Monster Integration - Chapter 896 - Hestsbe Uruge Ziarmo

Chapter 896 - Hestsbe Uruge Ziarmo

Chapter 896 - Hestsbe Uruge Ziarmo

We maintained the distance of the 10 KM from the asterisk as going closer would increase the chances of us getting caught even more, according to the plan the eight teams will keep a distance of 10 to 15 from the Camp while the main team attacks.

It had been half an hour since we had reached our spot and were waiting for a signal from the Mission leader. Though Ashlynn's view, I know Mission Leader slowly moving toward the central Asterisk to destroy the formation.

Her movements are exceptionally smooth, and nimble and stealth skills are even more amazing as the Grimm Monsters that was a meter away from her could not notice her.

Her speed is also extremely fast that when I looked through Ashlyn's vision, I felt she was teleporting from one spot to another.

Finally, she reached the central Sphere of the Asterisk and placed a tiny drill on it, which made a small gap appear on the forcefield, which was enough for her to get inside.


Three minutes later, even at ten kilometers distance, we heard the loud the bang, it is like some big explosion happened in the distance, it did happen. The Mission leader had destroyed the formation in the worst way.

Sup Sup Sup…

As the explosion happened, the team leader flew from his spot without the word, and we followed right behind him. Our speed is so high that eighty peak Golden Elites were barely able to keep up with our speed.

On our way toward the Asterisk, we came across the many patrols, but my knives killed all of them. The team leader seems to have given the responsibility of killing these small fries to us.

As we move speedily, so is my hands, I did not give anyone an opportunity to attack as the knives released from my hand would kill these Grimm Monsters before my teammates could even lift their hands.

As I had just finished killing the Grimm Monsters, I found Team Leader eyes on me, which had strange emotions hidden in them. I looked at him, and he looked away before increasing his speed slightly, which made the peak Golden Elites to give their all.

When we crossed the five-kilometer distance, we came across the first camouflage layer; we crossed it before even stopping for a moment as we were already aware that it is a camouflage layer.

After pa.s.sing the first camouflage layer, we pa.s.sed the second one a kilometer later and third one kilometer after that before we came across the Asterisk, and I have to say huge.

The eight spheres are twice the size of normal camps, and the central Spear is the size of The Station, this garrison is the biggest garrison Ive ever seen, 30% bigger than the Asterisk I've attacked before.

The shape of the Garrison is not because it looked good but because of the necessity. There is great tribalism among the various tribes of the Grimm Monsters that they could not bear to share the s.p.a.ce.

So they create such a camp so that each tribe could get its own s.p.a.ce, this Garrison has eight asterisks points means there are eight different tribes of Grimm Monsters in this garrison.

As for the central, it is where people of all eight tribes are present, and so is the teleportation gate. Only the central sphere has the Teleportation Gate; the other eight points did not, as no other tribe trust another have the teleportation Gate to bring out more numbers privately and suppress others.

I could see many teams entering their a.s.signed asterisk one after another, Ashlyn to had entered the central asterisk and already busy killing any Platinum Elite that came in her way.

Like others, we also moved toward the Sphere that was a.s.signed to use, and as we reached it, the team leader placed drill on the forcefield, and next moment, the door gap started to open, some White Lizardmen noticed and came toward us with their axes but I killed all of them.

The Red lizardmen are one of the most p.r.o.nounced fire elementals Grimm Monsters in the continent, their fire very powerful, and when they use their fire type offensive method are destructive.

They have an average height of six meters with lava-like scales covering their bodies, which provide their strong defense, but they all have a weakness that all the beings have, and that is their eyes, and that is what I am counting on to kill them.

One by one, we are going inside while killing Red lizardmen that came at us, while our team leader did not do anything, just looked around, likely searching for the Platinum Elite that is responsible for this Sphear.

In the Sphear, I've become a war G.o.d, throwing tens of knives every second that no Red lizardmen could dodge. Seven months are enough to perfect any art, and I am who started to throw knives with much training have become an expert.

In these seven months, I've not only trained with knives to get perfection, I even took day from the expert paying the exorbitant price, and that price was worth it; the things I've learned in ten days helped to perfect my knife throwing even more.

It had been more than two months since I had missed any target with knives and now missing it became even more impossible with my Featherlight Method going through the 4th-floor refinement of the Refinement Tower.

There are more Grimm Monsters than I had expected, I had expected there to be ten thousand Grimm Monsters at most, but there are about twenty thousand, which is double than I estimated.

But we are not afraid, just within these four minutes we have killed more than four thousands of these Red lizardmen, the members of Elite Brigade is performing good and as for the members of Excelsior Division they have become the Gra.s.s Mowers, and these Red lizardmen are gra.s.s, we are just kept cutting them.

But the weird thing is there is no Platinum Red lizardman had come out yet, every Sphere should have at least one Platinum Elite guarding but we found none ours.


We were just killing the Grimm Monsters when suddenly a very high pitch deafening sound rang out, it was so sharp that it started to ring ears of people deaf.

As I heard this high pitched noise, a feeling of extreme forbearance rose through my mind; I started to feel something very bad was about to happen, so bad that I might really lose my life.

'Chew Chew'

I just thought that when I heard Ashlynn's chirp in my mind and the next moment, I saw the visual that Ashlyn sends me through our link.

In Central Sphere suddenly over fifty Platinum Red lizardmen Appeared out of nowhere, each of these Platinum Red lizardmen emitting an extraordinary aura which clearly means they are above normal Platinums.

Seeing that horror dawned on the human platinum, but this just started when behind fifty-some Platinum came five Diamonds, seeing Clara's face became pale as she was already facing two Diamond Red lizardmen and now this five coming, her life had also come in danger.

"Hestsbe Uruge Ziarmo!"

I was just watching the scene which Ashlyn sent me through our link when I suddenly heard something 'Forbidden' and the one who said it is our team leader, hearing that extreme horror dawn on the face of me and other Excelsiors as we what our leader said meant.

Hestsbe Uruge Ziarmo means 'Glory To The Grimm Race' in the common tongue, and our team leader said it means he is a Traitor.