Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1136 - Destroyed Cosmic Lord Civilization Flavored

Chapter 1136 - Destroyed Cosmic Lord Civilization Flavored

Chapter 1136: Destroyed Cosmic Lord Civilization Flavored


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze and the girls weren’t dumb.

Although the Human and Elf Race were allies, they had just formed an alliance. There was no deep connection. Lily didn’t have to tell them about this.

Lily smiled. “Because I’m not the only one who found it. the prodigies of a few other cosmic realm state civilizations also found it.”

Then, Lu Ze said, “With that many beings, didn’t you guys finish searching the place?”

Lily shook her head. “That ruin was probably a trial ground for the Xavier Race. There are many dangers inside. We risked our lives to get what we got.. The ruin was only open for about a month. Afterward, the ruin closed. According to my sources, it will be opening again soon.”

“Trial grounds of the Xavier Race?” Lu Ze and the girls were confused.

Lily smiled and nodded. “Do you know how the Xavier Ruin is formed?”

Lin Ling asked, “How?”

Lily said, “This ruin was originally the alternate dimension of the Xavier Race. After the Xavier Race was destroyed, this ruin was left.”

Her eyes flashed with complication. “The Xavier Race is a cosmic lord state civilization.”

Lu Ze and the girls were shocked.

Even the Elf Race was only a cosmic realm state civilization.

Above that was the cosmic monarch and even higher was the cosmic lord.

Even a star spirit like Ying Ying normally would only grow to cosmic lord state when she was mature.

This was already the pinnacle power of the universe.

Louisa was shocked. Clearly, she didn’t know this.

Lily nodded. “Even the cosmic lord can’t enter the innermost core region part of the Xavier Ruin. But what’s certain was that when this civilization still existed, it was rather terrifying.”

Alice asked, “How did such a powerful civilization get destroyed?”

Lily’s eyes flashed with a sliver of terror. “Perhaps only those cosmic lords would know the specific situation. But… I’m guessing even stronger beings were involved.”

Louisa gasped. “Stronger than a cosmic lord? Was he a universal emperor?!”

Louisa shrugged her neck and looked at the sky, not daring to talk.

Lu Ze and the girls felt that their skin was crawling.

They had only known about the universal emperor. They were the most powerful beings in the universe.

These beings were like emperors. They had no idea how exactly they were like.

Even Lily knew very little.

These beings were at the peak of the universe.

They didn’t expect a universal emperor to have destroyed the Xavier civilization.

Everyone fell into silence.

At this moment, their door was knocked, and everyone regained their senses.

Nangong Jing answered, “Come in.”

A waiter brought in some dipping and side dishes.

They didn’t continue the previous topic.

It was best not to discuss universal emperors.

What if they could hear it?

Life was more important.

Soon, the waiter had placed everything down. It was a two flavored pot, and there were many dishes and spirit beast meat.

Lily and Louisa were dumbfounded.

These meats and vegetables are all raw?

Could these be eaten?

Did the Human Race have such a unique taste?

Lu Ze noticed the look in Lily and Louisa’s eyes. He suddenly rolled his eyes and said, “What’s with your glance?!”

He put some dishes into the soup.

He loved spicy, but Alice and Lin Ling only had non-spicy.

Therefore, he also put some more dishes into the non-spicy soup.

After the pouring of side dishes, Lu Ze smiled and said, “Just wait a while. Let’s continue talking. So when does that ruin open?”

Lily glanced at the hot soup then said, “About a month.”

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned. “That soon?”

Lily smiled and nodded. “Originally, I was going to head there after going back this time.”

She looked at Lu Ze and the girls. “How about it? Want to come with me?”

Lu Ze and the girls looked at each other.

Qiuyue Hesha said, “I thought only a cosmic cloud state and below could go to the first level? You’re already a cosmic realm state, but you can still go in?”

Lily smiled. “Cosmic realm states can go in too, but after getting there, their cultivation level is suppressed to a peak cosmic cloud state.”

“Despite this, cosmic realm states are cosmic realm states. Their body, G.o.d art mastery, divine art mastery, and all sorts of trump cards are clearly stronger than cosmic cloud states. The strongest bunch in the first level are cosmic realm states that have their cultivation level suppressed.”

Lu Ze’s and the girls’ mouths twitched. Everything about those people was cosmic realm states except cultivation level.

Which cosmic cloud state could beat them?

But in that case…

The group looked at Lily.

She was a big power in there!

Lily looked up confidently. “How about it? I would be considered the strongest bunch in the first level. However, I’m alone. Your powers are very important to me.”

Lu Ze smiled. “In that case, of course, we’re willing to go.”

Lily was clearly more familiar with the ruin than them. It was better to go with her than be aimless flies.

The medium-grade spirit gathering stone and dao enlightenment stone were rather important to the Human Race.

And… one month?

Lu Ze narrowed his eyes.

He wasn’t far from level-3 cosmic cloud state. One month later, he should be near level-4 cosmic cloud state, right?

With his domain, he was confident to beat ordinary peak cosmic cloud states.

He will barely have the power to protect himself.

In addition, Lu Ze had one trump card. As long as he was careful, no one from cosmic cloud states would be able to threaten his life.

Even suppressed cosmic realm states wouldn’t pose too much of a threat to him.

This was one of the reasons why he had the courage to go there.

Seeing Lu Ze agree, Lily rejoiced. “In that case, happy collaboration!”

At this moment, Lu Ze looked at the boiling pot and smiled. “Okay, we can eat.”

He grabbed a piece of meat and ate it.

Mhm! Tasty!

Nangong Jing couldn’t wait too. “Wow! Ze, leave me some planet dragon meat!”

The other girls couldn’t wait to start eating.

Lily and Louisa looked at each other and also copied them.

Louisa looked at the red soup and quickly moved away to the clear soup.

Lily was clearly more adventurous.

She placed a piece of vegetable from the red soup in her mouth.

Immediately, her pale face became red.

She struggled to eat it and cried out. “This thing is poisonous?! My mouth hurts!”

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”