Monster Integration - Chapter 871 - Gathering Intelligence III

Chapter 871 - Gathering Intelligence III

Chapter 871 - Gathering Intelligence III

By the time dawn came, I had come out of the most dangerous, heavily patrolled area. Now the danger of me being discovered had lessened quite much, though there are patrols they are not much threat to me.

I did not return to the camp directly as it is not time yet, such a mission usually takes three to five days to complete, but it had been only one and a half days to complete.

Though I have gathered more information than it is required, I will be suspected of providing false information and will be interrogated. To save myself from all these troubles, I decided to camp out for two to three days before leaving for the Hidden Camp.

This forest is filled with Giant Trees; some big ones have a trunk that is bigger than the house. Such trees are perfect for making a camp, but I am not making camp inside such trees.

The Grimm Monsters keep a special eye on those, though my travel. I have seen Grimm Monsters always checking such trees. So I chose the average size, which has a trunk in the size of the room.

Such trees are everywhere in the forest, and since they are everywhere, the patrols of the Grimm Monsters did not focus on them. After deciding on a tree, I searched for a location, which had not to be too hidden or too open.

It took me half an hour to find such a location, after finding the location I chose the tree and took out a palm-size device which looked like a bug. I placed that device on the tree, and the next moment, It went inside the tree.


A few seconds later, I started to hear the faint buzzing sounds from inside the tree. This is one of Gadget I got from the Guild. It is called 'Tree Bug' and it is used to hollow out the tree trunk.

In areas like the rainforest when powerful Grimm Monsters patrols, it is not wise to erect an abode as it is easily discoverable, even if it is an underground one but the usage of the tree or any other natural is good as they help in blending in the environment.

Three minutes later, the tree bug came out, I picked it up and placed it in my storage before taking out the green box and throwing it in the hole that 'Tree Bug' had created.

That Green Box is a special abode for the tree. Normal abodes are not suited for the trees. For such a small s.p.a.ce, one needs a special abode that will be able to utilize all s.p.a.ce that is present in the trees.


A minute later, a faint sound rang out, and the next moment, a small door opened from the tree. Seeing that, I directly walked in. The door closed behind me, and a gust of hot wind came rus.h.i.+ng over me, drying up all the water I had on me.

As I dried up, I looked around and found its structure is completely different from the other abodes. It circular two-story abode, on the first floor there is a bedroom attached kitchen and bathroom while on the second floor is the whole training room.

I could change the structures of the room, make the kitchen bigger and a training room that is above my bedroom but it is fine, I did not have any problem with the current set up.

The first thing I did after checking everything was take off my clothes, including the bodysuit I was wearing before going for a shower. It had been three days since I hadn't taken a shower and that it had started to make me feel weird.

After coming out of the shower, I started to cook. I am feeling quite sleepy as it had been two nights since I had closed my eyes to sleep, but also I am hungry and want to eat food made by my own hands, and there is also ashlyn who had got tired of eating packaged food and wanted me to cook something.

It took me thirty-five minutes for me to cook the simple meal, and another twenty-five for us completely finished it off. After eating the early lunch, I went to sleep while Ashlyn went out to guard.

It is very important to always be cautious in such an environment. One never knows when the thousands of Grimm Monsters would surround one.

I slept from morning to evening, after waking up, I started to cook again, which Ashlyn ate before she went to sleep while I took a book and began to read. It is not the usual reading material.

It is one of a famous book that is currently trending right now, I wanted to read it for quite a few days, but I had never got time, but now that I have got it, I will not miss a chance to read it.

As for training, forget about that. In such a dangerous environment. I did not want to make myself defensive for even for a moment, so that is no training.

Laying on the couch I had modeled, I started to read it while I was reading it. My senses had covered the area around the tree, to detect any danger that came in my way.

Two and half days pa.s.sed as such, and in these past two and a half days, it was peaceful as no Grimm Monsters had discovered us.

I was lucky enough to finish off the book on time and while also able to collect even more information about The Station as Ashlyn had circled the Station twice a day.

I walked out of the tree and took the abode that is deactivated. I threw a small bottle of green liquid inside before walking toward my destination.

The bug had cut off quite a big part of the tree, and if I had let it as it is, there would have been quite a chance it would wither, and that would alert the Grimm Monsters of human activities which is not to happen.

If Grimm Monsters discover their Station has been discovered, they will change the position of their Station and carefully scan the area where the human activities were seen. That way, they might discover the teleportation point; it will be disastrous.

Such things had happened many times, which is why the scouts that went to gather the information have always been cautioned not to leave any traces. For it to not happen, the Guild provides various gadgets to make intelligence gathering missions successful.

The small bottle I threw in the three was a regeneration solution specifically made for the tree. It worked very fast; in just a few hours, it will fill the gap that 'Tree Bug' had made, and it will become good as before, showing no damage.

From the treehouse, it took me four hours to reach the Teleportation point when I reached there. The treatment was completely different than before. All the cannons were focused on me, and my whole body and storage were being scanned by various devices.

Only when all the checkups were complete, I was allowed to enter the Teleportation Gate when I reached the other side, I had to go through even more stringent checks than before.