Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1150 - Lucky King Today

Chapter 1150 - Lucky King Today

Chapter 1150: Lucky King Today


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The fire wolf wanted to run.

Lu Ze grinned. Keep dreaming.

He instantly appeared next to the fire wolf.

The fire wolf howled and wanted to resist.

Lu Ze expanded his Fire G.o.d Art Domain. Immediately, the fire around the wolf dissipated.

Fire spun on Lu Ze’s right leg as he kicked towards the fire wolf.



He kicked heavily on the wolf’s waist, and the power surged into its body.

The fire wolf fell back as blood poured out from its mouth. Its body twisted into an eerie arc.


The wolf crashed into a crater in the desert.

Lu Ze looked at the drops.

There were the usual liquids, a red G.o.d art orb, and a red crystal.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with a sliver of surprise.

His luck was so good today.

The first monster he killed gave him an equipment crystal?


Lu Ze happily picked things up and left.

Six hours later, Lu Ze was flying in the desert and searching for prey with his mental force.

He had killed quite some beasts during this time, including a level-6 cosmic cloud state yellow serpent.

Other than the usual stuff, he got a summoning crystal. There was nothing else good.

Lu Ze wanted to get some summoning crystals actually, especially those like level-6 and above cosmic cloud states.

By then, they would have enough cards to enter the Xavier Ancient Ruins.

If only he could encounter two super bosses fighting…

Lu Ze gasped.


An explosion sounded far away.

Lu Ze suddenly turned towards the direction of the sound.

Golden light and red flames painted the sky gold and red.

A shockwave spread in all directions. Even at Lu Ze’s position, he felt this violent power.

Far away, weak beasts were fleeing from the battlefield.

He was really lucky today. He was just thinking about super boss battles.

Lu Ze slowly moved towards the battlefield.

As he neared, the pressure grew stronger. Even Lu Ze felt some pressure.

He could tell that the beasts fighting weren’t overlords, but their power was very strong.

At least, they were much stronger than him.





Two figures clashed in the air incessantly. There were after images everywhere in the sky.

Seeing this, Lu Ze quickly concealed his chi and stopped moving forward.

He hid carefully in the sand and looked at the battle with excitement.

They were level-7 cosmic cloud state golden lightning eagle and ruby scorpion!

Two super beasts!

This was great.

He was truly a lucky king today!

‘When they were both injured, hehe~’

The battle grew more and more intense. Blood fell from the sky from time to time.

Moments later…


There was another clash, and the golden lightning eagle fell back. It howled painfully.

The scorpion kept forming fireb.a.l.l.s around it and smashed at the eagle.

Lu Ze frowned.

This super golden lightning eagle was a bit noob. They were both level-7 cosmic cloud state super beasts.

The golden lightning eagle overlord could fight one against two—the fire bird and ice bird overlord.

At this rate, it was unlikely they would both be heavily injured.

Even if the ruby scorpion killed the eagle, it would still have quite some power remaining.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze frowned.

The battle continued. The scorpion unleashed fireb.a.l.l.s at the eagle like crazy.

In a short moment, the eagle was struck many times again. It was covered in wounds and getting weaker.

The scorpion was also a little weaker but was in a much better state than the eagle.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

It can’t continue like this.

He thought about it and had a bold idea.

It might not work, but if it fails, he will be dead.

However, Lu Ze made up his mind and disappeared from the spot.

He appeared a hundred kilometers from the scorpion.

Fire G.o.d Art Domain!

The fire sea reached the scorpion, and the few hundred fireb.a.l.l.s around it suddenly disappeared into the sea.

The scorpion was stunned.

It sensed that it couldn’t use fire G.o.d art and divine art anymore.

It roared.

It looked at Lu Ze immediately.

Its eyes were full of killing intent.

Lu Ze’s body went cold.

A level-7 cosmic cloud state super beast would be able to slap him to death just with its body and spirit force.

He quickly fled.


The scorpion wanted to chase, but at this moment, the eagle was able to catch its breath.

It shot dozens of golden lightning b.a.l.l.s at the scorpion.

The scorpion had to turn around.

Lu Ze saw this and couldn’t keep using his domain to suppress the scorpion.

After all, he was too close. All these lightning b.a.l.l.s might kill him just with the shockwave.

Lu Ze disappeared off into the distance.

The moment Lu Ze disappeared, the scorpion sensed it could use Fire G.o.d Art and Divine Art again.

It formed a red s.h.i.+eld and wanted to defend.

The eagle kept shooting lightning b.a.l.l.s at the scorpion not giving it any chance to breathe.

The scorpion’s chi started to quickly weaken.


At this moment, the scorpion’s chi suddenly shot up.

The scorpion charged out the golden lightning sea.

It seemed pitiful.

Its right pincer was cracked, and its body was cracking up. Lava-like blood was flowing out from it.

The scorpion’s chi rapidly dropped and became weaker than the eagle.

It didn’t hesitate to flee away.

The eagle wasn’t going to let him go.

It chased up towards the scorpion instantly and scratched at the scorpion’s back.


Golden lightning went into its wounds, making the ruby scorpion’s chi drop again.

The scorpion planned to use Fire G.o.d Art and fight with its life.