Monster Integration - Chapter 922 - Four Star Diamond I

Chapter 922 - Four Star Diamond I

Chapter 922 - Four Star Diamond I

As we entered the conference hall, I saw there were already nearly two hundred Platinum Elites sitting there.

The hall had the capacity of Five hundred people and seeing how quickly the hall was full, it wouldn't be long before the hall was completely filled with people and I was right in the next ten minutes, the hall was packed with people.

"I've never seen this many Platinum in a single place." My teammates said as he looked at the whole hall filled with the Platinum Elite. Their power is charging the whole atmosphere here.

It is like we are sitting on the powder keg, though there is nothing dangerous here; still, such numbers would make even strong-hearted little serious. Also, I am looking around calculating if something crazy happened then how great are my chances of getting out of this conference hall alive.

Though I know these thoughts are absurd and nothing will happen, as all the people here are calm and the atmosphere is charged due to their high power and not to forget we are in Adventurers Paradise.

There are many super powerhouses here which could immobilize us with a single thought; even if any traitor wants to activate the dangerous bomb and kill all of us, he won't be able to do that under that super powerhouses eyes.

Suddenly buzzing conference hall quieted down, and as the young man walked in, he came in quietly and sat on one of the seats on the front row, which were left unoccupied as they are reserved for the Adamantine and one young man that came was Adamantine.

One minute later another Adamantine came and then another, Adamantine kept coming one after another as we watched in absolute silence and by the time 6: 59 clocked in, there were twelve Amantines had entered the conference hall.

Tick Tick...

In the final few seconds, another adamantine came; we know it is women, not only because the aura she is releasing had femine ting in it but sounds her heels making, the cla.s.sing clicking sound could only be made by the women's shoes.

Soon a beautiful young woman walked into the conference room wearing five inches long heels. She had gorgeous violet colored hair and she is wearing a formal dress. She looked like she had not come here for the important meeting but to attend some Black Tie event.

But n.o.body dares to even comment on her even in their mind as all of them were s.h.i.+t scared of the aura she is releasing, which is very powerful. This aura had completely dawned on the auras of every other Adamantine that is sitting there.

She is a Peak Adamantine, but she is not the only one there are three Peak Admantines in the room, but her aura is exceptionally strong, strong to point all the Admantines felt ant compared to her.

It felt like she wouldn't have any problem absolutely crus.h.i.+ng those three Peak Adamantines with just her finger.

"Previously, according to our intel, we thought the Grimm Monsters were ama.s.sing a huge army which would go nearly twenty million in numbers to attack the Raven city, but it seemed like we were wrong, very wrong." She and a few projections popped up around her.

"The Grimm Monsters are surely ama.s.sing the Army, but it is smaller than we have through, a barely million in numbers but this Army is more than ten times stronger than the twenty million Army we were guessing," she said, when she said that her beautiful face has become quite serious.

"This the Army filled with Elites, where the weakest one is Silver Elite, if our estimation is right, then there would be at Nine Hundred Thousand Silver Elites, One hundred thousand Golden Golden Elites."

"We don't have an idea about the Limit Level, but I am sure their numbers would be far superior to ours." She said, hearing that the hearts of all of us shook.

We have a habit of fighting with inferior numbers against the Grimm Monster, but they are bringing Nine Hundred Thousand Silver Elite, and Hundred Thousand Golden Elites, and G.o.d knows many many powerhouses of the limit levels.

If it had been a Warzone, we would have been able to gather such numbers, but this Midzone. Still, it is a good thing it is Raven City they are attacking with such numbers, here we will be able to have adequate numbers to fight. If it were any normal city, there would have been no choice but to get razed.

"I hope you guys prepare with your all, in the next three days the Grimm Monsters will attack," she said before she dismissed the meeting and left the room.

"Looks like the fight will be more dangerous than we had expected," Elton said as we were walking toward our rooms, "This battle would not be like any other battle, don't be complacent during the battle and die." Said Elton as he looked at teammates who were walking behind him.

Repeated victories over missions could make one complacent; it is very important that during each battle we take a ground-level approach, as the complacency could take one's life, I've seen it happen.

"Micheal, I am going to Building in ten minutes, are you coming?" asked Elton, to which I shook my, "Sorry, I have to train," I said. I would have loved to go and comprehend, but there is so much for me, especially when the battle is looming over my head.

I have to increase my strength, and it is a good thing there are some potions that would help me very much with that, I thought as I entered my room.

The first thing I did was to wash all the dried sweat I had acc.u.mulated during my Rule comprehension in 6th later, where I bathed in sweat as I a.s.saulted with Fire and Ice Rule powers repeatedly.

After showering, I ate dinner with Ashlyn, which I had ordered when I was coming toward my room from the Conference Hall. The dinner was very good, the chefs of Adventures Paradice are even better than the Guild.

After I finished dinner, I went to the training Room with Ashlyn and started to take out lots of stuff, and the biggest of them all is the high-end Alchemical Table, which I bought at quite expensive prices.

In the past seven months, I may not have drunk any potions, but I have crafted lots of Potions for Ashlyn, and some potions were so difficult that everything had to be perfect for them.

So I brought this very expensive Alchemical Table, which made crafting potion a little easier, and this little easier part is very helpful in creating the successful potions as the Potions of the Limit Stages are very hard.

For the past few months, I had great practice crafting the Potions, but the potion I had crafted is for the Platinum Level, but now the potion I am going to craft for the Diamond level, which was going to be even more difficult.

I have enough material to bear a couple of failures, but not too much. I could not afford to fail eleven times like four months ago as not only the materials for the Diamond Level are very expensive, but I am in a Midzone where I could not get any Diamond level materials.

So I have to be very careful and focused during the crafting, failure to craft the potion would affect my strength and my performance in the upcoming battle, so I have to succeed in crafting the potion with the limited materials I have.