Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1087 - Blood Cocoon

Chapter 1087 - Blood Cocoon

Chapter 1087: Blood Coc.o.o.n


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

The low-level insectoids who were guarding the hive had nothing to do after the queen left. Now that the queen was trapped, they seemed to have found their worth.

They all roared and charged towards the gray barrier trying to attack it.


However, with their not-even cosmic cloud state power, the gray barrier didn’t even shake.

As time went on, the queen’s spirit light dimmed, while the gray mist grew denser.


The queen howled painfully.

Hearing this, all the insectoids went crazy.

“Go away!”

“Die! Die!”

“Don’t stop me!”

The cosmic cloud state insectoids used all their powers and attacked the prodigies like crazy.

Meanwhile, the prodigies scorned.

“You want to help your queen? Keep dreaming!”

“Today, you will all die here, hahaha!!!”

“This is the Elf Cosmic Realm, the insectoids should p.i.s.s off!”


The battle instantly intensified.

Fred’s and Mirium’s opponents went into a frenzy.

Three level-3 cosmic cloud state insectoids kept attacking Fred and Mirium, trying to break free.

One white insectoid roared.

“I don’t believe there would be a backlash every time!”

He took out a blood essence and ate it.

Immediately, his power started to surge, but an instant later, it became chaotic.


The insectoid exploded.

Seeing this, all those insectoids who were planning to use it paused.

Lu Ze grinned.

He had told Ying Ying.

This wasn’t their own power after all. She only needed to direct it a little, and it would rampage.

The insectoid queen saw the explosion, and she shrieked.

This invisible wave spread.

The hundreds of millions of insectoids around her stopped roaring and fell into silence.

Lu Ze and the girls were stunned.

“What is going on?! These insectoids don’t seem to be right.”

Lu Li frowned and looked at them with a solemn expression.

Suddenly, the insectoids roared, and their eyes flashed with an eerie light.

Then, all the insectoids shot up into the air and charged towards the gray mist.

The first planetary state insectoid was turned to dust as soon as it neared the mist.

But the insectoids after it charged without hesitation.

Hundreds of millions of insectoids flooded towards the black mist until blood spirit light exploded. This rippled the black mist.

The prodigies were all shocked.

This scene was too absurd. All the insectoids chased one after another into the black mist.

No one hesitated, and no one ran away.

Everyone felt aghast.

Only the insectoids could have such a will, right?

At this moment, Lin Ling frowned. She looked at the black mist and said, “This G.o.d art, I seem to have seen it somewhere?”

Everyone was dazed.

Lu Ze said along with some doubts, “Lin Ling, you’ve seen this G.o.d art before?”

This was their first time seeing an Advanced Demon Race together. How could she have seen it before?

Lin Ling frowned. “Mhm… I seem to have seen similar power somewhere.”

At this moment, Ying Ying’s crisp voice sounded. “This is quite similar to the death curse in Grandpa Lin’s body. They are all Death G.o.d Art, and the way they are used are very similar too.”

Everyone gasped, especially Lin Ling. Anger flashed in her eyes. “I remember! When Ying Ying pulled out my grandfather’s curse, its chi was very similar to this but didn’t seem as strong.”

Lu Ze and the girls frowned.

Nangong Jing said quietly, “Elder Lin’s wound was caused by a demon from the Advanced Demon Race?”

Lin Ling shook her head. “I don’t know, my grandfather didn’t tell me. He said there’s no need to get revenge.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. “We’ll ask Elder Lin when we get back. We can’t let this go.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “Little Brother Lu Ze is right. If it was before when our race was weak, it would be fine, but now that we’re so much stronger, we can’t let it go like that. Elder Lin is a saint of the Human Race. And he was almost killed.”

Even Alice nodded heavily, and her bright face surfaced a sliver of killing intent. “That’s right, we can’t let them bully our race!”

Lin Ling smiled. “Okay, let’s go ask my grandfather when we get back.”

At this moment, another sharp shriek sounded.

Everyone looked towards the field.

Above the field, there were star state and even cosmic system state insectoids charging into the mist. More than two-thirds of the insectoid tide was gone.

The remaining ones were still charging into the mist at all costs.

Lu Ze found that in the barrier, strands of blood mist were penetrating the black mist and entering the queen’s body.

Because of this, she shrieked again.

The dim blood light around her started to gather, and her chi was growing stronger.

At the same time, bloodlines shot out of her tail. Slowly, an extremely huge blood coc.o.o.n formed. All the ferocious chi was blocked by the coc.o.o.n.

Gradually, a sliver of blood light flowed inside the coc.o.o.n.

Everyone was dazed.

But, this didn’t seem to be something good.

At this moment, all the cosmic cloud state insectoids roared.

Their voices sounded melancholic.

Lu Ze and the girls were taken aback. The queen wasn’t dead yet.

Anton asked, “What is this?”

The man from the Demon Realm frowned. “I don’t know.”

At this moment, the two black insectoids glared at them with pure hatred. “d.a.m.ned insects! How dare you make the master make such a choice?!”

“The chance for our colony to rise was shattered by you guys. You all have to die!”