Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 1086 - Tell Death Field

Chapter 1086 - Tell Death Field

Chapter 1086: Tell Death Field


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Lu Ze’s and the girls’ faces changed. Everyone looked towards the black planet.

“This chi…”

“So strong!”

The insectoids remarked, “Is it Master?! Master is coming out?!”

“Why would she come out at this time?!”

All the insectoids were worried.


Ma.s.sive cracks manifested on the black planet and spread out.

Soon, a blood-colored light was dispersed from the planet.


The fragments of that black planet shot across all directions.


An enormous insectoid charged out of the black planet.

The top half of its body was wrapped in a tough sh.e.l.l while the lower half was gray and resembled a skin.

It was tens of kilometers long and looked extremely hideous.

Blood spirit light floated around it like viscous blood.

Its b.l.o.o.d.y eyes swept across the void with killing intent.

It already sensed that the situation outside wasn’t too good.

It didn’t know why the blood essence would cause a backlash, but without this trump card, the insectoids wouldn’t be a match for the prodigies. She had to come out.

Eventually, she set her gaze on Lu Ze and his team. Her eyes flashed with greed.

The most important reason she came out was for Lu Ze and his girls.

Their performance shocked her.

The combat power of the prodigies from the unknown race was insane.

If she could devour them and their DNA, her power and potential would progress!

She couldn’t resist such temptation.

Lu Ze raised a brow.

This was the second time he saw a queen insectoid. The first time was on Planet Nanfeng.

It was hideous, but this one was greatly repulsive.

But this queen looked at him strangely.

Was it because he was too handsome and it wanted to do something to him?!

Lu Ze shuddered.

Anton and the man from the Demon Race looked at the queen in disbelief.

Anton exclaimed, “How is this possible? Why would it come out at this time?!”

The queen should be very scared of death.

Why would it come out now?

The male demon suddenly thought of something and said, “It’s because of those few East Region’s prodigies!”

Anton looked at Lu Ze and the girls. A realization dawned on him.

“No wonder! Lu Ze’s and the girls’ talents are indeed exceptional. The queen must want to eat them!”

One black insectoid sneered, “Those few beings are truly talented. If you weren’t stopping us, we would want to capture them and offer them to our master.”

“But since our master has come out, then your prodigies can only prepare to die.”

The man from the Demon Race sneered, “If we’re not prepared, would we come after you like that?”

The two black insectoids were stunned. “What are you doing?!”

The demon looked at Anton and said, “Stop them for a few seconds.”

Thereafter, he charged towards the queen.

Seeing this, the two black insectoids roared, “How dare you?!”


They didn’t know what this guy was doing, but it clearly wasn’t something good.

They didn’t want their queen to be threatened.

At this juncture, Anton turned into a green crystal body and attacked the two insectoids.

Feeling that lethal threat, the two insectoids could only turn around to defend themselves.

Meanwhile, the man from the Demon Race had charged above the queen.

The queen looked up. “It’s you? Your race’s prodigy must die. You can’t stop me!”

Her cultivation level was also at the peak of the cosmic cloud state and her combat power was stronger than the two black insectoids. Even the demon couldn’t stop her from killing.

The male demon sneered. A gust of gray-black chi appeared in his hands.

“Stupid insect…”

He threw the gray-black mist above the insectoid queen’s head.

Immediately, it s.h.i.+mmered with runes.

The queen’s eyes widened. She felt things weren’t good. Blood spirit light surged around her body as she charged out of the mist.

However, at the border of the mist, a gray barrier appeared, and her body crashed into it.


The barrier wobbled and the insectoid queen fell back. Blood light flowed around her body, and her chi weakened.

She roared and slashed a few hundred kilometers long blood sword ray at the gray barrier.


The barrier vibrated, but the blood sword ray ended up shattering.

Seeing this, the queen shrieked in disbelief. “Impossible!”

The demon sneered and said languidly, “I thought I was going to spend the effort to find you in the hive, but you came out yourself… Just wait and die. This is the Tell Death Field that our cosmic realm state tried his best to form. If your race’s cosmic realm state came, it can be broken. But you, stop dreaming.”

Strands of gray mist wrapped around the queen of insectoids, making a sizzling sound upon contact with her blood spirit light.

Seeing this, the queen kept roaring and attacking the barrier.

The male demon took a deep look at Lu Ze and the girls. A trace of killing intent flashed across his eyes.

If possible, he wanted to eliminate the group. The threat they posed was too high. Even the Demon Prince of his race didn’t have such strong combat power.

If they matured, they would definitely not be good news for the Demon Realm.

He also knew that although Anton was stalling the two peak cosmic cloud states, he definitely had a back hand.

If he attacked, Anton would definitely stop him.

These few guys weren’t from the Elf Race. But they were a subordinate race to the Elf Race. As long as they had more time to grow, it would be very beneficial to the Elf Race.

Naturally, the Elf Race would protect him.

The killing intent disappeared from the male demon’s eyes as he flew back to the battlefield.

Nangong Jing frowned at the demon. “That Advanced Demon Race doesn’t seem to be keen on being friendly to us.”

Qiuyue Hesha nodded. “There’s killing intent. I don’t know why he didn’t attack.”

Lu Ze said, “Perhaps he’s concerned about Anton.”

Lu Ze shook his head. “Let’s not think about this. The Demon Realm isn’t really on good terms with us anyways.”

At this moment, all the insectoids looked at the queen and shrieked.

“Quick, save our master!”

The cosmic cloud state insectoids wanted to break free and charge towards the barrier.

All the prodigies stopped them.