Monster Integration - Chapter 949 - Thunder Hog

Chapter 949 - Thunder Hog

Chapter 949 - Thunder Hog

Note: Bonus Chapter.

Its a late morning when I got out of that abode, and I have plenty of hours to travel before the knight comes.

I continue doing the same thing I had done yesterday, search through the dilapidated buildings and residual attacks in a chance for treasure and attack. There is no fixed place for the chance, it could be inside the building, or it could be within the remnant attack or it could be right below the ground.

There is nothing that could be said about them; they could be anywhere; I will have to persist with what I am doing, and with some luck, I might find a chance for which I had come to this Ruin. With that thought, I continue doing what I am doing.

I am quite lucky to end up in the city as 80% of everything found in the Ruin is found in the city, so I will scourge the city for everything till I get what I am looking for.

Three hours have pa.s.sed and I've scourge through several dilapidated houses and collected some rare treasures from one remnant attack which was not very dangerous, it could be said to be a good haul, but that's all, a good haul.

Chew Chew…

I was just about to move to another dilapidated house to search it for the treasure when suddenly Ashlyn chirped, hearing her chirp I immediately walked toward to see for what she had chipped.

When I reached there, I saw the reason Ashlyn had chirped and a smile couldn't help but appear on my face, "We have finally found an opponent for you to test your power." I said as I saw eight meters long Hog Monsters walked out of the lightning lake covered in the thunder.

In thousands of years, many monsters got affected by the remnant attacks that are present in this Ruin, and some even had made the remnant attacks their home like this Thunder Hog.

It clearly emits the same presence as the thunder lake and has an aura that matched that of early Adamantine. A very dangerous opponent, which even I am not sure Ashlyn will be able to beat it even with her powerful fire ability she had just got.

"Do you really want to fight it?" I asked Ashlyn as this monster looks way out of my league, especially with those thick deep purple thunderbolts dancing around its body, which I am very sure to possess the power equal to that of method attacks.

"Chew, Chew!"

Ashlyn chirped in affirmation, "Then go, but if the fight gets hard, then run away." I said to her that she nodded with her tiny head before flying toward the Thunder Hog while I quickly looked for a hidden place and hid and also covered myself with the thick killing energy.

If Ashlyn was not able to kill it off, I don't want to be on other ends of its rage, so it is better to hide and watch the show. As long as I am well hidden, it will rage for a while before moving toward a different area.

Well, that will happen when Ashlyn will lose, and it is not clear that she will lose. It is a 50/50 battle, both sides have equal chances of winning and losing, and I off course wish Ashlyn to win.

It is not only because she is my partner, but I also wanted to get a taste of the Thunder Hog. I have read that those monsters who grew up in the environment of the remnant attack taste very delicious and packed a great nutritional value.


It would be quite great if I were able to get a taste of that, I thought, as it looked like a big hog monster.

Chew Ch


Soon Ashlyn appeared above the Thunder Hog without it noticing, and chirped to notice her arrival, but one chirp hadn't finished when it suddenly attacked with a thick as thigh thunderbolt.

That thunderbolt moved toward Ashlyn at intense speed and power that could instantly vaporize her if it touched her. The Thunderbolt appeared below her at the moment and pa.s.sed through her, or may I say her after image.


Seeing it missed, it let out a huge sound which sounded like both squeal and roar and felt very irritating to my ears, and with the weird squeal, it shot hundreds of thunder thigh thick thunderbolts at Ashlyn, seeing that I couldn't help but feel a shudder.

'What the h.e.l.l is this!' I said that in my mind, that f.u.c.k.i.n.g monster only missed a single attack and went completely bats.h.i.+t crazy that it started to attack with a thunderstorm.

The Lightning bolts went toward Ashlyn, and they approached Ashlyn within a moment and drowned her inside, seeing that my heart skipped a beat, but I am not worried; I could feel Ashlynn's confidence through our link.

The Thunder Storm had completely drowned Ashlyn, I could not see her through my eyes. I wanted to use my senses to see how she was doing, but I did not want to alert the monster that is attacking her.

The only consolation I had is our link, which is telling me that Ashlyn is completely fine.

"Chew, Chew!"

Three seconds later, when the attack was completely over, a bright chirp rang out, and Ashlyn completely revealed herself. She is completely different from earlier; she is now completely donning herself in Silver Phantom Armor, which is completely outs.h.i.+ning what I could summon.

Not only it felt even more threatening, but it also looked even more dazzling, unlike the wolf Armor I wore, hers is a little different as instead of the help of wolf shape, she has the helmet of a sparrow.

I am really shocked seeing this, as the structure of the Armor is made from the runes, a little change in its appearance means a change in the runes and that is a big thing.

I know how difficult it is to make a change in runes after I got elementary knowledge about Runes from the knowledge crystal, and even with such knowledge, I did not dare to think about modifying any Mystic Method.

As Mystic Methods did not only involve Runology, it also involves Alchemy and Mystology, so to make even the slightest change in it, one would need to have knowledge of all those things, which is why I was so shocked seeing such change.


Seeing its attack was not able to kill Ashlyn, the Thunder Hog roared even more loudly and released a storm of lightning which is twice as large as before, it shocked the h.e.l.l out of me.

I had thought the earlier attack had been dangerous, but I was wrong, wrong to underestimate the Monster that is born in the special environment of the remnant attack of Super Powerhouse, one can not judge them with the normal sense.

As Lightning Hog released its attack, Ashlyn did not remain in her spot, she also started to attack and her attack was no less amazing than the Thunder Hog, or it could be said that her attack was even greater than the Thunder Hog, both by visual and aura of the attack.