Monster Integration - Chapter 872 - Freezing Cold

Chapter 872 - Freezing Cold

Chapter 872 - Freezing Cold

It has been sixteen days since my mission started and now I am moving toward Station 3. I have perfectly gathered information on the two Stations which I had spied on, and now I just have to collect information on two more before my mission completes.

I am quite excited about this Station 3 as just as I finished gathering intelligence on it, I will leave for the Garden. I am now an Eight Star Golden Elite with such strength I am quite confident in getting the Emerald Kiwis.

Once I got the Kiwis, my strength will surely soar even more, and at that time, my strength will only be weaker than the Platinum Elites. So, how can I not be excited about the prospect of getting such strength?

Station 3 is in the regular forest, the trees here are neither thin nor thick, which made this mission quite hard, but I am sure I will be able to do it. The experience I got from the past two Station, the gathering of intelligence here, would be easy as pie.

It was not as easy as Pie as I thought it would be, these Rock Ratmen had extremely sharp senses; I was nearly discovered by them. Thank G.o.d, I did not, as if I had got discovered by them, I would have ended up in the worst condition than dead.

In their camp, I've seen how they eat humans, and I don't want to end up like a humans that has been eaten. The reason I was nearly discovered was also that, seeing their eating habits, I wasn't able to control my emotions and my killing intent leak.

It was a good thing;I quickly controlled my emotions and changed my place in the cover of a starless night.

"Ready Ashlyn?" I asked Ashlyn, who just came when I finished gathering information and coming back. I had asked Ashlyn to come inside me to sleep as I will need her to be at her peak when we travel toward the Garden.

Chew Chew...

Ashlyn chirped happily in the affirmation; she had gotten good sleep of six, which is enough for her.

Ashlyn landed on the ground and started to change her size, and soon, she became a two-meter bird. This size is perfect for her travel; it is neither big nor small; it is perfect for our travel.

Chew Chew….

I sat on the fire seat that Ashlyn had created, and before long, we shot through the sky. It's early morning right now, and I hope we can reach the Garden by tomorrow afternoon.

This is my best estimate, and it only happens when we did not encounter any stronger resistance.

I hope we do not, but nothing could be said about it. If our luck is extremely bad and we caught the eyes of the Platinum Elite, then there is a quiet chance of me dying.

This trip is risky, as there is not only danger from the stronger Grimm Monster, but there is also danger from the Guild.

If I discovered moving off track from my mission, then I would be in a s.h.i.+t load of trouble, and seeing how powerful forces are conspiring against me, I might even get a deserter tag, which would be a great shame of my life and a thing that is worse than death.

But I have to take the risk if I want to increase my strength, without taking such risks, I would not gain strength. So whether I wanted to or not, I will have to take this risk as it will help me increase my strength quickly.

I have taken all precautions I could; I wore a bodysuit, which makes it impossible to determine my ability. I had even put an anti tracker on my holowatch, so the Guild could not track me, and we are also flying at very high alt.i.tudes that even Golden Elites did not fly as temperature here is cold enough to freeze the Blood of the Golden Elite.

It is f.u.c.k.i.n.g cold in here, the higher one goes the colder it will get. I did not want to fly this high, but there is no option, only flying at such height will help us fly undiscovered.

We are lying above the territory of the Grimm Monsters, were not to forget thousands of Camps, but there are also many Stations, which made the probability of powerful monsters quite high.

With us flying at such a high alt.i.tude, the chances of us quite reduced, for safety flying in such freezing temperatures is quite a good deal. I am lucky to have Ashlyn. If it had been any other flying monster of a similar level, they would not be able to fly.

Not every monster feels enjoyment and has the capability to fly this high, only someone special like Ashlyn could do something like this.

Seven hours pa.s.sed by as such and till now we have not been discovered by anyone, we just have to fly for a few hours more, and there will be evening, at which chances of us getting discovered would become even slimmer and by the time night pa.s.sed, we would be in human territory. At that time chances of us getting discovered will be next to none.

Chew Chew

Another hour pa.s.sed, and nothing when suddenly, Ashlyn told me that we had been discovered and a team of Six Nine Star Golden Elite coming toward us. A second after she told me Grimm Monsters are coming toward us, I also noticed Grimm Monsters coming toward me.

Sup Sup Sup...

I was about to ask Ashlyn, it is time to use the featherlight energy to get away when I saw Ashlyn releasing six fireb.a.l.l.s in quick success toward the fireball. The speed of these fireb.a.l.l.s was so great that I am barely able to see them.

Sensing the threatening feeling and seeing their speed, I immediately knew that she had released fireb.a.l.l.s that have the energy of both Mystic Methods, and I am not the only one who realized their danger.


The leader of snow werewolves also realized it and opened its mouth to warn its companions, but before it could say the complete warning, the fireball crashed on it and seeped into its head, just like its companion.

A second later, all the s.h.i.+ne in the eyes of the Snow Werewolves had disappeared, and they started falling on the ground while we continued without stopping.

To be honest, I am quite surprised by her power, to be able to kill Nine Star Golden Elite with such ease. To kill these snow werewolves Ashlyn had used simple fireb.a.l.l.s, she only added some method energy in them.

If she had been serious about the Grimm Monsters and used her real fireb.a.l.l.s, these Grimm Monsters would have turned into dust by her attacks.

Till the evening, we did not receive any obstruction in our travel, and when the evening came, the travel became even easier and even colder, but I did not mind the cold when I think about how quickly we will reach The Garden.

Ashlyn's speed was even greater than I had estimated, she only 22 hours to hours to take us to the Garden which is twelve hours before my estimated time.