Monster Integration - Chapter 998 - 44% Merged

Chapter 998 - 44% Merged

Chapter 998 - 44% Merged

I remained in shock for a while before I came to myself and focused on cooking.

To take my Const.i.tution to the next level, I will have to level up above the Adamantine and also Gather about 100 times more resources than what I needed for the Grade 12 Const.i.tution.

Both of the Conditions are too hard, to reach the level above Adamantine, one needs to have a comprehension of some sort, even the most talented struggle to gain that comprehension to reach that level and as for a hundred times more resources, I could forget about that too.

Even in a big battle, I would not be able to gather a quarter of the resources much less after I exit this ruin, these conditions are too hard, but I am still going to try.

I've never heard about the Const.i.tution above Level 12, but now there is, and I could advance in it, so how could I leave such a sweet chance.

It is very hard, and I might not be able to do it, but I sure as h.e.l.l would try it; I would try till my efforts to fully fill both of the conditions to advance to that const.i.tution.

I thought about it for some time before I stopped and focussed on the cooking as it is the quite complicated part I am going to do, and if I messed it up, I would waste the hard work of the past one hour.

Another hour had pa.s.sed and finally finished cooking, it took me little more than two hours to cook the seven-course meal, and it is worth it as it smells so great that Ashlyn had come flying to the kitchen wanting to eat straight from the pot.

I somehow stopped her and asked her to wait till I make the plates, which I finished doing in ten minutes before we started eating, and I have to say, it is delicious, very delicious.

Eating such means, I finally felt good. For the past five days, I've been eating the packaged food, but now I have finally eaten the food which I had made from my own hands.

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn chirped as said thank you for the mean before she turned into energy and went inside me while I remained stuck with a surprised face as Ashlyn rarely thanked me for the food, she only did that when she really liked what I had cooked.

I did not remain surprised for long as just as Ashlyn went inside me, our sources connected, and Blazing Fire from her source had started to merge into my source; the power of my ability started increasing every second.

When I entered the Tower, I had only merged with the 10% power of the Blazing Rose, At that time, my const.i.tution was only at Grade 9, but now it had reached Grande 12.

I wonder how much power of Blazing Rose will I be able to merge with my source and how powerful my ability would become.

I hope I am at least able to merge with 50% of Blazing Rose's power; at that time, I fear very few would be my match in the Adamantine.

As the merging of fire ability went, I took three bottles from my storage, these bottles are thumb size and have silver liquid in them.

These bottles are called Blessing Potions; these are the product of the Tower and given as the reward at the 900th level.

A single bottle has enough energy to take anyone to peak Adamantine as long as they limit broken. It did not matter if one normal powerhouse or special powerhouse, it had the energy to take one to Peak Adamantine.

I wonder if it will be able to take me to the peak Adamantine; at Grade 12, my energy needs are too great; I don't know whether liquid of the one bottle will be enough for it to take to my past level.


'Well, I will find out when I drink it.' I thought and opened the bottle and gulped down the whole liquid.

As the liquid touched my mouth, it evaporated, and the next moment, I started to feel slight heat all over my body, and at the same time, my level started to climb.

I became the While Elite the second I drank the liquid before my energy started to climb up steady fas.h.i.+on.

Soon I reached the Golden Elite Level and a few seconds after that Platinum Elite, then Diamond, and by the minute was over, I'd become Adamantine, and my level is still rising.

It rose for a few seconds till my level rose to Peak Adamantine before the heat in my body suddenly disappeared.

'What had happened?' I asked myself, I had thought it would take half an hour at the least before I could reach my previous level, and I might even have to drink another bottle of this silver liquid.

But nothing of that sort had happened, my level started to climb up monotonously, in my advancements there was not a single discrepancy, everything had happened very smoothly without any problem.

Seeing that I couldn't help but wonder about the energy this Silver Liquid had.

If my const.i.tution had been higher, would it still be able to fill the level that quickly? I did not know the answer to that, but I am very happy as I could feel every part of my body br.i.m.m.i.n.g with strength.

With my current strength, I have confidence in defeating the Wendigo with just my physical strength. I had received a huge boost with my Grade 12 Const.i.tution that I could barely guess my own strength, which increased by the second.

I wanted to stay awake until the merging process is over and see how much power of the Blazing Rose I can merge with my body, but I am feeling quite tired.

I haven't slept for two days, not to forget the battle I had, including one I had with the Wendigo, all of which had made me quite tired, that despite making the advancement, I just wanted to sleep.

My sleep was dreamless and calm when I woke up the next morning; I felt completely refreshed, ready to face any challenge that day had for me.

The first thing I had after waking up is to check my source; I want to see how much power of Blazing Rose, my source can merge with. I quickly closed my eyes and looked into my source.

44% that is now my source, able to merge with the power of Blazing Rose. The Rose is stronger than I thought as despite having power Grade 12 Const.i.tution, I am only able to merge 44% of its power, Ashlyn is still way ahead of me in this.

The 44% of Blazing Rose I was able to merge with my source is Horrifying; my fire ability has become extremely strong if I would just need to punch Wendigo lightly wearing my Runic Armor to defeat it.

The power of the ability is too strong that I will have to make slight changes in Armor to accommodate it. It will not take me long, just a few hours of tinkering and Runic Armor would be ready to bear the power of my fire ability.