Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1126 - Limit

Chapter 1126 - Limit

Chapter 1126: Limit


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Ten days later in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, Lu Ze and the girls were facing a huge earth wolf.

It was a level-5 cosmic cloud state.

Its eyes were locked onto Lu Ze, as it howled and charged towards him.

Lu Ze was expressionless as his Sand G.o.d Art Domain expanded, instantly reaching a few hundred kilometers.

The sand around the wolf suddenly disappeared and fused into the domain.

A rune flashed across Lu Ze’s eyes. The entire domain glimmered with runes. As the runes flashed, boundless sand appeared and swept towards the earth wolf.

The earth wolf wanted to dodge, but there was too much sand rus.h.i.+ng in from all directions. They were all over the domain.

It had nowhere to hide.

Almost instantly, it was covered by sand, and a sand rope entangled around its body and started to contract.


A series of bone-cracking sounds came.


The earth wolf wailed and eventually spat out blood and broken organs before its life force dissipated.

As the wolf’s life force dissipated, its domain started to vanish.

Lu Ze’s face became pale, and his chi became weak.

The entire process only lasted a second.

Lu Ze panted heavily.

Lu Ze had tried to use the domain with a divine art.

He had to admit it was rather great.

A level-5 cosmic cloud state beast couldn’t resist such an attack at all.

The only thing was, it used up spirit force even more.

Originally, he could last five seconds, but now, he didn’t even know if he could last three.

This was too fast.

The girls were still shocked at how fast Lu Ze killed the wolf despite seeing it before.

This was too strong.

Nangong Jing grinned. “I wonder if he could take on a level-6 cosmic cloud state beast with this power?”

Level-6 cosmic cloud state beast was pretty much on par with a peak cosmic cloud state outside, right?

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “How about we test it next time?”

He was keen. Although he couldn’t use their liquid, their G.o.d art orbs would still be useful.

And, he wanted to see what his limit was.

That way, he would know when to hide and when to fight in the outside world.

Alice spoke with some guilty conscience. “Senior, are we really going to try?”

Although they were going to die every day, this certain death didn’t seem to be worth it.

Lin Ling raised her eyebrows. “We can test it. That way we know what our limit is.”

She thought the same as Lu Ze.

The others agreed too.

Alice poked out her tongue. “Okay then.”

Lu Ze picked up the loot, and they kept on hunting.

Two hours later, Lin Ling’s eyes lit up. “There’s a level-4 cosmic cloud state super beast there!”

The group rejoiced.

Lu Ze opened his mouth and said, “Lets’ go over!”

They went in the direction Lin Ling pointed, and soon, they felt a strong chi there. It was much stronger than the level-5 cosmic cloud state earth wolf.

Lu Ze raised his brow.

At the same time, the chi there erupted. Clearly, the super beast saw them too.


The scorching air in the desert shot up the temperature. The air became twisted.


A few kilometers away, lava spewed out, and a ruby scorpion charged out. It glared at Lu Ze and the girls.

The lava was spinning around its body.

Lu Ze said, “I’ll go up, you guys support me at the back.”

Nangong Jing and the others nodded.


Lu Ze used his Fire G.o.d Art Domain. The fire sea expanded.

The lava around the scorpion evaporated and fused into the domain.

The ruby scorpion was dazed.

It roared in fury.

A complex rune flashed around it.

However, it couldn’t use its Fire Divine Art. It found out that none of the fire elements was under its control.

It couldn’t use Fire G.o.d Art in this fire sea?!

Meanwhile, red runes flowed around Lu Ze. It wasn’t good to use other G.o.d art and divine art in the fire domain. The best was Fire Divine Art.

However, Lu Ze’s Fire Divine Art level wasn’t high.

Fire Buff.

This was a divine art he got a long time again.

However, in this domain, its amplification for Lu Ze was huge.


Runes fused into Lu Ze’s body like an invisible wave spread.

The fire formed a layer of red armor on his body.

He disappeared from the spot and charged before the ruby scorpion.

It slashed its pincer at Lu Ze.

However, the girls used Stone Transformation Divine Art.

The ruby scorpion slowed down.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with ferocity.

Terrifying flames burned on his hands and feet. He easily dodged the pincer and kicked it into its head.


The sh.e.l.l on its head cracked. Blood splashed out.

The scorpion fell back.

Lu Ze came before it again. He easily dodged another pincer attack and pressed his flames into the scorpion’s head.


Fire exploded from Lu Ze’s hands.

The scorpion fell back once again.

‘Rumble!’ ‘Rumble!!’

In a short instant, the two almost disappeared from the fire sea. Lu Ze was too fast, while the scorpion was being hit too fast.

Three seconds later, the scorpion’s howls were almost indiscernible.

At this moment, the fire sea suddenly disappeared.

The scorpion with an almost broken head fell.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze wobbled and also fell.

At this moment, Lu Li came behind him and held him.

The other girls appeared before the scorpion and attacked.

Even though it was already extremely weak, the girls still took over ten seconds to kill it.

The body turned to dust.

They could kill a prime level-4 cosmic cloud state super beast.

It seemed as though they could get the cosmic cloud state divine art at any time!