Monster Integration - Chapter 928 - Fighting

Chapter 928 - Fighting

Chapter 928 - Fighting


As my sword cut the Scarlet Lionman into two from up to down, a large amount of blood had spilled on me. I would have avoided the Blood easily if not me taking a tumble forward to dodge the incoming attack of the White Snake Man.

In such time, I really wish I had used my Totem Artifact, this sword I am using is pretty good and when coated with the power of the Armor, it was able to cut the monster into two, but unlike my totem artifact, it was not able to lacerate which made s.h.i.+t of blood and guts have spilled on to me.

It is good that I am wearing an Armor, otherwise if such amount of blood and guts were splashed on me, I would have definitely vomited. I had done that in the past, those were the days before I had my totem Artifact and its powerful Enchantment.


My armor started to burn the blood and gut while I looked at the Snakman who was just five meters ahead of me, "You should call your friends and attack me with a close-range if you attack me on your own them it won't take me minutes to me to send you to your friends." I said, there is no mockery in my voice, just the truth.

It may be Seven Star Diamond, but I am confident that I could kill it within a minute and that without using my Totem Artifact.

"You are right, I alone could not defeat you alone, you two come here three of use will need to attack together to kill this wretched human b.a.s.t.a.r.d." said the Snake Man as he called Seven Star Diamond Snakemen to fight.

The two snakemen did not question their friend and swiftly came and surrounded me, "He had Phantom Method, killing him would save the like of innumerable comrades." Said the lead Snakemen and attacked, and with it, the other two also attacked.

These three people seemed to have a lot of experience in fighting together as they attacked me in sync, their movements felt like they were laying the net, and once the energy got trapped in a net, they would be easily able to finish it off.

They are underestimating me too much if they think I would fall into their trap, as I saw three attacks coming at me in unison, I swiftly moved away. I appeared directly in front of the third, but this time, instead of dodging by moving away or crouching, I directly swung my sword at the thin sword of Snakeman coming at my neck.


Our sword clashed directly, and I felt immense force coming toward me through my sword, the snakeman that attacked me is Seven Star Diamond. However, snakemen are not known for their physical strength; it is still a Seven Star Diamond Snakeman and not to forget it had its strength skill activated.

As the force entered my Armor, instead of restating it absorbed it on its own like a sponge and instantly divided that tsunami-like force into thousands of streams where it whittled through the various obstacle that by it reached my body, all I felt a strong push which only able to shake my body every slightly.

Seeing that it's powerful attack barely affected me, its eyes popped out as it could not believe it. It could see I am just Four Star Diamond wearing Phantom Armor; even if I am wearing Phantom Armor, it's attack should have created more effect than barely something.

It had fought the Phantom armor before and knew their limit, which is why it had confidence that its attacks would work.

Though it did not have hope of injuring it with clashed, it had only hope that human would take at least two steps back that would have been enough for its two friends to launch the attack from behind and finished the human off.

"How can your Phantom Method be this powerful?" It asked in shock. To that I could not help but smile. The original Phantom Armor is not this strong, but after it went through, the refinement of the 4th Floor of the Tower became this strong.

I did not answer its question; instead, I moved away swiftly, dodging another attack before attacking it with my sword, which it countered before it could pierce through its chest.


I started to attack the lead Grimm Monster as it is only, which is some challenge, the other two were not much, and I have no interest in fighting them; they are like pesky flies, which I could kill at any time.

Despite being on the same stage as the other two, the leader Snakemen is quite powerful. It would counter every attack of mine, albeit barely but still counter, which gave me quite joy.

I started to use stronger and stronger attacks, but it still somehow would always counter my attack, seeing that I got even tougher and which started to injure it, and within a few minutes, its body riddled with injuries.

There is no part of its body where blood could not be seen; compared to it, the other two monsters are completely fine as ever since the battle started, I did not launch a single attack at them, just dodged their attacks which saved them from the injuries.


Another minute pa.s.sed when I suddenly noticed minute actions between three White Snakemen and about to take action when suddenly I saw three white Snakemen opening their mouth and releasing dense white smoke at me.

This snake was very dense and very fast that before I moved, it enveloped me completely.

"It's dead, no one can save it."

"The human b.a.s.t.a.r.d was so hard to kill that we had to use our sure kill attack on it." said one Snakeman, apparent tiredness could be heard from its voice, this sudden attack seemed to be him tired it out very much.

I did not have time to worry about them as this smoke started to seep inside the Armor, but as it did, my Armor burst out with amazing fire elemental power that it began to burn the poison particles, but these poison particles are not pure either.

They are very difficult to burn; at first glance, I come to know this as the poison of White Snakemen is not strong. When I looked at this poison very carefully, I noticed this is not simply poison, but method attacked, which had merged with the inherent poison.

This is likely the Tribal Mystic Method of White Snakemen Tribe; there are a lot of tribal mystic methods popping up these days, I will have to ask Elton to give me their information as I was not able to get them with my measly privileges.

Finally, after so many efforts the poison had finally burned off, the poison was not strong, but it was very sneaky always finding the way to sneak toward my body, if not for my Armor being strong, I would not have been able to come out completely unscathed by this poison attack.

"It looks like this was your best attack, I am afraid I will kill you all now that you all have lived out your usefulness," I said to three very pale looking snakemen as I came out of poison fog unscathed.