Monster Integration - Chapter 1006 - Big Battle I

Chapter 1006 - Big Battle I

Chapter 1006 - Big Battle I

Horn Horn Horn…

Just as I pressed the device, a huge horn resounded in the camp, though I could not hear the horn, I could see the movements inside though my killing Rule, not to forget the scouts and people from the central table flew up in the air.

"Micheal, did you sounded the warning?" Asked a girl named Erica who had her blond hair cut in the military, she looked quite intimidating, especially when she projected her aura, which has a habit of doing.

"Yes," I replied with a neutral voice as I watched ahead at the Grimm Monsters camp where no movements could be seen, their forcefield pitch blue as before.

"There does not seem to be any movement by their side?" she asked, intentionally projecting her aura at me.

"There will be soon," I said in the same neutral tone, which made frowns appear on her face, and she was about to say something when suddenly Grimm Monsters camps forcefield disappeared,d and millions of Grimm Monsters came toward us.


Erica said as she saw millions of Grimm Monsters coming at us with thousands of them in the air, those in the air are all Admantines and there are thousands and thousands of them.

It still feels quite entailing whenever I see such a huge number of Grimm Monsters.

By the time Grimm Monsters halfway into the distance, the s.h.i.+eld of our camp had also disappeared, and about two million Humans came out, though our numbers are three times less than Grimm Monsters, there was no fear on the face of the humans, only excitement and battle l.u.s.t.

These people are the cream and crop of the continent who have entered the most dangerous Ruin of the Continent.

Having survived here for one and a half months, all of them are elite and could easily handle the Grimm Monsters three times more than them.


Keira said when there was only two kilometers distance between the Grimm Monsters and us.


All humans immediately responded to her battle cry and shouted their battle cry as they sped toward the Grimm Monsters.

'So it was Grimm Monster.' I said as I looked at twenty-two Grimm Monsters that are leading the charge.

Four hours ago, the tower had lit up, which is the sign of Conquest. I was hoping it would be a human, but it turned out to be Grimm Monsters.

Now fourteen Humans would face off against the Twenty Two Grimm Monsters. It will be a challenge; I am more than ready to accept.

In the meeting, I had already claimed my stage on the two Conqueror Grimm Monsters, and now seeing the twenty-two Grimm Monsters coming toward us, I had already chosen the two Grimm Monsters I will be fighting against.

The two Grimm Monsters are Apemen; there are two Apemen in twenty leading Grimm Monsters.

Though they both are both Apemen, both are from the different tribes, one from the White Crystal Apemen Tribe while the other is from Aqua Apeman Tribe.

The White Crystal Apeman is one of the biggest Grimm Monsters I've ever seen.

It is about eight meters tall and has a body that is completely encased in the beautiful white crystal, which is very defensive.

In its hand is nine meters long a,x which looked like it had excavated it morning from the ground; it is rusty iron is color and would look like it would break just after a single clash.

As for Aqua Apeman, I've fought against a member of this tribe long ago.

The Aqua Apeman coming toward me is a regular seven meters tall Grimm Monster, with an aqua blue coat which is wet, making it look like it had just come out of the water.

In its hand, it has a pitch Black seven meters long hammer, which is giving me quite a feeling; I have to be a little careful of its weapons.

"Human, we were just discussing which one of you kill first,"

"It's a good thing you have come on your own, it saved us a time of discussing your death." said while Crystals Apeman as it appeared in front o me as it teleported and swung ist ax at me.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my face as I whipped the cutter at the coming ax. The scene of us attacking each other looked quite funny as one is using a huge nine meter long ax while the other is a thin sword of 1.5 meters.

Though they might laugh at seeing our attack, they would attack sober up if they sensed the power behind our attacks.


Our weapons clashed with a resounding clash, my thin sword held back its huge Axe without a problem.

It did not seem surprised by that as it had already expected something like would happen.

Our weapons had just clashed when I felt a threat behind me and knew that Aqua Apman had launched the attack from behind, and its attack was extremely fast despite using the heavy weapon such Warhammer.

Some special Adamantine would get crushed by such an attack before knowing what had happened, but for me dodging such an attack is not a problem, h.e.l.l I would not need to use any ability of mine to dodge this, speed given by my body is enough to dodge such attack.

I let them come closer to me, and when it had entered the one-meter range of mine, I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind it and launched an attack at its neck with speed, which is three times its earlier attack.


A metallic sound rang out as my sword clashed against the pitch-black hammer of its which appeared by its neck.

When I had launched the attack, the black hammer shone brightly, and its speed increased so much that it directly appeared behind its neck and defended.

"Hehe, it's not easy to kill me, human." It said with a laugh as it spun at blurring speed and launched an attack at me.

At the same time, I saw a rusty ax coming at me, both of the attack speed is the exception that it did not take them a second to reach within my one-meter radius.

I disappeared when both of the weapons were about to touch me and appeared behind the neck of the White Crystal Apeman launched the attack, at the same time the Aqua Apeman appeared beside me and launched its attack.

I did not move away and let the hammer while my sword moved toward the neck of the White Crystal Apeman. Sensing my attack, the White Crystal reacted swiftly as it disappeared.


Seeing that I was about to disappear when that exact moment, the b.i.t.c.h black hammer of the shone slightly, and as it did, I felt the air around me froze, and away I came under intense suppression.

The suppression is great; it is even greater than the Art of Earth Crockman created in its final move.

If my strength had been the same at the time when I fought against the Earth Crockman, I would have crushed under this pitch-black hammer, but unfortunately for it, my strength is far above what suppression of hammer, it is not strong enough to stop me.

The hammer was just inches away from me when my body shook suddenly, and the next moment, I disappeared from my spot while the hammer pa.s.sed though my after image.