Monster Integration - Chapter 913 - Crossing Limits

Chapter 913 - Crossing Limits

Chapter 913 - Crossing Limits

I wanted to take this Armor out and test its true power, as my small Training Hall would not be enough, but I couldn't directly go out, I have to take permission to go out of the city.

I put up the request for the Guild to go out of the city in the morning; if nothing unexpected had happened, then I should get permission from the Guild by the morning.

The practices of the Method had been done, and after I have done training with my method outside, I will start making the potions which will make my strength rise by at least one star, that and with the power given to me by my Totem Artifact, I will barely have to fear anyone in Diamond Level.

With that thought, I summoned off the Armor and walked toward the shower before laying my bed to sleep; within seconds, I fell into the dreamless sleep.

When I woke, it was a little past nine. It was a little later than my usual time, but I had slept late, so it is not much surprising I spent late.

As I woke up, the first thing I did was to check my holowatch; I wanted to see the result of my request and get out as soon as possible, I couldn't wait to test the power of the methods which I had practiced yesterday.

"Those F.u.c.kers!"

I couldn't help but curse loudly, they have not only rejected my request to go out of the city, but they also did not provide any reason; they simply rejected it.

If it were any other Diamond in my place, they would not have dared to do that, as every Diamond Elite is precious to Guild but since I am such a messed up case, they can do whatever they want.

Calming down my anger, I tapped a few b.u.t.tons and booked a training s.p.a.ce, now that they rejected my request to go outside, I would have to use the tanning s.p.a.ce. Though they could not compare to the unlimited s.p.a.ce outside, they are pretty big and would be enough to let me test the limits of my method.

After booking a training s.p.a.ce, I started to do my morning routine and finished them as soon as possible so that I could go to the Training facility to train.


I had just finished breakfast and was about to change and go to the training facility when my holowatch buzzed and when I read the long doc.u.ments inside it, my face couldn't help but become red in anger.

"They have really crossed their limits." I mitered through the gritted teeth; the Guild sent me a letter of transfer. I am being transferred to the Diamond level team but not as the team leader but as an ordinary member.

This is the greatest shame for Diamond. Diamonds are given great respect as very few could become one in millions, which is why whoever reached the Diamond will be given the post of the Deacon and a team of Platinum to lead.

In the Diamond led team, there is usually one Diamond, if they need more Diamonds for the dangerous mission, they do the mission with another Diamond Team or request Diamond from the reserve Diamond forces which are the Diamonds which could not lead the team for one reason or another.

The Guild not only didn't give me the official posts I deserve and my own team to lead, but they also did not even keep me as the reserve; they directly made me a member of another Diamond team, a common member who does not have any designation or privilege.

I would have been fine if they kept me in reserve, those in reserve are the people that could not lead or disastrous leaders or chose not to lead on their own, I would have been fine with the reserve.

But no, they did not keep me as even the reserve Diamond had the post of Deacon. It looks like they are even unwilling to give me the post of the Deacon, that they just made me a common member of the Diamond team.

This will be humiliating for anyone but despite knowing that, they did that and the worst thing is I could not do anything about it, leaving the Guild is not a viable option, if they could suppress me so much in S Cla.s.s Guild then how much would they suppress me in smaller Guild.

So, all I could do is bear the humiliation and continue, continue till I reached the Adamantine as on reaching that level would I be able to do anything about my current circ.u.mstances.

I sat on the chair for a while before getting up with a sigh and going to my room to change. The plan of going to the training s.p.a.ce had been canceled, as I have to report to my new team in two hours and leave for a mission with them.


From the living room window, I jumped down and glided down till I landed on the hard ground, seeing I had enough time I did not take the Hovercar instead decided to walk toward it.

As I had just walked when I noticed the projection which stilled me for the moment before brough another sad smile on my face.

The registration for the Trojan Ruin had started, this topic had been quite trending for a few months as this Ruin is the most high profile Ruin of the continent, and it was going to open in a month.

I heard the rumors that they will open registration for the Ruin one month before it opened, and they put it out today means there is a month till they could connect with it and send people inside.

In the past seven month, there is one Ruin that has opened, though that Ruin was nothing compared to the Trojan Ruin; it was still a ruin which has the minimum requirement of Silver Elite.

Many of my friends entered Ruin and made tremendous progress. I also wanted to enter it but I could not. To enter inside, one needs to have a clean record and my record anything but clean.

The Trojan Ruin way more dangerous than Ruin, as this is the Ruin that Grimm Monsters most looked forward to because of the Blood Pools that formed there, it is an elixir for them, and these Bloodpools could make weaklings a powerhouse in the single night.

Regretfully those Blood Pools are useless to use humans to raise our strength; all we could do is store the essence of the blood pool in our storages or destroy it so no Grimm Monsters could benefit from it.

The Grimm Monster came in doves for this Ruin, their numbers are more than ten times more than us, but still, they are not the most dangerous thing of the Trojan Ruin, the most dangerous is the stray power of the super powerhouses that is lingering in that ruin.

That Ruin is a place where once a perilous battle being fought, the experts that fought the battle were so powerful that the aura of their attacks is still lingering on the battlefield.

This is why the minimum requirement to enter this Ruin is Golden Elite and only those Golden Elite, which Seven Star or above.