Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1149 - Don't Come Over!!

Chapter 1149 - Don't Come Over!!

Chapter 1149: Don’t Come Over!!

Lu Ze took a deep breath. He immersed himself in learning.

In just an hour, Lu Ze reached beginner mastery.

He didn’t stop there. Five hours later, he reached familiar mastery.

A day later, he reached experienced mastery.

On the fourth day, intense green light flowed from Lu Ze. Life force seeped out from his body.

He opened his eyes.

In these four short days, he had reached perfect mastery for this divine art.

Lu Ze didn’t dare to believe it himself either. This speed was unreal!

But Lu Ze and the girls knew that if he didn’t reach domain level mastery for Life G.o.d Art, and this divine art was only cosmic system state divine art, as well as all the things he used and the environment he was in, there was no way he could do it that fast.

Lu Ze grinned.

Just thinking about how Lily spent all those years and was only at familiar mastery, he felt embarra.s.sed.

Lu Ze calmed himself down. He wanted to test the results first.

Lu Ze lifted his hand. Green wind formed sharp wind blades.

He sliced his hands with them.

A faint blood mark appeared.

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He had already intentionally weakened his defenses, and this wind blade still only cut his skin.

But this was enough.

Just when Lu Ze was about to use the divine art, the wound already healed.

Lu Ze was speechless.


His Regeneration G.o.d Art was super strong too.

What should he do?

Should he throw a fireball at himself?

He couldn’t do it here, could he?

What if he blew this medium-grade dao enlightenment room apart.

Therefore, Lu Ze could only decide to test it at the Pocket Hunting Dimension later.

He checked the Pocket Hunting Dimension. It could be entered now.

Therefore, Lu Ze chose to go in.

He appeared and checked on the girls’ situation.

They were still learning divine art.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were learning Life Blossom Divine Art.

Judging based on the runes around them, they were probably at the experienced mastery.

This speed was very fast. After all, their Life G.o.d Art mastery was less than Lu Ze’s.

It would greatly impact learning divine art.

Lu Ze even wondered if they could reach perfect mastery of the divine art with their current Life G.o.d Art mastery.

Lu Ze thought about it and looked at Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice.

Then, he found that they were also learning divine art.

Lu Ze gasped.

It seemed he was about to enter the Pocket Hunting Dimension alone.

Lu Ze found that he hadn’t gone alone for a long time.

Lu Ze shook his head and chose to enter.

He concealed his chi and looked around for prey.

His mental force scan was far weaker than Lin Ling’s Spirit Eye.

He missed Lin Ling already.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze found a beast.

It was a level-5 cosmic system state fire wolf.

It was lying under a rock, resting.

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up.

This beast’s attack was quite strong. If he doesn’t defend seriously, it should be able to break his defenses.

Perfect, he could test his newly learned divine art now.

Lu Ze looked at the wolf, and the wolf seemed to have sensed this. It jumped up from the ground and looked around.

Lu Ze charged at it.

The wolf roared at Lu Ze as though trying to threaten him, but Lu Ze ignored it and kept flying towards the fire wolf.


Flames spun around the wolf as it charged at Lu Ze.


Streams of flames shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze only wore combat armor and just stood there.

The red flames engulfed Lu Ze.

The wolf’s eyes flashed with contempt.

What stupid animal was this?

After the fire was gone, Lu Ze’s skin was burnt crisp.

Right now, even a star couldn’t burn his hair.

However, his self-regeneration G.o.d art was already running. His injuries were healing rapidly.

Lu Ze’s face changed. He quickly used Life Blossom.

A green light flashed.

When the light disappeared, Lu Ze’s hair grew out again. He moved a little, and the charred skin fell off.

The fire wolf gasped.

Lu Ze frowned.

This injury was too light. He just used Life Blossom, and it had pretty much healed.

He couldn’t feel the effect of this divine art.

Lu Ze kept flying towards the fire wolf.

The wolf shot huge fireb.a.l.l.s at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze didn’t dodge. A few hundred fireb.a.l.l.s buried him.


The entire sky was covered by the fire of explosions.

The fire wolf barraged for half a minute and only stopped when its chi was a lot weaker.

When the fire was gone, Lu Ze was revealed. His left hand was broken, and parts of his exposed body were charred.

It was painful but still better than dying.

He used divine art, and in a second, he had completely recovered.

Lu Ze grinned. With Life Blossom and Super Rapid Regeneration, he would be able to heal any injuries in a second.