Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1127 - Fire Divine Art Rune, Ying Ying Awakening

Chapter 1127 - Fire Divine Art Rune, Ying Ying Awakening

Chapter 1127: Fire Divine Art Rune, Ying Ying Awakening


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The group set off again in search of prey.

They pretty much knew where their limit was.

They could fight level-6 cosmic cloud state beasts, but they might not necessarily win.

An hour later, they were getting plenty of kills.

At this moment, a violent chi suddenly surged from not far away.



The familiar sounds made them tense up.

They were fighting again???

The distance was so close too?!

At this moment, a sharp silver light tore through s.p.a.ce and appeared before them.

Immediately, their bodies ached and they died.

The group woke up back in the dao enlightenment room. They were speechless.

“How many days has it been? They’re fighting again,” Nangong Jing complained.

Lin Ling couldn’t help but vomit. “They were fighting so close to us as well!”

This was the first time they were directly caught in the overlord battle and died.

“And this time, it was the silver wolf and golden eagle that started fighting first.”

Qiuyue Hesha frowned because of the pain and said, “Usually, it was the fire bird and ice bird starting to fight first.”

Lu Li said, “It seems the relations.h.i.+p between the overlords is deteriorating worse and worse.”

Everyone nodded.

Lu Ze handsomely smiled and said, “This is good for us. If we aren’t caught inside, hunting would become easier.”

The others realized this too.

If they weren’t caught there, they would only need to pick up free drops.

Then they would have boundless resources.

At this moment, Alice started talking with some expectation. “I wonder if the two overlords would be heavily injured so that we can get freebies.”

Lu Ze and the girls: “…”

They were speechless.

How was that possible?!

The overlords weren’t dumb. How could they let themselves be in that dangerous predicament?

Alice was so naive.

Lu Ze rubbed her head with a smile and said, “Okay, let’s split the things up.”

They had three fire divine art rune shards. Just needed one more, and they would be able to form a complete one.

Lu Ze was quite keen. If he could find another ruby scorpion tomorrow, he would be able to get it.

Five days later.

Lu Ze was sitting in the dao enlightenment room with flames glowing around him.

The flames suddenly shot into his body, and his eyes flashed with red runes.

He lifted his hand, and a burning fireball was formed.

It was small, but it contained terrifying power.

This was the first divine art he got from the ruby scorpion.

Lu Ze never got to find out what divine art was until now.

It was a rather powerful attack divine art.

It could form an extremely destructive energy ball. It had a powerful explosive and burning effect.

With his current power, he could easily wipe away the Milky Way with one energy ball.

Thus, Lu Ze named this divine art ‘Fire Ball Divine Art’.

In just one or two days, he would be able to reach familiar mastery.

This was great!

If he reached experienced mastery, this fire ball’s power would definitely surpa.s.s Sand One Divine Art.

But the Poison Ball Divine Art was special. Its effect was dependent on how strong his Poison G.o.d Art was.

Lu Ze even thought about fusing the two b.a.l.l.s.

He would think about it after he brought the fire ball to perfect mastery.

He got up and stretched. He came to the restroom.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were helping Alice and the other people set up the table. It was filled with all sorts of spirit food.

Seeing Lu Ze coming in, Alice said with a grin, “Senior, you came at the perfect time. Come, eat breakfast.”

Lu ze’s eyes lit up and showed an excited expression. “Good.”

After breakfast, they rested for a bit and came to Planet Jinyao.

One reason was to feed Ying Ying, and the other was to be the judge for the finals today.

Elder Nangong was teaching Lue Xi cultivation outside his shack.

When Lu Ze and the girls came over, Lue Xi’s eyes showed excitement. She jumped into Qiuyue Hesha’s arms.

“Sister Hesha!”

A softness flashed in Qiuyue Hesha’eyes and rubbed her head. “Did you behave with Grandpa Nangong?”

Lue Xi nodded.

Elder Nangong came over too. “Go feed Ying Ying. Why are her lips like that? There’s a very powerful chi coming from there from time to time.

Lu Ze smiled. “Ying Ying should be waking up soon.”

Elder Nangong nodded. “Then, you guys should go.”

Ying Ying was still lying on the bed. She was still drooling.

The group started feeding her red liquid.

As the liquid entered her body, the starlight around her became vibrant.

Strands of terrifying chi surged from her body.

Lu Ze gasped. “She has already controlled her chi quite a lot, but it’s still so terrifying.”

Nangong Jing and the others nodded. “She’s progressing better than before. I wonder how strong she is now?”

As they gauge the difference, the starlight grew brighter.

At this moment, her eyelashes shook, and she opened her eyes.

The starlight went back into her body.

She shot up from the bed and looked around in confusion. She recovered from the confusion and looked at Alice pitifully. Then, she said to Alice, “Sister Alice, I want to eat tasty food.”

Lu Ze: “…”

Alice rubbed her little head with a smile. “Okay, I’ll cook for you when we get back.”

Ying Ying nodded.

Lu Ze thought of something and said, “Ying Ying, can you get rid of that star barrier?”

Hearing this, Ying Ying blinked her eyes, and the star barrier disappeared.

Everyone strong enough sensed this.

They rejoiced.

Only Ying Ying could control the barrier. Clearly, she woke up now.

Ying Ying was full of excitement and said, “It’s done.”

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Then, let’s go out.. The finals will commence later.”