Monster Integration - Chapter 921 - Comprehending

Chapter 921 - Comprehending

Chapter 921 - Comprehending

Soon, I found a s.p.a.ce and started meditating on the Fire Rule. Ashlyn too, who was on my shoulder came flying in my lap but before she closed her eyes in the concentration.

It had been three months since I had reached Peak of the Basic Grade, but despite my and Ashlynn's efforts, we are not able to reach the absolute peak of it, there is still quite some comprehension needed for us to reach the Absolute Peak of Basic Grade.

As for taking my Sunfire to Level 1, I will have to work on that too, but before I could start, I have to experience how powerful the Level 1 Rules are. Ever since I had started to Practice, I had never experienced how powerful the Level 1 Rules are.

Only after getting an Idea about their power will I be able to comprehend it, otherwise it might take me a really long time to figure it out, which I don't have.

So, no matter how much suppression I have to face, I have to reach the 3rd Layer as on there, I will be able to experience the power of the Level 1 Rule.

As I meditated on the Fire Rule, I started to feel my comprehension is growing at a visible rate, and I began to understand what the fire is. It is an amazing feeling to meditate under such pure aura; it makes one get lost in it.

Time pa.s.sed, and before I knew it, four hours had pa.s.sed, and in these four hours, I had not only comprehended the Rule but also got used to the feeling enough that I now have enough confidence to move to the 5th layer.

Under the shocked gazes of the Guards, I had entered the 5th layer. Just as I did, I nearly stopped breathing; I had to give my all to breathe somehow; the pressure of the Rule power here is too great.

I felt like I am in a deathly cold pond and hot oil at the same time; the feeling is beyond that normal Diamond Elites would just scream and faint as the first breath.

It is no wonder they limited the Diamonds to the 7th layer; normal Diamonds won't be able to bear the pressure of the 6th and 5th laye, and below layers, it is f.u.c.k.i.n.g hard. I was able to do it due to having a habit of training myself torturously.

It took me more than ten minutes to adjust my breath enough that I could breathe slowly. My breathing speed is very slow, way slower than normal, but it is enough to fill my oxygen requirement and not make me faint.

Only after stabilizing my condition did I take a step toward finding a meditation spot for me. Like the 7th layer, the sixth layer also had people meditating, but they are only Admantines, as only Admantines are permitted in 6th and below layers. Platinums can come too, but they have to have a special pa.s.s like me.

Soon I found the spot and started meditating under such pressure, to be honest, it was quite hard to meditate under such pressure, but slowly but surely I was able to do that. As I fully concentrated on Rule power, the comprehension started to flow into me on its own.

Like I had said earlier, it is a wonderful feeling to comprehend the rule here. The fire Rule is filled with infinite possibilities; one just has to choose the possibility one likes.

While comprehending, I did not focus on one aspect only, I tried different ones, and not only I had tried the aspect of the Fire Rule, but I also tried the Aspect of the Ice Rule.

Both of the Rules are exactly opposite to each other, but they also work seamlessly. It is very helpful to get some comprehension from the opposite element of the element you are comprehending; it helps one understand one's own Rule to a better degree.


I was lost in comprehending the Rule power when my Holowatch vibrated heavily, shaking my whole arm, a feeling that opened my eyes with a sigh as it is time to go back.

There is an important meeting at 7 AM, which I have to attend. I really want to stay here and comprehend the Rule Power for longer as I am absolutely sure that it would not take me long to take the Sunfire Rule to the Absolute Peak of Basic Stage, and I might even have shot at upgrading my Rule to Level 1.

I slowly walked of my place as I am still breathing slowly, though my speed of breathing had increased quite a bit, it is still far off from the regular breathing, so it is better that I do not anything straining, even walking fast would create a short breath, and I might fall on the ground with the stopped breath.

As I exited the 5th layer, the pressure on me had lessened by far, and every function of my body returned to normal, feeling the pressure lessening. I felt like I had returned to real worth.

In the 5th layer, every action of mine had to be measured; the slightest exertion from me would have made me stop breathing.

The Ice and Fire Building is profitable, but once one got close enough, it became dangerous that one might even lose his life if one was not careful.

A few minutes later, I came out and immediately took the air as there are only twenty minutes till the meeting starts and I want to be as early as possible.

"Micheal." I heard my name, only to see Elton coming toward me with some of my teammates, "You must have gone to Ice and Fire Building, right?" Elton asked, "Yes." I replied truthfully.

"I too went there, and I have to tell you, I have made a quite big advancement in my Ice Rule." Elton, while feeling extremely happy, to that, I had just smiled and entered inside the conference with him and my teammates.