Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1169 - Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beast

Chapter 1169 - Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beast

Chapter 1169 Cosmic Cloud State Peak Super Beast

Lu Ze and the girls looked at the fire wolf’s drops. Super red and purple liquid, as well as a fire G.o.d art shard, came without saying.

There was a fireball divine art shard and two red crystals.

They were surprised. “There are two?” Lu Li asked.

Lu Ze glanced at the two crystals, then smiled and said, “Whatever, let’s just take them first.”

They could check it when they got out.

Lu Ze picked up everything, and then, the group came to the warhorse.

There were five level-8 cosmic cloud state super red and purple liquid, one crisp green G.o.d art orb, and one green G.o.d art orb. These two orbs looked similar, but one orb showed a tree growing, where the other one was just crisp green energy.

One was Wood G.o.d Art and one was Life G.o.d Art.

There was also a crisp green divine art shard. This was probably the divine art the horse used to heal itself.

He just got the Life Blossom Divine Art from the Elf Race. He didn’t even get to use it, and now, he acquired a cosmic cloud state life divine art.

The last item was a crisp green crystal.

It was probably the summoning crystal for this horse.

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

Level-8 cosmic cloud state super beast summoning crystal.

This was definitely their biggest trump card! This wave of loot was major!

Lu Ze quickly picked the stuff up, fearing there would be a boss that suddenly killed them.

If they died right now, they would be furious. After seeing Lu Ze pick up the things, Qiuyue Hesha said, “Let’s go.”

Others nodded expectantly, and Alice said with a grin, “We might find even better stuff!”

The group was very hopeful. They continued their search.

As they neared the central battlefield, they gained more.

They found dozens of peak cosmic cloud state beasts.

As for super beasts, they killed another two level-7 cosmic cloud state ruby scorpions, one level-6 warhorse, three level-6 sand serpent, one level-6 super lightning eagle, and one level-6 super-earth wolf.

This was a huge loot!

Their faces were full of excitement

With this many summoning crystals, Lu Ze felt he could go wherever he pleased at the first level.

However, he only found one level-8 cosmic cloud state super beast.

They also went past a few oases and acquired quite some golden and blue dew.

As their powers increased, they could go to some places that were originally dangerous.

These places had the most heavily injured beasts.

Their speed increased, so they could search more areas too.

In just three days, they were almost near the central region.

The group came out of a boundless sea of fire.

Lu Ze’s face was pale.

The closer they were to the central region, the stronger the remnant power of the overlord G.o.d arts were. Even though he learned the Fire Domain, Lu Ze felt he was struggling in this region.

Of course, if he opened his Fire Domain, he could ignore this, but it would cost too much energy. They wouldn’t be able to search the entire place in a few seconds.

He could only keep using Fire G.o.d Art to interfere.

Despite this, Lu Ze was completely drained after they finished searching this place.

Nangong Jing and the others looked towards the central region.

Those terrifying remnant powers shocked them despite being far away.

Nangong Jing opened his mouth quietly. “Ze, let’s just search around here. If we go any deeper, no beasts can survive there except for the overlords.”

Lu Ze thought about it and nodded.

Indeed the overlords were cosmic realm states. That was a completely different level.

This place was pretty much their limit.

Lin Ling looked around and she once again smiled excitedly. She pointed, “There’s a situation there. There’s a peak cosmic cloud state beast with just one breath left!”

The group was shocked.

Peak cosmic cloud state!

To be able to survive here, it was a super beast for sure.

If they got its summoning crystal, then they would truly be satisfied!

He didn’t believe ordinary suppressed cosmic realm states could beat beasts of the Pocket Hunting Dimension at the same level.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll recover for a bit, and we’ll go!”

Lu Li added, “Mhm, that region seems to be left behind by that silver wolf overlord. s.p.a.ce is too chaotic there.”

No one had s.p.a.ce G.o.d art except Lu Ze. One s.p.a.ce ripple and they could die.

When Lu Ze was recovered, he said, “Let’s


He wrapped the girls and stabilized the nearby s.p.a.ce.

He felt the s.p.a.ce lines were very chaotic here.

His spirit force was being rapidly depleted.

He frowned. “Let’s hurry.”

Soon, they found an extremely large sand serpent lying in this chaotic s.p.a.ce.

It was a few thousand meters long and had a thick layer of sand scales.

The twisted s.p.a.ce seems to be grinding this serpent. It was resisting but its armor was still cracking

It was already covered in wounds.

Its chi was extremely weak. It would probably soon be ground to dust.

Lu Ze calmed himself down and said, “I’m going to attack with full power.”

Lu Ze formed a fireball on his hand.

Perfect mastery of fireball. This was his strongest attack.


The fireball smashed into the serpent. ‘Rumble!!’

Even at that state, this serpent wasn’t something a fireball could finish in one go.

When he was about to fire another fireball, s.p.a.ce seemed to have been influenced by the explosion.

Almost instantly, the distorted s.p.a.ce crushed all of its armor and tore hideous wounds on its body.

The serpent shrieked.

Lu Ze also felt a greater pressure from s.p.a.ce. His spirit force was being consumed faster.