Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1159 - There Seems To Be A Problem?

Chapter 1159 - There Seems To Be A Problem?

Chapter 1159 There Seems To Be A Problem?

Moments later, the Blue Yan Race sneered, “I’ll give you guys some face.”

He glared at Lily and the girls. “Don’t think about running. You will die today!”

Si Lie turned to Lu Ze and the girls. “Friends, we won’t intervene with your conflicts, but you guys came here for the Green Hill Fruit Patch, right? In that case, why don’t you set aside your conflicts first?”

Green Hill Fruit Patch?

They looked around.

There were no enormous trees in the surrounding dozens of kilometers. There were only short Green Hill Fruit Trees.

These trees were glowing with green light that flickered in this forest.

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked to see so many Green Hill Fruit Trees.

They looked around and saw ordinary green-furred tiger-like organisms near the trees.

They were looking up at them with cold eyes. There were a few thousand of them.

They weren’t weak. There were a few hundred cosmic cloud states. The strongest one was beyond the cosmic cloud state.

Si Lie stretched out his tongue and licked its front paws, squinted, and smiled. “These green fur tigers aren’t weak. The tiger king is a level-1 cosmic realm state. His combat power is near a peak cosmic cloud state. If we want the Green Hill Fruits, we would have to kill the tigers here. How about it?”

Lily smiled. “In that case, we have no objections.”

Lily didn’t mind these Blue Yan Races at all. They were confident they could beat them easily.

The Blue Yan Race bared their white fangs and said nothing

Si Lie narrowed his eyes and smiled, looking like a nice man. “In that case, I hope everyone can work together and kill these blue fur tigers.”

At this moment, the gray giant said, “How long do we need to wait?”

The purple smoke cultivator also said, “The peak cosmic cloud states in this region should’ve all come.”

Si Lie was silent. Then, a sharp light flashed in his eyes. “In that case, let’s go ahead and try.”

The Blue Yan leader grinned. “I can’t wait.”

Black smoke rose around him.

Almost at the same time, the other blue yan beings snarled as they unleashed their G.o.d arts.

Si Lie slightly smiled. “In that case, let’s begin.”

The cat people had invisible sharp ripples around them.

Lu Ze was surprised. This wasn’t any G.o.d art he had seen.


At the same time, the gray giant roared, and his muscles expanded. That thick gray chi surged.

The purple smoke cultivator also glowed with spirit light and became more ethereal.

All of them unleashed their power.

Lu Ze was surprised. The leaders of each race weren’t weaker than Lily. Clearly, they were suppressed cosmic realm states.

What shook Lu Ze the most was that there were two suppressed cosmic realm states on the cat people’s side.

Everyone unleashed their chi.

Lu Ze didn’t use the domain. He just used G.o.d art and divine art.

Domain consumed too much energy.

If he just used G.o.d art and divine art, he would be able to fight for a long time, even if he didn’t wear the fire wolf armor.

Despite this, his power still reached the level-9 cosmic cloud state.

Everyone nearby looked over.

Those cat people gasped.

Si Lie blinked, his heart shaking.

Such strong combat power!

Cosmic monarch state…

No, cosmic lord potential!


Those females on the side are very terrifying too. They have cosmic monarch state potential!

What sort of race is this?!

How come he had never seen such a race before?!

The Purple Smoke Race also looked at Lu Ze and the girls with complicated expressions.

The gray giant squad was made of wanderers and didn’t have their own races.

The Blue Yan Race took in a cold breath. “… They’re really amazing…”

But we can’t let them live even more.

Such a powerful potential wouldn’t be good for their race if he matured.

Lu Ze grinned. “I feel that I’m pretty strong too.”

He wasn’t scared at all. He had three boss-level summoning crystals. He could kill them all alone.

However, it was best to keep these cards until he needed them.

The Blue Yan Race was stunned for a moment.

Did this b.a.s.t.a.r.d really think they were complimenting them? Si Lie smiled again, and said, “We’ll handle the tiger king. The rest can deal with the other beasts. Is that fine?”

Everyone else nodded.

Si Lie squinted his eyes, and smiled, and said, “In that case, let’s begin.”

As soon as he said that, he suddenly stopped moving. It was an afterimage!

This person’s speed was so terrifying.

Lu Ze was shocked. Even if he used the Lightning Domain, his speed wouldn’t be much stronger.

This pure speed had the feel of G.o.d art.

Si Lie appeared next to the tiger king. His sharp cat claws scratched at the tiger. There was an extremely sharp chi. Even the stable s.p.a.ce of the small world experienced fluctuations.

The tiger roared as the wind spun around it. It disappeared from the spot instantly.

It was equally fast.


There was a clash, and a figure fell back. It was Si Lie.

The gray giant roared. “I’ll help you!”

The purple smoke cultivator, Blue Yan being, and Lily disappeared from the spot simultaneously and surrounded the tiger king.

The tiger king had Wind G.o.d Art. No one was a match for it alone.

The tiger king roared, and the rest of the tigers followed.

Seeing this, the remaining peak cosmic cloud state from the Blue Yan Race glanced at Lu Ze and said coldly, “Everyone, don’t hold back. Slaughter these animals!”