Monster Integration - Chapter 912 - Wolf Lords Armor II

Chapter 912 - Wolf Lords Armor II

Chapter 912 - Wolf Lords Armor II

After reading the method fully, I started to take out the materials which needed to Practice the 1st level of Wolf Lords Armor.

They all are rare and expensive materials; each one is priced sky-high. I had to pay a s.h.i.+t load of mana crystals. The crystals I paid were enough to fill the whole room; that is how much I had paid to her.

After taking out all the materials, I started to create using rare and precious materials.

As I was done with it, I began to draw the formation on the floor, I did not order the formation Mat, as the formation Mat would have taken two days to craft and I don't want to wait that long so that I could save an extra hour.

The Runic formation of the Phantom Method is quite complicated, more complicated than that of featherlight, which is why it took me an hour to draw it on the floor completely and another hour to double-check it for any mistakes.

After I became sure that the formation did not have a mistake, I sat on the center of the formation and started to draw the formation by myself, which took another hour and a half for double-checking.


On my chest is now a Symbol of the wolf that I had seen on the book page. I looked at it for a moment before I started the formation. I now have to be cautious as anything could happen.

An hour pa.s.sed without a problem, and finally, the Wolf Symbol finally appeared in my heart s.p.a.ce in between four feathers and Red Rose, and despite its low level, it did not get suppressed by two methods.

As it stabilized between the two methods, it buzzed, and I felt a very threatening feeling I might die as it started to form a connection with my source and the Refining Tower.

Unlike the other two methods, this method needs my elemental Ability and Mana. It needs to form connections with them, as it formed the connection it went bats.h.i.+t crazy, likely knowing I don't have a required Elemental const.i.tution.

The Wolf symbol started to have protrusions as if it is getting out of control, and if something could not be done soon, then it really might explode, which I don't want to happen, I don't have any wish to die at least this early.


Its reaction got more and more intense till it got into verge of exploding when suddenly the tower buzzed, and green rays flashed on it, just as it happened the wolf Symbol Calmed down and started to s.h.i.+ne.

It started to s.h.i.+ne; it began to suck mana from my Refinement Toward and copy my ability into it through the connection it formed through my source earlier, this process lasted for more than minutes.

After ten minutes, the process was over and the Wolf Symbol had stabilized completely.

The Wolf Symbol which was a two dimensional Symbol has become a three dimensional, and its color had also changed to silver, exactly the same silver color as my ability.

I wanted to try the Armor, but I did not, I did not even refine the energy instead I immediately started to make preparations for the 2nd Level of Wolf Lords Armor, only after practicing it will I try my new armor.

Four and half hours later, I looked at the new wolf Symbol, which is again acting bats.h.i.+t crazy, only this time its acting is injuring me quite seriously, but I am not worried as the tower will act soon.


Just as that thought came into my mind, the tower acted. Green light of the Tower flashed on the Symbol, and the next moment, it stabilized automatically before it started to take mana from the tower and copy my ability from my source.

Ten minutes later, it had completely stabilized, the wolf is still silver as before, but now it has become even more intricate, and the elegance and power it is emitting feels way more dangerous than the other two abilities combined.

But it is not over yet, the refinement of energies from the tower had remained. I took the energies toward the refinement while having zero hope that it will get refined.

The energies are too powerful; it will be a miracle if it gets refined, but to my surprise, a miracle had happened, and energy started to get refined, and it is refining way too smoothly.

I was quite dumbstruck seeing that; as I've said, the energy is too strong to get refined under the tower, but I thought about I soon found the reason behind its smooth refinement.

It is me or rather my mana and source which influenced its Mystic energy which made it compatible with me. It is because of this Mystic Energy being compatible with me, I can refine it smoothly despite its high level.

Within forty minutes, I was able to refine all the energy of the Wolf Lords Armor, and now it's time to take a look at how the Wolf Lords Armor Looked on me.

I stood up from the formation and tapped a few b.u.t.tons on my holowatch as I did that, the walls of my training rooms turned into a mirror. Nodding in satisfaction, I summoned the Wolf Lord's Armor.

As I did that, silver energy melted metal came out of my body and spread all over it, every inch of my clothes that within it covered me fully and transformed into Wolfs Lord Armor.


I couldn't help but exclaimed when I saw myself in Armor. The Armor is completely Silver with intricate Black Runes cover important parts of the Armor. The energy it is made of is not tangible but solid. One would feel sold when one touched it.

The Armor Elegant but ferocious, it had completely covered my body, including my head, there is no part of my body which is visible through it, once I wore the armor even familiar people won't be able to know it is me.

I looked at every part of Armor; it had completely hugged my body. It's a slim type Armor, which could help the wearer burst in full power without any obstruction, whoever designed this armor must have aesthetic for the beautiful things which are quite rare in Grimm Monsters.

Only some Grimm Monsters tribes like Foxmen Tribe and Swanmen tribe like things beautiful.

Finally, I looked at the Mask/Helmet which had the wolf design, if anyone looked at the Armor they would instantly get attracted by it like I had when I had seen the traitor summoning this Armor first, the wolf looks simply too amazing especially at Level 2 where it became even more intricate.

The appearance of the Tower is not the only amazing thing about the Armor, its power is even more amazing, and wearing I understood what people desire the Phantom Method so much.

This Armor had not only to enhance my senses, Defense, Strength, and Speed but it also increased the potency of my elemental attacks, every elemental attack launched through it will receive a special boost.