Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1145 - Teleportation Network

Chapter 1145 - Teleportation Network

Chapter 1145: Teleportation Network


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the girls looked outside in shock.

The Elf Divine Realm was like this?

It was a huge tree outside.

The main trunk, branches, leaves, and even fruits were made of celestial bodies.

Countless celestial bodies glimmered and formed the huge tree.

Even Ying Ying looked at this with curiosity.

The Elf Queen smiled with some pride. “This image of the huge tree is projected by the Tree of Life. All the astral bodies in the Elf Divine Realm are born from the projection. Our Elf Race is protected by the rays of the tree of life..”

As they conversed, the s.h.i.+p rapidly came to a solar system that was on a fruit.

The border was a huge green cosmic base. A fleet of elf s.h.i.+ps flew over to greet the queen.

The queen smiled. “Ze, we’re here. Let’s go.”

Lu Ze nodded.

They walked out of the s.h.i.+p. Outside were squads of glamorously dressed elf soldiers who bowed to the queen after seeing her come out.

“Welcome home, Your Majesty!”

The queen led Lu Ze and the others on a floating car and left the s.p.a.ce station.

On the way, Lu Ze and the girls looked around curiously.

These bases weren’t made of trees, but they were still very beautiful.

Quite some elf soldiers were patrolling on the way.

Although the elves loved peace and beautiful things, they knew that harmony was kept when you had the power to protect yourself.

Lu Ze looked at these soldiers and knew they were an elite force.

Even the most ordinary elf soldier was a planetary state. Captains were star states.

The chi of the elves was joined together. Clearly, they had a team fighting ability.

There were some Shenwu Army soldiers amongst the prodigies, and they were shocked upon seeing these soldiers.

Just this chi fused team attack technique wasn’t something that could be trained in a short time.

The mortal evolution state and planetary state prodigies felt dumbfounded.

An ordinary soldier here was stronger than them.

This feels very bad.

Lu Ze wondered if this chi fusion technique would be useful to him and the girls.

If they learned this, they would have greater jungling efficiency, right?

He was going to ask this later.

The car soon stopped at a green structure.

The queen led everyone down.

Lily smiled. “This is the teleportation foyer.”

“It’s a teleportation formation that can instantly teleport people to another region. It’s much faster than warp dimension travel.”

Lu Ze and the girls gasped. There was such a thing?!

How fast would this be for reinforcements?!

The queen smiled. “Teleportation formation is extremely precious. The most precious is the materials used to set up the formation. There are thousands of side materials. As for the main material void stone, it’s rarer than dao enlightenment stone.”

Lily smiled and said, “In the entire Elf Cosmic Realm, only our Elf Divine Realm has such teleportation formation. In reality, our formation is incomplete. Our formation relies on the Tree of Life holograph. It’s a teleportation network built using the power of the Tree of Life. Void stone is too precious.

Even the Elf Race couldn’t afford it? One could see how precious this thing was.

But the Elf Race was still very powerful to be able to use the Tree of Life to establish that network.

A network meant that there were quite some teleportation formations.

This would consume countless resources.

When could the Human Race have such a teleportation network? It would not only benefit the military but also civilian life.

They just arrived at the Elf Divine Realm, and they saw too many powerful sides of the Elf Race.

At the foyer, the guards saw that it was the queen and bowed quickly.

Inside was a s.p.a.cious room. There was an elf wearing long green robes.

Lu Ze looked at this elf and gasped.

This guy was a peak cosmic cloud state?

But then, it did seem right to have a powerful being guard the formation.

The elf bowed. “Your Majesty, you’re back.”

The queen nodded. “Akasila, send us off…”

She looked at Lu Ze and said, “Ze, your human prodigies can go study at our Heart of Life Academy. That’s the best school of the Elf Race.”

Hearing this, the elf gasped. He seemed to want to say something.

But he looked at Lu Ze and didn’t say anything.

Those 100 human prodigies were very excited.

Lu Ze didn’t expect the queen to do this.

Their best school meant that it had its best prodigies.

These prodigies needed resources to grow. Sending them there means splitting off some of their resources.

Lu Ze was touched. The Elf Race was being really generous.

He nodded. “Thank you, your Majesty.”

The queen said, “However, they will be treated equally as our elf prodigies. They won’t have any privileges.”

Lu Ze nodded. “That’s enough.”

The queen smiled and said, “In that case, I’ll let Lily take you guys over. we’ll be going to the Divine Land. Once you settle your prodigies, Lily will take you to the Divine Land.”

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked. That was the most important place to the elves.

Lu Ze nodded. “Okay, Your Majesty.”

He would accept their goodwill. At most, he would pay them back in the future.

The queen smiled warmly seeing that Lu Ze had agreed.