Monster Integration - Chapter 997 - Level 12 Sin Constitution

Chapter 997 - Level 12 Sin Constitution

Chapter 997 - Level 12 Sin Const.i.tution


"What else did you get?" I asked. I had just asked when storages appeared in front of me suddenly, seeing more than a thousand storages with most of them being high Grade my eyes started to s.h.i.+ne.

Ashlyn said she had killed every Grimm Monster she had come across, she had even slaughtered Grimm Monsters at 999th level where even I did not dare to lift my weapons against them, but she slaughtered them all within a few minutes before any big battle could occur.

I did not waste any time and covered all the storage with my energy before adding them into my storage. As I did that, sorting started and huge stuff started to come out of them.

There are all of the kind things that came out of the Storages; from bodies of Grimm Monsters humans, to Artifact, herbs, and rewards they have got in the Tower, I get to see many unique things that Tower gave, some of their info had mentioned in intel.

There are many things I saw which I need, but I still mostly focused on the Herbs and Energy Crystals as those are the things that could advance my Const.i.tution to Grade 12, which will increase my power further.

"Soul Tempering Essence," I said in shock as I saw the palm size bottle filled with dense twin color liquid. It is Emerald and Violet Color liquid, which looks like it is made of melted gems; this is very rare and could not be found in the market.

It worked the same as the Soul Tempering Diamond which I used to practice the Secret Method, but it is far more powerful than Soul Tempering Diamond if I had this to practice before, then there would have been a quite high chance that I had finished completely practicing the Secret Method by now.

Well, no problem; with this thing crossing two levels of the Secret Method would not be a problem.

The only problem would be my will as it is way harder and painful to practice using Soul Tempering Essense than Soul Tempering Diamond, but I have confidence in myself that I will be able to do it.

After Soul Tempering Liquid, I found much other useful stuff that I had put up in the special selection.

More and more storages got opened, bringing out more and more stuff, including the treasures from the remnants attacks.

These treasures are best for my Const.i.tution, as they do not have a huge amount of Herbal properties but also are made of energy. The huge energies contained inside them is best to fill my Const.i.tution Storage.

For the Grade 12 Const.i.tution, I need four times more resources than Grade 11, and I was hoping to gather them during the battle, but seeing how much stuff is coming out the storages, I don't think I would need to do it anymore.

There is really huge stuff and adding to 21% storage that had already been filled by me; I think there is quite a great chance that I could get 79% from the storages that Ashlyn had brought.

Her stuff is really too much, and it could be credited to slaughter she did at the 999th level, there best of best people came, and those who came also slaughtered people of other race and their storages are filled with the stuff of the slaughtered, some getting huge stuff is not that surprising.

Time pa.s.sed by, and soon ten minutes pa.s.sed, and all the stuff had sorted out. I quite marvel at my storage rings ability to sort; it would have taken me hours while it did it in ten minutes.

As the stuff sorted out, I did not have to waste any time and added the stuff in the Const.i.tutional Storage until the storage stopped taking the stuff as it had been filled.


The Const.i.tutional Storage is completely filled, and as it did, the formation inside me lit up and buzzed before its Advancement started. This time advancements would really give me huge benefits.

It is the last Level of my Const.i.tution, and resources it took were also very huge, far more than any other level, so it is obvious it will give me tremendous benefits. It is also showing how rapidly my level is regressing.

This time, I am very sure that my level would definitely be regressed to the Golden Elite at the least. I would have been quite worried by this fact seeing the resources I would need to get back to the Peak Adamantine, but now I am not.

The Storages that Ashlyn had given me, I've found something in it that could help me quickly regain my previous level, now I just have to sit and wait till the Advancement is over before I take that thing and regain my level.

Chew Chew Chew…

I was watching the process of breaking through when suddenly, I heard Ashlyn chirp; she said she is feeling hungry.

"I will cook something great for you," I said as I pet Ashlyn before getting up and walking to the kitchen.

Ashlyn has given lots of things which are invaluable; I at least cook something great to show my appreciation to her, and this time, I have all the things I need for cooking.

In storages Ashlyn had given me, I have taken out the things I needed for cooking, like rare herbs, condiments, and other things. I found something which I could not get my hands on when I was in the Warzone.

I always wanted to use those things, and now that I have got my hands on them, I am definitely going to use them.

So, I started to cook while my const.i.tution advanced.

I would have waited if it was a matter of a few minutes, but it will take an hour or more and seeing how hungry Ashlyn and I are feeling, the wait is not worth it, by the time my Const.i.tution Advanced, I would have already finished cooking half of the dishes.

"Peak General," I muttered. That is what my level had been regressed to, forget Golden Elite, I not even a Silver Elite or White Elite, I am no elite at all, my level had regressed that much.

I am quite shocked seeing this as I thought, It would be regressed to Golden Elite at most but never expected, I would not be an Elite after this advancement.

'Hun, formation is still present.' I thought when I finished checking my Level 12 Const.i.tution. I had thought the formation would vanish after my Const.i.tution advancement to Grade 12 as the info telepathically received had no mention of it.


I was just thinking that when formation buzzed again and I felt like it was. .h.i.t by the hammer.


The pain only lasted for a moment before it disappeared, and as it deepened, there were new memories in my mind, it is the const.i.tution, and when I read them, I could help but cursed loudly.

The info is short, it only said that there is one last Const.i.tution above Level 12, it is on a completely new level, but at my current level, my body has reached its limit and could bear another const.i.tution.

I would have to have to make a breakthrough to the level above Adamantine before I could make advancement to that Const.i.tution, and the resources I would need would be about a hundred times what I needed for the Level 12 Sin Const.i.tution.