Monster Integration - Chapter 948 - Knowledge Crystals II

Chapter 948 - Knowledge Crystals II

Chapter 948 - Knowledge Crystals II

There was nothing but the trash in the room; I am not disappointed, though. Me getting three knowledge crystals from it was already enough.

'I am going to use this crystal now.' I said in my mind, if I had found it outside the city, I would not have dared to use it till I found a place safe enough that no one could intrude, but it is different when I found it in the city.

In the past, many people had found the knowledge crystals in the city, which contain a map of the whole city and note the important area, treasury, and other things, those people were one of the luckiest people who had entered this Ruin.

They got complete information about the city, and through it, they were able to find treasures, inheritances, and other things from the city. Though thousands of years had pa.s.sed and many of those things had withered to time, many of which had survived.

Those that are able to survive the withering of the time were one best thing found in the Ruin, which is why I am so d.a.m.n excited about these knowledge crystals and going to use it here despite knowing what could happen if I went unconscious for several hours.

Since I have scoured all the rooms, I walked toward a most concealed area on the second floor, which could not be seen through the gaps and activated abode in its smallest size.

I walked into the abode and sat on a comfortable chair that I made appear; I sat on it comfortably before taking out the wooden box where I placed the three Knowledge crystals.

I looked at them for a while before taking one knowledge crystal in my hand while storing the box in my storage quickly as in a few seconds; I will become incapable of doing that.

Second, I pa.s.sed by, and I started to feel my thoughts process slowing; feeling my thoughts slowing down, I did not panic, just calmed myself and let the process continue; the less I resist the process, the quicker it will be over.

Time pa.s.sed by, and the torturous process of slowing thoughts continued till I wasn't even able to form the single thoughts in my mind, everything went black. I don't know how much time pa.s.sed when my thoughts started returning, and with the pa.s.sing time, they became faster and faster.

"Runes," I said softly after my thoughts returned to normal, my voice contained both happiness and sadness. I am happy because I needed knowledge about my runes desperately and sad because I was not able to get a complete city map.

If I had a city map, I am very sure that I would have been able to find the numerous Knowledge Crystals, and one of them would have been about the Runes.

I am quite disappointed, but I did not let it affect my mood as I had been wanting to have Runic Knowledge for quite long and regularly study about the Runes as to create Fire Armor when I had reached Adamantine Levels as only there I will have enough soul energy to support the runes.

"Chew, Chew…"

I was browsing through the new knowledge I've received when I heard the familiar chirp, and it had not come from inside me but from beside me. When I looked to my left, I saw Ashlyn sitting on the corner quietly.

Her chirp clearly stated she wanted to, but this time, I immediately did not give her food but looked at her intently. "The risk you took was too great, promise me that you will never take such a risk without asking me first," I said.

Hearing me she opened her mouth but closed it without chirping as if wanting to think what to say.

Chirp Chirp…

She chirped a few seconds later, saying 'Ok.' I know this promise had a time limit, after some time she would forget about the promise and will retake a risk but it is fine by me, as long as she stays obedient for a few days, I would be content.

I quickly heated the food for her and handed it to her and again took out a wooden box with knowledge crystals.

The hope hadn't been lost yet, there are two more knowledge Crystals in the box, there are quite big chances I might get a city map through them, but there also chances of I might not get a map through them.

I have used quite a few of the Knowledge Crystals before, and these two crystals could turn out to be them, das.h.i.+ng all my hopes into the water.

'I will know what it is when I touch it.' I said inside me and touched the first knowledge of Crystals in the wooden box, and I felt nothing, other than the slightly cold sensation of touching the cold surface of the knowledge crystals, I felt nothing.

It clearly means that I already possess the knowledge of knowledge Crystal I had touched. This crystal could be about the Runes like previous one or about naturals treasure or universe language or Herbalogy from which I had gained the knowledge before nothing could be said about.

Now only Knowledge Crystal had remained, and if it did not have the knowledge I seek, then I would be really disappointed. So, I took a couple deep breaths to calm my nerves and touched the Knowledge Crystal.

"It seems like my lucky streak is over for now," I said as I felt the cold hard surface of the knowledge crystals.

"Well, it seemed like luck couldn't s.h.i.+ne on me forever," I added with a smile as I pulled myself out of my disappointed mood and looked at Ashlyn, who is eating without care for the world.

I stayed in the abode till Ashlyn finished eating before deactivating it and flying out of the building. I've spent enough time inside it, it is time to continue on the journey.