Monster Integration - Chapter 929 - Phantom Fox I

Chapter 929 - Phantom Fox I

Chapter 929 - Phantom Fox I

They looked shocked, seeing me coming out unscathed from their attack, they were so appalled that they did not react till I disappeared from my spot.

I appeared behind White Snakeman and swung my sword at it, it reacted quickly to my appearance, but it was still too late; if it were cautious from the beginning, it would have been able to do something, but now it has no chance whatsoever.


It had tried to run away, but my sword easily caught it and decapitated it before it could even take two steps of retreat. It was an easy kill when I started to use the real power of the Armor.


Shouted the remaining two White Snakemen in unison as they came at me with murder in their eyes. This time I did not move away from my spot, instead, I waited for them to come at me.

As both of them appeared in front of me, they wasted no time attacking me; they may still look pale, but this attack is their strongest physical attack yet, and they also launched it strategically, not waiting to give me a single chance of the retreat.


Unfortunately, it will not work on me, I gave a smile to both White Snakemen before I disappeared from my spot and appeared behind the snakeman on the left and pierced my sword through its chest before it had stopped the attack which it had launched at me.

"It's just now you and me now, hun!" I asked the leader of White Snakeman who was looking at me terror fully; it had clearly been understood that there is no way in h.e.l.l he would be able to beat me. The moment I launched the attack, it would be dead.

I thought it would launch the last attack with over drafting its energy or something, but these f.u.c.k.i.n.g monsters started to run away without even uttering usual threat lines that Grimm Monsters does.


I couldn't help but shake my head seeing that, I disappeared from my spot and appeared in front of it with my sword out straight, I did not have to do anything other than keep my sword straight before it directly rammed into it and pierced its chest.

It did not know what happened till my sword pierced its chest; it had seemed to understand its idiocy at its moment and opened its mouth to curse, but before it could form a word into its mouth, life left its body and it died.

This fight is good but not that satisfying, I had defeated these bunch of Seven Star Diamonds in less than ten minutes and did not use the full power of my Armer much less other two methods and the totem artifact that I have in my a.r.s.enal.

I had thought these Seven Star Diamonds would give me some challenge since they are the peak Diamonds, but they are only able to excite me for a while, still they were too weak as I didn't even get to use the full power of my Armor on them.

I looked at the whole battlefield; people were fighting everywhere one could see colorful terrifying attacks of the limit levels flying everywhere. If a normal man saw this fight they would start to shake from the bottom.

The fight is really dangerous and most dangerous of all is Girl in high heels and leading Bullman from the Grimm Monsters.

This fight is on a completely different spectrum. It is a good thing they are fighting far from the main battlefield; otherwise, it would have been disastrous for the other side.

Their fight could be said to be terrifying; each of their attacks is frightening enough to kill thousands of people. These two are Peak Admantines, but their power is in a completely different league compared to the other peak Adamantine.

"The Hidden Cla.s.s." I muttered as I looked at them, I don't know much about the 'The Hidden Cla.s.s,' my understanding is completely dependent on what Ellen had told me and what rumors I have heard.

From what Ellen had told me, 'The Hidden Cla.s.s' are the people that had accepted Inheritance of their organizations in the Central Continent. These inheritances make them very, very powerful that skipping a level is not much of a problem for them.

Most of the Inheritance could only be accepted during one's breakthrough into Lord Stage, 99.9% Knights accepted inheritances that way, but some people could accept it before.

The minimum requirement of that is Adamantine but not all Adamantine could accept the inheritance before they level up, there are very strict conditions, and only pa.s.sing those conditions, one would be able to accept the Inheritances of their Organisations.

The inheritances are not the only things that could increase the power exponentially, but other things, too, like a const.i.tution that above Grade 6 and some Mystical Weapons, there are many other things, the more one heard about them, the more one would have l.u.s.t for those things.

The Girl in high heels and Bullman are currently only fighting with their methods; they are not using the capabilities of their inheritances, I don't think they will use that for this battle, it's hard to say anything could happen.

I looked at their fight for a few seconds before I turned toward fighting the strong opponent as I found one, and it is one that of the Phantom Method; seeing it, I did not waste any time and moved toward it with my greatest speed.

Soon I reached close to the fight, the use to the Phantom Method is from Green Wind Foxmen Tribe and the phantom Method it is using is Monster Type, it had covered itself fifteen meters long faint Green Colored Phantom Fox.

It is very powerful; if not for powerful them, it alone wouldn't have needed eight Human Peak Diamonds to keep to fight it or more like taking the repeated beating from it.

They were able to survive until now because of their numbers; if not for having such numbers, they would have died by now.

"Friends could you do me a favor and give me this little fox, It had been quite a while since I had fought another phantom method user," I said, my voice was loud enough to be heard by the eight humans and fox they were fighting.

My sudden voice seemed to startle them, and they stopped fighting, I could seem, one human, angrily turning toward me wanting to say something, but when he looked at me in the wolf Armor, he closed his opened mouth.

"Are you sure, it is pretty st" another human had finished saying when suddenly fox bellowed, "You Wretched Human, you dare to call me a little fox; if I did not shred you into thousands of pieces and ate you alive then I will not be a member of the Green Wind Foxmen Tribe!"

It bellowed angrily, and as it came at me angrily as it came at me with blurring speed, 'It seemed like rumors were right about the foxmen; they are very prideful. The slightest disrespect would make them lose their mind.