Monster Integration - Chapter 90 Level Up!!

Chapter 90 Level Up!!

''Growl!" Monsters growled with pain as I hit them with my swords, using the moment of the skill, I put away the distance between me monsters for a moment.

The first two moves took nearly 25% of my mana, I am feeling little tired right now but I can perform skill one more time.

Using little distance between us, I again used the skill, this time I am aiming for only one monster, which previous injured.

''Clank!" The first tide is countered like earlier but it won't be able to counter my second strike.

''Slice! slice!" I swing my sword toward the already injured monster, my sword consecutive cut across his back two times, injuring it more.

"Growl! Growwwl!" and come towards me, it's good that I already put some distance between us which will give me enough time to dring the potion.

Using this skill only two times drained fifty percent of mana and made me tired, I won't be able to skill for half an hour, I can use it forcefully but it will damage my body.

I opened option bottle and directly threw into my mouth as Monster is coming and started circulating 1st move supreme combat exercise.

''Bang!" "thud…" "zhin!" all three monsters attacked me at the same time, two I defended with my s.h.i.+eld and sword but the third one sneakily attacks me at my waste.

"f.u.c.k!" I curse as a bone of the hip broke due to monsters sneak attack but that's not the worst thing.

The worst thing lightning in its paws has numbed me and now all three monsters are coming toward me.

"Go to h.e.l.l!" I shouted and increased the size of the s.h.i.+eld to the maximum without care of mana.

As I pour my man into it, its size started to increase and it only stopped increasing when monsters about to strike me.

"Bang!" "Thud thud thud!…." "Puh!" when all three monsters attacks crashed on my s.h.i.+eld, I have to take more than ten steps back and had to vomit blood and potion bottle which is in my mouth due to shock I received in my internal organs.

Besides some internal injuries, I got a pleasant surprise, that I unconsciously circulated second and third move of supreme combat exercise.

I got quite surprised seeing maximum size of s.h.i.+ed, it doubles the size me and can save me from all the attacks from one side.

I quickly changed the size of s.h.i.+eld back to normal as it was taking a s.h.i.+t load of mana to maintain its size.

''Growl! Growl growl!" Yellow lightning tigers a again attacking me again but this time I am prepared.

''Clank!" My sword clashed against the pawa of a yellow lightning tiger while dodged the attack of the second monster and used mine s.h.i.+ed to defend against the third.

Now that I saw the complete power of yellow lightning tigers, I can defend and attack them strategically.

These three tigers have very good teamwork and have power comparable to normal peak specialist evolves but after all they monstera with limited intelligence.

With correct strategy, I minimize my losses and maximize my offense, longer the fight is more advantage it will have for me.

I keep attacking and defending against the monsters, I did uninjured and broke few boned but it is not serious.

Soon the twenty minute over, now I can again use my skill.

'First tide!' I said in my mind as I attack the monsters, this time I have spitting headache in my mind as if someone hit my head with countless hammers.

I am using skill, circulating supreme combat exercise and operating my refinement engine simultaneously.

Last time when I used my skill, I only kept the refinement engine running and did not circulate the supreme combat exercise.

But this time I am doing that, I can feel the veins on my head are popping one by one due to strain.

''Slice! Slice!" This time my attack landed on the monster at the power of the first time, without wasting time, I use the second tide.

"Slice! Slice! Sluce!" this time I attack so strategically that monster dint had time to defend against my moves.

''Growl!" Monsters growled as I attack them one more time with skill, this my attack is only targeted at only one monster.

One yellow lightning tiger is heavily injured by my skill, next time when I will use my skill, I am sure I will be able to kill it.

Rhea and DeeDee are doing well, fight between Corporal level monster and rhea in a standstill, Rhea is to fast with her knight grade boots that monster is having a hard time catching her but she is also not able to injure the monster.

On the other hand, deedee and yellow lightning tiger she fighting are equally matched, both of them had injuries all over their body.

The only one free is Ashlyn, she is not going be much help in this fight. She is mutated grey spark sparrow, who is known to be one of weakest monsters.

She was able to contend against same level monster back home but in this realm, the monster is unusually strong that she is having difficulty injuring monsters the same levels as her.

I asked her to keep a lookout, to see any strong monster came toward us.

Time pa.s.sed on as we fight, I kept defending and attacking yellow lightning cats.

"Thud!" I finally killed the first yellow lightning tiger, now that one is dead, I will have a little easier time killing these two.

"ROOOOAR!" Seeing their king dead, they roared and attacked me in frenzy, already expending this, I defend against their frenzied attacks.

''f.u.c.k!" I cursed when I noticed unusual fluctuation and when I looked up I found, that corporal level monster is leveling up.

We have to run! This thought came to my mind, once it finished leveling up, it will easily able to kill us and we won't be able to run from our death.

I was about shout rhea to run when I sensed another fluctuation and this time it is coming from rhea.

That when I notice deedee is nowhere to be seen.

"f.u.c.k me!" I said as found rhea also is leveling up.

What a f.u.c.king Coincidence!