Monster Integration - Chapter 1007 - Big Battle II

Chapter 1007 - Big Battle II

Chapter 1007 - Big Battle II

I appeared fifty meters away from both of the Apemen, and we all looked at each other without making a move.

"Human, enough playing around, let's use our real power." Said White Crystal Apeman, and its aura shot through the sky as black runes started to appear on its body.

The Aqua apeman also had a faint change of aura, and as aqua blue runes started to release from its body.

Its momentum may seem way weaker than the White Crystal Apeman, but it faintly, those who underestimate it by its aura would not be alive to see the next morning.

They both had used their inheritances, seeing that I did not waste any time summoning my Armor. After going through the purification of the 6th level of the tower, it had become stronger.

Its look had also changed, it is still s.h.i.+ny silver Armor, but the color of it had become even beautiful and runes on it even more prominent.

The armor also lost its energy form completely; now it looks fully metallic if one does not know it is made of energy; then, one will never be able to guess it.

I could see a hint of mockery on their faces as they saw me use my Mystic Method in front of their Inheritance, and it is idiocy to use Mystic Method Inheritance if they are not part of Inheritance.

But the Mystic Method of mine is simple; they are purified to extreme and strength they could produce far above any Mystic Method could compare.

Sea Cleaver! Mountain Crusher!

Both of them launched attacks at me just as they finished activating, and looking at their attacks; they did not seem to hold back anything.

The Axe of White Crystal Apeman came at me bearing the force of cleaving the sea if one concentrates; clearly, one could hear the faint sound of the Ocean through its attack.

The attack of Aqua Apeman even more dangerous, the hammer of it brought great suppression and average special would simply become paste of flesh and bones.

That suppression is the ability of the hammer, which enhanced the mountain crus.h.i.+ng attack of its, even further.

Seeing such a powerful attack, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. Since I practiced my Mystic Methods to their peak, I had wanted to fight against the powerful opponent's test their power, and now I am doing it.

I let the attack of White Crystal Apeman come closer to me before I dodge before swinging my sword at the pitch-black hammer, which is coming at me with soul-crus.h.i.+ng momentum.


My sword clashed against the hammer, and right at that time, I know hammer is not a normal weapon; it is likely Mystic Weapons.

As our weapons clashed, all the suppression that the hammer was emitting had disappeared and compressed with the energy of inheritance into the needle before coming at me.

It was stealthy and fast, I was only able to detect it when it was about to reach me, and by the time I could do anything, it had already crashed against the Armor.

If it had been when I was in the tower, such an attack would have made the Armor collapse and me heavily injured, but now it was not even able to shake my Armor; even the attack from the Mystic Weapon is not enough to shake my Armor.

It seemed surprised and seeing me casually countering its attack, seeing its face I wanted to say something witty when suddenly I felt something coming behind me.

Sensing that I move my sword act and whip it toward the rusty ax which is coming at while making fain oceanic sounds.


A m.u.f.fled clang rang out as weird energy around its ax absorbed all the sound while sending really sharp wave-like energy from ist ax through my sword.

This is the sharpest energy I've experienced, but my Armor was still able to defend against it.

As I had just finished defending against it, I found another attack coming at me from Aqua Apeman, and it is stronger than last, this time instead of countering it, I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind White Crystal Apeman and swung my sword at its neck.


For this attack, I had spent a considerable amount of energy, so my attack was quite fast that my sword appeared behind its neck and slashed across it but despite slas.h.i.+ng across its neck, there is no blood spurt and head flying.

h.e.l.l, my attack was not able to even make a scratch on its neck, earlier just before my attack was about to be slashed at its neck, its skin glowed faintly, and it activated the defensive ability of its inheritance.

Its ability was quite strong as my attack was not even able to make a single scratch on its skin, which is totally unexpected.

I have never thought I would kill it with my attack, but I at least hoped to injure it or make a mark on its crystal, but nothing that sort had happened.

"Hehe, Human, use some real force." Said the White Crystal Apeman and whipped its ax back with a powerful attack that made sea waves phantom even more apparent, but unfortunately for it, I had already disappeared from its back.

I appeared behind Aqua Apeman and launched an attack at its neck, which was even more powerful than my last attack.


As I did that; the hammer of it moved like the wind and appeared behind its neck and defended against my attack while sending even more powerful suppressive needles at me.

This time too, my armor defended against the suppressive, which wanted to tear my Armor apart and apart and crushed my body.

As I had finished my clash, I sensed the attack of White Crystal Apeman from behind, I slightly dodged that ax before I launched the attack at the Aqua Apeman.

"Good!" It shouted, seeing my attack and launched its attack of its own; this attack of mine is not a normal attack but an extremely powerful one. It had enough power and speed to finish off Wendigo in a single move.

This power-up was sudden; I did that because I wanted to test its power and power of that hammer of its.


Huge clang resounded as our weapons clashed but surprisingly, despite launching such an attack, not one of us took a step back.

Forget about taking a step back, we did not shake much, the only thing that got affected by it, its wet fur and my clothes which flopped due to the shockwave.

Seeing such a result, my mouth could help but form a weird smile. Seeing my smile, a small change occurred in the face of Aqua Rhinoman, and I disappeared from its eyes, seeing ist eyes couldn't help but constrict.

This is the first time I had used the Featherlight Method in battle, as I disappeared using featherlight, I appeared behind the White Crystal Apeman and slashed my sword at it.

The sword is extremely fast that even Aqua Apeman is barely able to track it, and this time the sword attack is different, this time the blade of the sword is reddish.

"Jere, be a car."

Despite being swift, the White Crystal apeman sensed my attack at the same time its friend warned.

Its crystal skin started to s.h.i.+ne resplendently by the time my sword approached its neck.


My sword touched its neck and started to move deeper inside it as the White Crystal Apeman began to move away to dodge the attack, but it was too late, as my sword already pa.s.sed through next of it with its head flying in the air with the expression of horror on it.