Monster Integration - Chapter 897 - Traitor

Chapter 897 - Traitor

Chapter 897 - Traitor

Yes, A Traitor.

Everybody was stunned by this realization, not only humans but also the Red lizardmen, but their mood is exactly opposite to us.

There is a look of unbelievability in our eyes and also shock and rage that we have a traitor among ourselves. In the past seven months, as the mission started to get tougher, I began to get in contact with stronger people, which gave me a more clear idea about the traitors.

Not to forget I have done many missions where we have to nab the traitors, though I have not directly partic.i.p.ated it, I've seen them battle and knew how dangerous these people which is why just as I had heard that sentence from the mouth of Grimm Monster, I took out my Totem without hesitation.

"Kill these traitors of Man tribe and let have a chance to be born in the Sacred Tribes again." "Today, we will feast on their traitorous flesh and accept their since in next life they will become reborn in the Sacred Tribes." said our traitorous former team leader as it directed the Red lizardmen and turned its eyes to me.

"My friend, accept death and in the next life become a true member of Sacred Tribe, there is nothing more glorious than that." He said in a calm voice; its eyes do not hold cruelty and craziness it had before, now they tranquil as the lake without the slightest ripple.

'Fanatic, a completely brainwashed fanatic!'

I had heard these traitors are complete fanatics; I heard about their complete fanaticism, but this is my first time seeing such fanaticism, and it left me completely shocked.

I had been advised many many times that not to talk to the traitors as they are beyond saving; at that time, I did not believe, but seeing the expression of the traitor, I became completely sure they are right; these brainwashed fanatics are really beyond saving.


I spat, hearing those tranquil expressions of his changed again and a cruel and bloodthirsty look appeared on its eyes and that combined with its bald head, he looked like a demon, more demonic than the Grimm Monsters.

"I've been forbidden from consuming traitors' flesh until my mission is complete, now that it has completed, your flesh would be the first human flesh I will consume." It said with a cruel smile and the next moment it attacked.

Its attack was so fast that it felt like completely invisible, normal Golden Elites just could not see through its attack at all but not me, I could see its attack very clearly.


Its sword tore through the air and slashed through me, seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on its face, but next moment its expression had changed as it found that the one its sword had slash through was not a real me but my afterimage.

It shocked him but it had no time to delve on that shock as it got a feeling of extreme danger, it quickly looked back and saw the detestable human had appeared behind him and now he swung his sword at him at a very swift speed.

Seeing that rage erupted its heart and it used all its power to swing back at that detestable human's sword, the earlier attack of it was just casual attack intent squis.h.i.+ng the ant, but now that ant had shown the fang, it will show the ant the real power of the Platinum.

It swung his sword at me and this time the speed is much much faster, I know that bald traitor is using its real strength right now and I would have to give my all as I am dealing with Platinum Elite, not some simple Golden Elite.

Seeing it is time to get serious, I let madness descend, and as it, everything turned into red, except for red, there is no other color in front of me.

The past seven months, I got quite apt controlling this madness now I could activate and deactivate at a moment's notice. The mad state had become even more powerful than it was seven months ago as my killing Rule had received a huge advance, which made my senses even stronger.

As the madness descended, I flashed out again. I may have gained superior speed due to the refined Featherlight Energy, but my physical strength remained the same, so if I directly clashed my sword against them, I would fly away like a ragged doll to never get up again.

It is Platinum Elite I am against, there is a vast difference in Physical strength between us, a slight touch of it could break me like gla.s.s, so I have to be mindful to never clashed against directly, doing that would be suicide for me.


I flashed away before its sword could touch me and appeared on the other side just as I did; I let out deep break and break though dark black sand, which is covered with violet energy as it speedily moved toward the Traitor.

Seeing my attack, an abrupt change appeared on his bald face, he immediately retracted his sword and flashed away before the sand sound touched it.

"You have hidden too deeply; those idiots think you are just Golden Elite, who is fame loading on his amazing monster, but no, you are just as dangerous as that wretched bird of yours." Traitor said with the apparent shock on his face.

Not only he but others too seemed very shocked seeing it, I am not a Platinum but is fighting against the Platinum, there are very few people who could do this, even Warzone there are one or two people possessing this capability.

"Why don't you join us in the Glorious Grimm Race, the humans had been oppressing you, convicting you as a criminal despite not being one.

The humans are filled with greed, envy, and deceit. Join us, and I promise you we will be treated fairly an" his face became calm again, and it started to preach in a calm voice, but I have enough of that.

Getting tired of its bulls.h.i.+t, I directly disappeared from my spot, appeared behind him, and swung my sword at his neck, he immediately realized my attack and swung its sword to block it, seeing that I again disappeared and attacked from another spot while breaking out another attack of Black Sand.

Zup Zup Zup Zup...

I kept appearing disappearing from every side of it, searching for the perfect spot to attack but it is not easy, this is Platinum I am dealing with is very powerful, a slight mistake on my part could directly send me to the underworld.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!:"

I blinked hundreds of times in minutes, and all he could do was shout in anger as it was not able to catch me.


I again appeared behind him after avoiding his attack and breathed out Black Sand, but this time Black Sand was ten times in quant.i.ty and five times faster than previous attacks.


Seeing that look of horror appeared on its face as it tried to dodge it, but it was too late for it as a quarter of the sand had spread on its body and it screamed, it screamed so loudly that its scream had stopped the battle in Sphear.

The effect of Black Sand started to appear on his body, as the horrendous blisters appeared all over him, making him look terrifying.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d you have really infuriated me, now if I did not torture you till you regret being born then my name wouldn't be Dene," he shouted loudly and soon, and an Icy Blue armor started to appear on his body.

Seeing its Armor horror crept on my face as what he had activated is no normal Armor but extremely rare and powerful 'Phantom Method'.