people would forcefully watch him.

Those girls would definitely admire his skin right?

He was in despair. Should he cover himself tight before going to school?

But soon, Lu Ze shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Even Li Erhou who sat next to him didn’t notice his skin becoming whiter today. He wasn’t even noticed in his cla.s.s, much less the entire school?

He shouldn’t think too much of himself.

He returned to his room and began his cultivation again.

It was only 11, the night was still long. The constant feeling of getting stronger soon mesmerized Lu Ze. After devouring the light orbs, he had a lot of stamina.

After eating another light orb, this time the scorching energy didn’t just flow on his skin but towards his blood and muscles.

A light piercing pain with a scorching feeling made Lu Ze frown. He didn’t move and kept refining his body.

Light orbs were devoured one after another. The sky outside the window began to light up red. Birds were still chirping.

Lu Ze opened his eyes and spat out clotted air.

It was then 6 am. After he reached perfection for skin refinement, his devouring speed grew faster. In around seven hours, he devoured 12 orbs, but his muscle refinement only reached halfway.

It was just one level higher but the use of light orbs went higher multiple times. He still had 20 or so light orbs left. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to finish tendon refinement with that.

His body was once again covered in some grime. This time, there was also yellow oil and fat. It seemed a bit disgusting.

He got up and dashed out of the room into the toilet. He locked the door and began showering. This was done rapidly. Lu Ze was a hygienic kid.

Just when Lu Ze was singing and having a bath, the sound of doork.n.o.b turning came. However after realizing the door was locked, a sleepy voice said with some helplessness, “Lu Ze, since when did you love showering that much?”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Showering can make the skin smooth like milk. It can attract more girls.”

“…” the voice at the door fell silent as though shocked at Lu Ze’s shamelessness.

Moments later, Lu Li said, “Smooth like milk. That wouldn’t be attracting girls, it would be attracting guys. You definitely have some unfathomable intention towards Shen Feiyang.”

Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed as he said furiously, “My stupid little sister. It seems you don’t understand how strong your brother is! Let’s fight soon!”

Lu Ze asked to spar as he felt he got much stronger. He might not be able to beat her but he wouldn’t be in a bad situation like yesterday.

Lu Li’s signature soft voice sounded, “Then, Li will wait and let brother show Li his power.”

Lu Ze sneered, “Hmph, no need to talk that much, you just wait!”

He finished the shower and quickly changed clothes before going out. He said to Lu Li, who was still wearing teddy bear pajamas, “Hurry up and shower. I will wait for you at the training grounds!”

Then, Lu Ze left. His steps were smooth and dominant.

Seeing this, Lu Li smirked and narrowed her eyes. “Stupid Lu Ze, confidence overload? It seems little sister needs to let him know he needs to obey his little sister.

Coming to the training ground, Lu Ze’s face was serious. He began to warm up. He first practiced the basic fist technique and movement technique.

After more than an hour of fighting, his martial arts technique improved even more. His foundational fist technique was about to reach an experienced level.

His battle with Lu Li soon might bring him to experienced mastery.

Moments later, Lu Li changed clothes and came to the training grounds. Lu Ze stopped his warm-up.

Lu Li smiled, “Brother seems very confident today.”

Lu Ze smirked, “I have power, of course, I’m confident.”

Lu Li flicked her long hair and smiled, “What a coincidence. Li is very confident today too. I just broke through to level 8 last night.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze’s face froze: ???

This wasn’t right!!

This kid was a year younger than him, but her cultivation level was twice his??

He really didn’t belong to this family. The talent difference was huge.

According to Lu Li’s speed, she can break through the martial warrior state before her final exams and bring spirit chi into her body and reach spirit martial state. This was reaching the requirement for the application of Federal University.