Monster Integration - Chapter 91 Diamond Panda

Chapter 91 Diamond Panda

What a f.u.c.king coincidence! That both of them evolving at the same time.

Well, its good thing that Rhea is also evolving, if not we have had no option but run and our chances of getting out uninjured weren't that good.

It will take them fifteen to twenty minutes to level up, I really want to see how powerful Rhea will be when she became corporal level revolver.

"s.h.i.+t!" I cursed as I again got injured while drinking a potion, I just had killed their kin, seeing that they became frenzied and started attacking me like a mad, that I barely got any chance to attack.

"Clank!" I defended against the monster attack while retreating using that force, I thought I will have a good time.

'These f.u.c.kers making me really want to kill to them!' i cursed, I wanted to forcefully use the skill using vitality potion but I controlled myself and keep fighting the normal way.

If I forcefully used the skill, I will definitely face problems later.

"Clank Clank! Bang!" I kept fighting the monster while biding the time to use the skill.

In frenzy, these monsters speed and strength had increased but as the time pa.s.sed, I grew familiar to monsters frenzy as we fought on and started to counter-attack after understanding their rhythm.

Although my normal attacks still cant injure them much but it boosted my confidence, I am confident to kill them without using the skill but it would take me a lot of time.

Its good thing that my speed had increased, earlier when I used my skill, I kept circulating Supreme combat exercise and mana refinement same time.

I felt huge pain doing that some of the blood veins on my head had popped up.

It was so painful that pain from circulating supreme combat exercise paled front it after I finished using the skill.

I noticed that I accidentally three circulated the three moves of supreme combat exercise, reaching the sixth move directly.

Nearly ten minutes pa.s.sed since I sensed Corporal grade Yellow lightning Tiger and Rhea leveling up but I didn't sense much change in bodies monster but fluctuation is getting stronger.

Rhea is drinking one potion after another in process of leveling up, she probably drank five or six mana potion in past ten minutes while fighting against two monsters.

Seeing she is effortless dodging attacks of two monster, I feel a little jealous. Rhea's forte is not sped but stability and strength but wearing Knight Grade boots, speed had also become her forte.

If I had that knight grade boots in my feet, two monsters would have been lying on my feet right now, only really using it one can know the might of Knight grade artifacts.

Now I am pretty sure that day when Jim and his girlfriend had come to miasta forest to hunt monsters with me, they were also wearing knight grade artifacts from head to tow.

Their knight grade artifacts were a better grade than we have but lower grade than teams from central continents were using.

Now I truly understand, that day when they were hunting monsters with me, they only used about 30% of their power, if they used their full ability they would have killed the monsters in two to three strikes.

If I do get chance, I will try to acquire knight grade armor and boots, with this full get up, I will rarely find my match within the same level unless my opponent is also wearing knight grade set.

Twenty-five minutes had been pa.s.sed since the level process started and fluctuations from both them had reached near the peak.

"Groooowl!" Corporal level Yellow lightning tiger growled loudly and yellow light covered its body, any attack from rhea unable to penetrate that yellow light.

Rhea looks fine from outside as she fighting peak specialist grade yellow Lightning tiger but fluctuation from her also reach a peak and she could level up at any time.

"Thud!" head of peak Specialist grade tiger fell, earlier she was fighting both corporal grade and specialist grade yellow lightning tiger, whenever she had tried a lethal attack on specialist grade monster, corporal grade monster swooped in to save specialist grade monster.

But now there is corporal grade monster to save, so, rhea easily able to kill it within a minute.

Our eyes met and seeing I am doing fine, rhea put a large distance between her and corporal grade monster and drank three mana potion back to back.

"Bang!" I used me to slam one monster, it didn't do any harm to it but doing this saved me from the attack of another monster.

Enough time had pa.s.sed that I can safely use my skill one more time, this time I am planned to heavily injure at least one monster.

"First Tide!" I shouted loudly attack the monster with the power of the first tide, This time also I feeling spitting pain in the head.

"Slice! slice!" I attack neck of the monster, I got quite surprised that mu blow landed, I thought it would dodge and will attack it back, now that I have a chance, I circulated the second tide without wasting any moment.

"Second tide!" I shouted again, I don't why but shouting moves name gave me some sort of confidence, I can only shout it in a front monster like that, shouting front the person would be an idiotic choice.

"Puchi!" my sword directly pierce through its neck, This time this my aim and hit it in the perfect spot. I quickly remove the sword from its neck and put some distance between me and monsters while I still have power.

"Grooooowl! Groooowl!" it growled in pain as it went mad in the ace of death.

This yellow lightning tiger will be dead soon from bleeding, it would have been able to heal if it was made by my normal sword seeing its huge size and healing power of monster but when my piercing its throat, I increased the size of blade four times the normal, making the would unhealable.

Although it cost me quite a bit mana but is worth it, I quickly drank the potion as I am dangerously low on the mana.

"Crack! crack!" the yellow light s.h.i.+eld surrounding Corporal level Yellow lightning monster started to crack.

"Rhea!" I shouted in warning but there is no change in her as she rooted in her spot without responding, just her aura change into corporal level like a monster.

"Boom!" "Roooor!" Yellow light broke boom and Yellow lightning Tiger comes out of it just in bigger size.

"Growl!" it growls toward rhea and took a jump at her, under it arm size paw, she would definitely get squashed.

"Rhea!" I shouted top of my lungs but there is no response.

As I thought Rhea definitely will get squashed under claws of a yellow lightning tiger, a crystalline thing shot of Rhea.

"Boom!" Yellow lightning tiger momentum stopped by that crystalline thing.

It was so bright that I didn't the chance to do what that crystalline thing is, when the light dimmed I got a clear look at that thing.

"Gasp!" I gasp seeing that crystalline thing! Its panda, a panda which looked like it made of diamond, that's not the most shocking thing, the most shocking thing is its size.

It's barely two and a half foot tall, more than five times smaller than when it was a stone panda.