Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1168 - Why Doesn't It Die?

Chapter 1168 - Why Doesn't It Die?

Chapter 1168 Why Doesn’t It Die?

In the following time, Lu Ze and the girls kept searching for heavily injured beasts.

Perhaps, because the conflict between the overlords was growing more intense, the battles were getting more and more heated. The beasts that could survive were rather strong

They even found a few peak cosmic cloud state beasts.

They found two level-6 cosmic cloud state super beasts too.

In a region of golden lightning, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with lightning as he parted the sparks away. His Lightning G.o.d Art was a far cry from the golden eagle’s, but he was able to deal with these remnants. Lin Ling kept searching, and suddenly, she pointed to the right. “There! There are two beasts there!”

Lu Ze’s and the girls’ eyes lit up.

“Go, let’s go over!”

Lu Ze’s eyes surged with golden lightning as the group moved forward.

Few meters of thick golden lightning ran around the ground like an anaconda releasing destructive chi.

Lu Ze and the girls sped up.

Soon, they found two beasts there.

It was a fire wolf. Its huge body was charred and bloodied.

It was panting on the ground. The lightning arc seems to be conscious and keeps encroaching its body.

With each flicker, the beast’s huge body would tremble in pain.

Not far away was a warhorse that seemed to be made of emerald.

It was cracked and seemed like gla.s.s that was about to shatter.

There was also golden lightning circulating it.

Lu Ze and the girls rejoiced.

The fire wolf was a level-8 cosmic cloud state, but the horse was a level-8 cosmic cloud state.

However, these were both super beasts!

Just that level-7 cosmic cloud state super beast was far from something they could handle now.

As for the level-8 cosmic cloud state super beast, it definitely had cosmic realm state combat power.

Lu Ze felt he could go and buy lotteries with such luck. Lu Ze grinned. “Wait here, I’ll go kill them.” The girls nodded.

They could only barely defend against the lightning, so they wouldn’t really be able to attack the beasts.

Lu Ze came before the fire wolf. Its life force was extremely feeble.

Lu Ze felt he was too nice. He felt he needed to end its misery!

He punched heavily at the wolf’s neck. ‘Rumble!!’

With Lu Ze’s full-powered strike, huge power went inside its body and wiped its feeble life force away.

Only then did the lightning on its body disappear. It didn’t stop until the target was dead.

Lu Ze then looked at the warhorse.

Its injuries seem a little better than the wolf. There was green light flowing on its body that slowly repaired the cracks.

Life G.o.d Art?

This was his first time seeing such a super beast.

However, it was still a sandbag to him now.

Lu Ze came before it and struck two punches. The horse let out a strange growl, but it was clearly painful.

Its body was numbed by the lightning. It couldn’t even resist.

Immediately, the cracks expanded quite a bit.

Lu Ze raised a brow. His attacks didn’t seem to be ideal.

His full-powered attack only did that much damage, and this was the horse not defending at all.

One could imagine just how strong its body was.

It was indeed a level-8 cosmic cloud state super beast.

Well whatever, it was not like this guy could jump up and start hitting him. Lu Ze kept throwing punches on the horse.


Its defenses were too strong. Lu Ze punched for ten seconds and only then did the cracks spread all over its body.

Lu Ze grinned.

It was finally about to die.

Just when Lu Ze was about to punch again, a green light flashed, and the cracks were being healed.

Lu Ze’s smile stiffened. I don’t believe it!

As if he couldn’t kill this guy.

He punched again.


A violent sound spread throughout the world. The lightning arcs also shot at Lu Ze.

But before they could reach him, they turned a corner and landed somewhere else.

For a few minutes, every time Lu Ze was about to shatter the horse, there would be a green light repairing it.

This thing was unkillable!

However, Lu Ze wasn’t going to give up. He kept punching

This time, the green light only repaired half of the cracks.

Seeing this, Lu Ze grinned.

He was finally able to start exhausting its power. One could see just how powerful it was.

Eventually, the horse finally shattered.

But Lu Ze was almost out of breath too.

Lu Ze flew back to the girls and helped them dispel the golden lightning around them and grinned. “Go over, both beasts are killed.” Nangong Jing dragged Lu Ze towards them. “Hurry and see what they dropped.”