Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1158 - You Killed My Race?

Chapter 1158 - You Killed My Race?

Chapter 1158 You Killed My Race?

Four days later, there was a rumble in the forest.

Spirit force shot in all directions.

After the shockwave was gone, a huge dark gold-scaled beast fell to the ground lifelessly.

Lu Ze put away his G.o.d art. Louisa approached a white flower in the mist and picked it off. Louisa looked at Lily, and Lily glanced at Lu Ze with a smile. “We took the Water Crystal Root last time, you can have this Mist Poppy.”

Lu Ze didn’t reject it and nodded.

He placed it in his storage ring and looked inside. “We’ve got quite a lot of stuff this time.”

Louisa nodded. “This is my first time getting so many things after coming in for just four days.”

Lily looked at Lin Ling. “This is all thanks to Lin Ling. Otherwise, we would be spending most of our time searching for spirit fruits.”

During these four days, Lu Ze and the girls had been searching for all sorts of spirit items in the Green Hill Forest. The resources here were very abundant. There were all sorts of spirit fruits.

Some helped in spirit force cultivation, some helped in physical strength, and some helped in learning G.o.d art.

Of course, the most abundant was the Green Hill Fruit.

This forest was called Green Hill Forest because there were quite a lot of these fruits here.

Due to Lin Ling, they found dozens of Green Hill Fruits.

The guardian beasts weren’t weak, but with their combined power, they could instantly kill beasts that just reached the cosmic realm state as well.

They could occasionally encounter beings of other races. However, Lily’s peak cosmic cloud state cultivation level was the top of the first level.

Most people chose to leave upon seeing them, fearing they would get robbed.

However, Lu Ze and the girls didn’t intend to rob other races either. After all, it was better to avoid stirring trouble.

With Lin Ling, their loot was rather abundant.

At this moment, Lily thought of something and said, “By the way, are we going to that ruin?”

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

Oh right, their purpose here was to go to that ruin.

Lu Ze smiled. “How long does it take to get there from here?”

Lily thought for a while and said, “With our speed, it takes about ten days. We can search for spirit fruits here today. If we can’t find some, we’ll head there.”

Everyone agreed.

They went in a direction they hadn’t been to.

Ten minutes of flying later, they suddenly stopped. They looked around.

There was quite some chi moving, and they were all heading in the same direction.

Some of the chis belonged to cosmic cloud states, but some just reached the cosmic system state.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “Where are these people going?”

Lily shook her head. ” I don’t know.”

Qiuyue Hesha grinned. “Why don’t we go and have a look?”

Nangong Jing grinned. “Of course, we’re going! What if some treasure appeared!” Lu Ze smiled. “Then, let’s go.”

As they gradually got closer, they could see some figures.

When the other teams saw that Lu Ze and the girls were all cosmic cloud states, and Lily was a peak cosmic cloud state, they stayed away from them vigilantly. In Green Hill Forest, there were plenty of cosmic cloud states, but there were also a lot of cosmic system states.

Lu Ze’s team was rather strong. Lily looked ahead. “There are quite some cosmic cloud states ahead and even a few peak cosmic cloud states. Just what is there?” Seeing everyone had the intention, Lu Ze smiled and said, “Then, let’s speed up.”

They sped up and shot to the front.

Soon, those stronger chi were closer and closer.

Lu Ze and the girls saw a few hundred figures floating in the air. On the ground, there was a patch of green color. They didn’t stop and kept heading to where those beings were flying to.

As they got closer and closer to the green light, the teams became stronger and stronger.

Soon, they arrived at the very front of the crowd.

There were four teams at the very front. They all looked over at Lu Ze and the girls.

There was one squad that seemed like cat people. They had four members. Each of them was a peak cosmic cloud state.

One team seemed to have purple smoke flowing around them. They had ten people. One was a peak cosmic cloud state, and two were level-8 cosmic cloud states. The rest were level-5 and above.

One team had nearly twenty people. They had one four-meter tall gray giant that was a peak cosmic cloud state. Two dragon-headed humanoids were level-8 cosmic cloud states. The rest ranged from level-1 to level-7cosmic cloud states.

The last team surprised them.

They all had red horns and green scales.

Blue Yan Race.

They had three peak cosmic cloud states, and the rest were level-8 cosmic cloud states.

They had so many cosmic cloud state beings.

This was probably a cosmic realm state race?

When they saw Ying Ying in Lu Li’s arms, they were taken aback.

One purple smoke peak cosmic cloud state sneered, “Youngling? You’re bringing a youngling to the Xavier Ancient Ruins? Very smart!”

The Blue Yan Race laughed. “Hahaha! What kind of queer race are they? Careful about losing your life here on your holiday.”

The Blue Yan Race was indeed c.o.c.ky.

At this moment, the Blue Yan Race suddenly stopped laughing.

They were glaring at Lily. The peak cosmic cloud state at the front sniffed and snarled. “You guys, killed our race?”

Everyone immediately smiled and waited for the show.

Lily smiled. “I did kill a few yesterday.”


Their chi shot up. Blood light shot up from their bodies.

Those weaker races were trembling from this killing intent.

Just when the Blue Yan Race was about to attack, a black cat person said, “Wait!”

The Blue Yan team leader looked coldly at the black cat man. “Si Lie, are you going to stop me?”

The cat man licked his paws and smiled. “The current problem is below. You can deal with your personal matters afterwards. How about that?”

The leaders of the other teams nodded. “I agree, we need peak cosmic cloud state power now.”

The Blue Yan leader narrowed his eyes and fell silent.