Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1153 - The Most Prosperous District Of The Elf Cosmic Region

Chapter 1153 - The Most Prosperous District Of The Elf Cosmic Region

Chapter 1153: The Most Prosperous District Of The Elf Cosmic Region


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

At this moment, another door opened as Lily came out.

Seeing this, the male elf’s eyes lit up.

He finally saw someone from his own race! More importantly, it was Princess Lily!

He quickly asked, “Princess Lily, who are these people?”

Lily was stunned, and she introduced the others thereafter. “Our race has formed an alliance with the Human Race. He’s the strongest human prodigy. They came to cultivate here.”

The man had heard about the matter regarding human prodigies but didn’t mind it much.

Thinking about this, he looked at Lu Ze and the girls with curiosity.


He smiled apologetically. “So it’s a comrade from the alliance. I apologize for my behavior earlier.”

Lu Ze waved his hand. “You’re too polite, Brother.”

Lily said to the man, “Alright then, the dao enlightenment room is empty. You can cultivate now.”

The man nodded and smiled at Lu Ze and his group before entering.

This man was indeed an elf prodigy. He was more well-mannered than they imagined.

Lily asked, “How did your Life Blossom Divine Art progress? Did you reach beginner mastery?

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”

Their smile stiffened since they didn’t know how to respond.

Lily seemed to have understood something and said, “It’s normal if you haven’t reached the beginner mastery. After all, it’s a cosmic system state divine art. Reaching the beginner mastery in half a month, even with the aid of medium-grade dao enlightenment room, is a bit hard.”

“Hahaha…” Lu Ze and the girls laughed awkwardly.

Lu Ze looked at Lily and decided to not tell her for the moment.

Lily sighed. “What a pity. My Life G.o.d Art mastery has reached a bottleneck. It’s too difficult to keep improving. Even perfect mastery of the divine art seems so distant.”

Clearly, she didn’t gain much from this session.

Nangong Jing patted her shoulder. “It’s fine, we’re still young. We have plenty of times ahead.”

Another dao enlightenment room opened. Louisa came out excitedly.

Lily questioned, “Louisa, did you do well?”

Louisa nodded. “Ever since learning Life G.o.d Art last time, my mastery of it has progressed well in the dao enlightenment room.”

Lily said, “It seems Her Majesty would allow you to learn Life Blossom Divine Art soon.”

Lily turned to Lu Ze and the girls. “Okay, let’s meet with Her Majesty first. Ze, you can return the heritage crystal, and then, we’ll head off.”

Lu Ze nodded.

They flew towards the crest of the tree and arrived at the Divine Palace. The Elf Queen had closed her eyes and appeared to be cultivating. When she saw Lu Ze and the rest come in, she opened her eyes.

She glanced across them and smiled. “You’re preparing to head off?”

Lily confirmed it with a nod.

Lu Ze took out the heritage crystal and sent it flying to the queen. “Thank you, Your Majesty, for letting us learn your heritage divine art.”

The queen accepted the crystal. “It’s just a divine art. Since we’re allies and you guys have Life G.o.d Art, it’s not a big deal to let you learn it.”

She looked at Lily and said, “Please take care of Lily.”

Lily: “???”

What was going on?

Wasn’t she the strongest?

At most… they could help each other.

Lu Ze smiled upon seeing how Lily reacted. “Understood, Your Majesty. We will take good care of Princess Lily.”

Lily’s elegant face revealed some rare displeasure as she glared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze pretended that he didn’t see it.

The Elf Queen nodded. “In that case, you guys can head off.”

The group left the palace and headed to the teleportation foyer.

Lu Ze looked at Louisa in surprise. “Louisa, you’re coming along as well?”

Lily said, “Louisa isn’t weak. She won’t be a hindrance.”

Louisa was a little unhappy after witnessing how surprised Lu Ze was. “I’m a level-6 cosmic cloud state!”

Lu Ze laughed it off.

That would be equivalent to level-7 or level-8 cosmic cloud state combat power.

It was quite strong. That was about the same as the fox demon and alcoholic.

They soon arrived at the teleportation hall. The same peak cosmic cloud state guardian was there.

Lily said, “Heading to Xavier System.”

The guardian nodded. “Good luck to you all.”

He inserted a spirit force into the rune, and the group was taken away by a green light.

Xavier System, Teleportation Hall.

A green light flashed, and Lu Ze and his companions appeared.

Immediately, Lu Ze heard loud noises.

“Xavier Ancient Ruins Level 1, Barren Plains Adventure. Those who want to team up, come. There’s a level-6 cosmic cloud state leading the team. We need someone with a sensory-type G.o.d art!”

“Xavier Ancient Ruins Level 1, testing our luck at the outskirts of the Ancient G.o.d Ranges. We want to find a burning soul fruit. We need two cosmic system states.”

This teleportation hall was s.p.a.cious. There were a few thousand teleportation disks. These disks were flas.h.i.+ng with light from time to time, and various beings were appearing.

There were other races here too.

Lu Ze saw eight two-headed races, dinosaur humanoids, a water-like race, and even someone from the Golden Spear Race.

This was a cosmic cloud state from the Golden Spear Race. He looked around and immediately left the area.

Lu Ze was shocked.

This was his first time seeing so many different races.

Lily explained, “This is an entrance to the Xavier Ancient Ruins from the Elf Cosmic Realm. All beings from the Elf Cosmic Realm will appear here. Therefore, this is the most prosperous region of the Elf Cosmic Domain.”

Lu Ze appeared as though something dawned on him.

All the powerful beings of the races in the Elf Cosmic Realm were gathered here.

Lin Ling looked at the cultivators looking for teammates. “Does everyone look for teammates like this?”

Louisa answered, “Only the minority are like that. Those looking for teammates like this are either cosmic system states or cosmic cloud states. Those weaker ones will search on the realm net.”

Several beings saw their group.

Some of them gasped.

Elf Princess!

However, they were surprised that a few unknown races appeared next to the Elf Princess instead of elf prodigies.