Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1152 - Did I Go To The Wrong Place?

Chapter 1152 - Did I Go To The Wrong Place?

Chapter 1152: Did I Go To The Wrong Place?

Lu Ze sat on the ground lifelessly.

He wanted to cry.

He spent so much effort to kill that level-7 cosmic cloud state ruby scorpion, but that wolf picked him off before he could collect his loot.

Half an hour later, the pain had subsided. Lu Ze took a deep breath.

Never mind, at the very least, he gathered some items.

Lu Ze took out his loot.

It was the red crystal. He then inserted his mental force inside. Light blossomed and revealed the equipment inside.

It was a pair of wrist guards.

Lu Ze grinned. This was an item he didn’t have.

Now, he has completed the set.

Lu Ze replaced the sand beetle wrist guard and felt a huge boost. His combat power rose up again.

Lu Ze then withdrew his combat power and took out the golden crystal. It was the summoning crystal of the golden eagle.

He unsealed the crystal, and it cleared up, revealing the small eagle inside.

Lu Ze grinned.

It was a level-7 cosmic cloud state super golden eagle whose combat power had reached the cosmic realm state.

With this, he didn’t need to worry at all in the first level of Xavier Ancient Ruins.

He put away the crystal and started learning G.o.d art again.

This time, it was the Fireball Divine Art. It was a cosmic cloud state divine art and was much harder than Life Blossom.

Despite this, the medium-grade dao enlightenment room was still five times better than the low-grade dao enlightenment room.

Nine days later, fire spun around Lu Ze. An extremely complex rune materialized and entered Lu Ze’s body.

He opened his eyes and formed a fist-sized fireball. Although it looked very small, the power contained inside was terrifying.

Lu Ze grinned.

Fireball Divine Art had finally reached the perfect mastery!

There were still two days left. It was a pity he wasn’t able to complete one Lightning Ball Divine Art. Otherwise, he would be able to work on that first.

At this moment, a starlight figure appeared next to him. “Lu Ze, I’m hungry!”

Lu Ze saw Ying Ying sitting on the ground, holding a computer while looking at him.

Lu Ze said speechlessly, “Ying Ying, weren’t you with your Sister Hesha?”

Ying Ying responded sadly, “She is still cultivating. I had lunch there, and she told me to go to Sister Jing.”


Lu Ze said, “Then, why aren’t you with Sister Jing?”

Ying Ying said, “When I was eating a drumstick, she told me to stay with you.”

That alcoholic!

But Lu Ze thought about things and suddenly looked at Ying Ying.

Did she have more?

Lu Ze rubbed her head and smiled. “Ying Ying, I just finished cultivation. Let’s eat together.”

Ying Ying replied, “I’ve finished all my stocks. Do you have more?”

Lu Ze was a little disappointed. He did have more, but those were his last supply. He would never touch them unless he had no choice.

He took out a red liquid. “How about eating this instead?”

Ying Ying’s eyes flashed with a trace of disappointment, but she still nodded. “Alright then.”

Lu Ze flicked it towards her, and Ying Ying caught it with her mouth.

After feeding her some, he also watched some cartoons with Ying Ying to relax.

Thereafter, he began to cultivate. He chose to work on his cultivation level.

After using the source spirit fruit, his G.o.d art reached the domain level.

Using G.o.d art orbs now is beneficial to his domain but not very much.

Meanwhile, his cultivation level was on the verge of breaking through.

In the last three days, he planned to break through to level-3 cosmic cloud state before heading off.

Two days later, the spirit force surged from Lu Ze.

Ying Ying looked up curiously at him before watching her cartoons again.

Moments later, the spirit force around Lu Ze calmed down.

He opened his eyes and grinned.

Level-3 cosmic cloud state!

With this and his domain and G.o.d art, he wouldn’t be the weakest among level-9 cosmic cloud states, right?

If his G.o.d art domain countered a level-9 cosmic cloud state, he was even confident in killing one!

Time to go.

Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying and carried her. “Okay, time to go out!”

Then, he said, “We’ll let your Sister Alice cook some good food!”

Ying Ying stopped watching cartoons immediately.

She nodded quickly.

She was starving!

“Let’s go!”

Lu Ze walked out of the room.

Outside, there was a purple-robed male elf waiting for the dao enlightenment room to open.

When he saw Lu Ze come out, he frowned and looked at him vigilantly.

“Who are you? You’re not from our race, but how come you’re in our medium-grade dao enlightenment room?”

Even within the Elf Race, not every prodigy could enjoy the medium-grade dao enlightenment room whenever they wanted. They needed to make contributions too.

Why was this foreign being in here as he carried a kid as well?

This male was a level-4 cosmic cloud state.

Just when he was about to explain, the room on the side opened. Lu Li came out.

She looked at Lu Ze and smiled. “Lu Ze, you’re that quick?”

The male elf was taken aback.

Did he enter the wrong place?

Then, a few more rooms opened.

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, and Alice all came out. Their faces were all excited.

Clearly, this place gave them a lot of benefits.