Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1146 - Lived For Hundred Million Years

Chapter 1146 - Lived For Hundred Million Years

Chapter 1146: Lived For Hundred Million Years


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After the Elf Queen was done talking, she led the high-levels of the Elf Race to the center of the teleportation hall.

Akasila took out a dim green-runed crystal and inserted a spirit force inside.

A formation that was just big enough to cover the elves appeared.

Green light spun around, and they disappeared.

Lu Ze felt some s.p.a.ce G.o.d Art. This teleportation formation was more complex than he imagined.

Akasila said to Lily. “Princess, do you need me to send you to the Heart of Life Academy?”

He heard what the queen said to Lu Ze.


Although he was surprised by what the Elf Queen ordered, he wouldn’t object to it.

Lily nodded.

She smiled at Lu Ze and the girls, “Let’s go over.”


Lu Ze and the girls came to the center of the hall with Lily and Louisa.

Akasila inserted spirit force into the crystal again, and a complex formation was drawn below their feet.

Then, lights wrapped around Lu Ze and the girls. Lu Ze just felt s.p.a.ce lines twist intensely that seemed to have folded two s.p.a.ce locations together.

When the green light disappeared, Lu Ze and the girls appeared in a teleportation foyer much smaller than the one before.

There was a small disk in the room, and they appeared on it.

There were a dozen more of these round disks near them. Some young elves were walking off.

Lu Ze studied these elves that came and ago.

They all wore luxurious outfits. Their style was different from the Human Race. From the spirit force waves, they seemed to be good equipment.

These elves weren’t old, but their cultivation level wasn’t weak. They hadn’t even seen mortal evolution states. The weakest they saw was a planetary state. Quite a lot of them were star states, and there were even a few cosmic system states.

These were the students of the Heart of Life Academy?

They were indeed powerful.

These cosmic system states were so young as well.

Luo Bingqing and the others frowned.

Just here alone, they felt a few chis that weren’t weaker than them.

What about the entire academy then?

They were probably quite a lot stronger than them.

Those 100 prodigies were more nervous.

While Lu Ze and the girls were studying the elves, the elves looked back too.

When they saw they weren’t elves, they were stunned.

But then they saw Lily and Louisa behind them and showed respectful and excited glances.

They bowed. “Princess Lily, Senior Louisa.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. “You were a student here before?”

Louisa smiled. “I just graduated not long ago.”

Louisa’s words shocked him.

Louisa was a cosmic cloud state. She just graduated not long ago?

Louisa said, “Princess Lily was a student here before as well, but she graduated soon.”

Lily nodded. “I stayed here for a while. After I broke through to the cosmic cloud state, I left.”

She waved to the elves. “Okay, go do your own things.”

The elves took extra glances at the humans before leaving.

Afterwards, Lily spoke to Lu Ze and several people. “Okay, let’s go.”

Meanwhile, the elves started talking. “Princess Lily and Senior Louisa came back.”

“I heard Princess Lily reached the cosmic realm state after her solitary cultivation this time. Yet, she came back to visit the school? It’s really the school’s honor.”

“But what’s that race with them?”

“Exchange students from another cosmic realm state civilization?”

“But no nearby cosmic realm state civilizations look like this.”

Lu Ze and the girls left the teleportation hall. It was built at the root of a giant tree. Outside was a large forest.

The forest was filled with tall trees. Some trees had houses on them, while some tree roots were changed into constructions.

Lily smiled and said, “I’ll take you guys to the princ.i.p.al.”

As they went deeper into the forest, Lu Ze asked, “Lily, why do I feel the wood element here is extremely dense? There’s even some Wood G.o.d Art subtly showing up.”

Lily nodded. “Wood element is very active in all regions covered by the Tree of Life holograph. It’s beneficial to learn Wood G.o.d Art. You might even get the chance to learn Life G.o.d Art.

“Most of our race are naturally born with Wood G.o.d Art. Part of the reason is they’ve been living under the Tree of Life.”

No wonder the elves treated the Tree of Life as their Divine Tree.

Their entire civilization was almost built upon this tree.

At the same time, Lu Ze was more curious about the Tree of Life.

He wondered what effect being at the tree would have.

Perhaps he would be able to see it at the Elf Divine Land.

Soon, they came to a few thousand meters tall trees.

It was glowing green. The wood element was extremely active. There was even an intense life force.

Seeing that Lu Ze was shocked, Lily smiled and said, “This is grown from a branch of the Tree of Life.”

Lu Ze nodded with realization.

Lily smiled and said, “The princ.i.p.al is here, let’s go up.”

There was a luxurious building at the tree crest.

Inside, there was a white-haired male elf looking at a thick pile of books.

His chi seemed very amicable.

Lily and Louisa bowed. “Princ.i.p.al Zauns, we’re here.”

Zauns looked up at everyone with his slightly dim green eyes.

He smiled. “So, it’s Lily and Louisa, long time no see.”

He nodded. “Mhm, Lily has broken through to the cosmic realm state, your talent is better than even Alicia. You will definitely become the guardian of our race.”

He sighed. “Pity, I might not be able to see it.”

Lily respectfully saluted the old man and spoke softly. “Princ.i.p.al Zauns, your time is still long. You will definitely see the Elf Race prosper.”

Zauns smiled and didn’t seem to want to talk about this. He looked at Lu Ze and the girls.

Immediately, his eyes flashed with shock, but he hid them quickly.

He smiled warmly. “You must be that child Alicia spoke of, Lu Ze, right?”

Lu Ze bowed. “Yes, h.e.l.lo Princ.i.p.al Zauns.”

This old man probably lived for quite a long time.

The chi of time was too dense. Lu Ze even suspected this guy had lived over 100 million years.

Zauns nodded. “Not bad, very not bad. I didn’t expect there would be a prodigy like you in such a distant region.”

Lily and Louisa gasped.

This was their first time hearing Zauns comment on someone like that.

Even Lily didn’t get such praise.