Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1135 - News Of The Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone

Chapter 1135 - News Of The Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone

Chapter 1135: News Of The Medium Grade Spirit Gathering Stone


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Earth, China City.

Lu Ze and the girls came out of a wormhole and arrived at a food street.

Lily looked around the ancient-styled city with curiosity. “Lu Ze, where is this?”

Lu Ze suddenly showed a kind smile, “Don’t worry, we won’t set you up. I’m taking you to get good food!”

The girls: “…”

They rolled their eyes.

When they welcomed Man Kun and the rest, Lu Ze brought them here to eat food.

When they welcomed Fred and the others, Lu Ze also brought them here to eat food.


Now that the Elf Princess was here, he also brought her to eat food.

Did he think everyone liked food like him?

Lily was startled.

‘What was going on?’

He was meant to show her around, but he brought her to eat first?

Lily’s smile stiffened.

After some silence, she squeezed out a smile. “Good food?”

Lu Ze smiled brightly. “Yes! China City has the best food in the Human Race!”


Seeing how resolved Lu Ze was, Lily and Louisa gave up.

They heard right.

Never mind. They could eat. They hadn’t eaten for a long time.

Lily smiled elegantly. “In that case, I’ll have a try.”

One had to admit that elegance was inherent in the Elf Race. Lily was less mature than the queen, but her elegance was the same.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go then.”

As soon as they landed, everyone on the street was stunned. Then, a few owners charged out of their restaurants and smiled.

“Monarch of the New Dawn, young dukes, you guys are here. Welcome to our Sichuan restaurants!”

“Come to us! Come to us! We have big drumsticks! Ying Ying will definitely like it!”

“Come here, we have good wine!”


This was the second time Lu Ze and the girls had come these few days.

The first time they weren’t prepared.

The second time, they thought the Monarch of the New Dawn was only coming once and wasn’t ready again.

From then on, they have been waiting for the Monarch of the New Dawn’s arrival.

This time, he actually came.

Lu Ze smiled.

Lily and Louisa were surprised.

“Lu Ze, these people seem to know you well?”

Nangong Jing rolled her eyes and complained, “This guy has brought us here twice these few days. This is the third time, how can we not be familiar?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled slightly. “Little Brother Lu Ze, where are we starting today?”

Lily and Louisa had strange faces. They felt that something didn’t seem right.

Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s start with hot pot!”

They went to a hotpot restaurant. The boss welcomed them in and bowed. “Welcome Monarch of the New Dawn, welcome! We’ve prepared a room for you.”

He glanced at the female elves and quickly looked back.

Lu Ze looked at him and felt dazed. “Boss, how did you know we were coming? You’ve even prepared a room for us.”

The boss laughed. “You’ve come twice already. We weren’t prepared before. We were thinking that if the Monarch of the New Dawn comes again, we can’t rush it. Therefore, we prepared a room just for your arrival.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you, boss, appreciate your effort.”

The boss quickly waved his hand. “You’re too polite! It’s the greatest honor of my life to be able to serve you! I’ll take you to the rooms now. Please, this way!”

The boss led the way, and they came to a room on the top floor.

The room was very big and had an ancient vibe.

Lu Ze smiled. This decoration was amazing.

The boss saw this and felt his hard work was rewarded.

He said, “Please wait a moment, I’ll get people to prepare the ingredients now.

The boss closed the door carefully.

Lily smiled. “You guys seem very welcomed by the people here.”

They could easily sense the mental force waves from these ordinary people. They truly respected and admired Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “It’s nothing. Perhaps because we can come to visit their business frequently. They probably think we’re rich?”


Lily and Louisa were stunned when they heard Lu Ze’s inconspicuous response. And Louisa couldn’t help but roll their eyes. “You, you’re still so casual even when talking to our princess!”

Lu Ze smiled. “But, I didn’t expect Princess Lily to already be a cosmic realm state.”

He thought she was just a cosmic cloud state.

Lily smiled and said, “The Elf Race is allied with the Human Race now. You can just call me Lily.”

She looked at Lu Ze. “I only just broke through. However, compared to you guys, my progress is nothing. You guys will probably catch up to me soon.”

She was frightened when she heard about Lu Ze.

His cosmic cloud state’s breakthrough phenomenon covered the entire Milky Way?

Even when she broke through to the cosmic realm state, her phenomenon wasn’t even 1% of Lu Ze’s!

“I also need to thank you for helping the Elf Race deal with the insectoid tide.”

Lu Ze smiled. “The queen insectoid wanted to destroy the Milky Way. We were also protecting ourselves.”

Lily smiled.

Who kills all the insectoids in the entire Elf Cosmic Realm just to protect himself?

Thereafter, she thought of something. “Oh, I heard Louisa say you want to go to Xavier’s Ancient Battle Runes to find a medium-grade spirit gathering stone?”

Lu Li next to him said, “Do you have some news, Lily?”

Lily smiled and said, “Indeed, I do. The reason I was able to break through to the cosmic realm state so quickly was because I found an amazing place there. Just the outer level of the ruin had resources that gave me huge progress. I don’t know what’s inside, but I believe there will be a medium-grade spirit gathering stone.”

“Perhaps, there might even be a medium-grade dao enlightenment stone!”

Nangong Jing said quietly, “Since this ruin is so precious, why are you still telling us?”