Monster Integration - Chapter 857 - Battle III

Chapter 857 - Battle III

Chapter 857 - Battle III

After I finished with Six Nine Star Golden Elite Fire Horn Lionmen, another group of them and it was bigger, and after that, it was another which was bigger than previous.

More and more monsters kept coming, and I kept killing them. Killing at least ten Fire Horn Lionmen every minute, and that is my lowest count.

With time the numbers of Fire Horn Lionmen kept increasing instead of increasing, but I kept fighting with Grimm Monsters. My experience also grew, and so is my grip over my strength.

Due to sudden increase in power, I first had a little problem controlling it perfectly, but within five minutes of the constant fight of life and death.

The fighting is going on every corner of the Station, and each human is fighting against at least twenty Fire Horn Lionmen.

Still, humans are doing very well. In these past twenty minutes, I had seen only one human get squished by the Warhammer of the Fire Horn Lionmen. Seeing so many Grimm Monsters, the fighting spirit inside the humans lighted brightly.

Every human is fighting against Grimm Monsters with everything they have, even using most shameful strategies. They did not seem to care about anything except for killing Grimm Monsters.

Though we are killing the Fire Horn Lionmen, pressure on us keeps increasing as more and more Grimm Monsters keep coming from G.o.d knows where and that is starting to pressure us even more.

But there is nothing we could do about except for fight, fight with every ounce of energy we have, I am doing the same.

I have now been besieged by the group of twenty-Two Nine Star Golden Elites, and they are launching attacks at me from every angle, not giving me ever sight a chance to attack.

Despite getting besieged by such powerful Grimm Monsters, there is mad weirdness on my face, which gets bigger with pressure I feel and right now it is quite bright, so one could just imagine how much pressure I am feeling right now.

My smile seemed to irritate the Grimm Monsters quite a bit through, not only Fire Horn Lionmen, but other Grimm Monsters I fought seemed to get irritated by this smile and attacked me with even more rage.

Time pa.s.sed, and in a few minutes, I was successfully able to wipe off that twenty Nine Star Golden Elite, but a few seconds later, I got besieged by another group of Fire Horn Lionmen, which is slightly bigger than the previous.

I continue to fight it, and while fighting, I will also catch a glimpse of the battlefield, though I could see them fight through my senses. My senses have a limited range, they could not show me everything like what is happening in the second dome.

There is an intense fight of Platinums going on there but I could not see anything except for hearing thunderous sounds that are m.u.f.fled by the forcefield. To be honest, I really want to see what is going on there.

I feel like the real essence of the mission is that we are just here to deal with ants that are a little troublesome for Platinums.

Time pa.s.sed by, and in just half an hour, we had killed more than twenty thousand Fire Horn Lionmen. Their bodies could be seen everywhere in the battlefield, but still, there are more alive bodies and the dead ones.

By my estimate, this Station should have around Sixty Thousand to Seventy Thousand Fire Horn Lionmen, which is far more than a Station should have.

The Station of The Grimm Monster has a maximum of fifty thousand Grimm Monsters, so places should be counted as tiny Garrison.

Only Garrison has more than fifty thousand Grimm Monsters in it. I had not expected The Station we are fighting in is the Garrison. Well, if we survived, then the points we would get completing this mission would be far more than I had imagined at first.


I was dreaming about the points while killing the Nine Star Golden Elites when I suddenly sensed a powerful aura rising and very close to me. It is quite powerful that it made me and the Fire Horn Lionmen I am fighting to shudder a little.


I exclaimed in my mind, this aura could only be of platinum, and looking at the flavor of it, it is clear from the human.

Sensing the aura of Platinum, I quickly locked my senses on that person, but when I looked at the person who became, I am quite surprised as I am familiar with this person.

Team Leader!

Yes, our team leader had made the breakthrough to the Platinum amidst the battle. This such luck. It is very hard to become Platinum, but the team leader had become one, and she became in contact.

As her aura stabilized, her hands turned blurry and golden lines started to shoot front the team leader blow. The golden lines were so fast that I was barely able to catch the blurry silhouette of them.

Puch Puch Puch….

The golden lines started to fall on the Fire Horn Lionmen, and just as the golden touched them, they would get stilled before falling to the ground, one after another Fire Horn Lionmen started to fall on the ground.

The team leader killed hundreds of Fire Horn Lionmen per minute and within a few minutes. She had wiped out all the Grimm Monsters in our immediate range, including the ones I am fighting.

In less than five minutes, she had wiped more than a thousand Grimm Monsters. This is the power of the Platinum, and seeing her display such amazing prowess, my thirst for becoming Platinum became greater.

I thought the team leader would continue killing Grimm Monster in the outer dome, but after finis.h.i.+ng with her killing spree, she shot toward the inner dome.

After she went to the inner dome, we had half-minute of rest for a half minute. No Grimm Monsters attacked before we were once again surrounded by them and started to fight against them in tooth and nail.

Two hours pa.s.sed since the battle started, and we have killed more seventy thousand Grimm Monsters, but there is still a large number of Grimm Monsters on the field.

Seeing their numbers, everyone on the battlefield is sure that there is an activated Teleportation Gate in the inner dome. Unless it is destroyed, the Grimm Monsters will keep coming.

But we could not destroy it. The teleportation gate is in the inner dome, and Platinum inside it could destroy it.

I hope they do soon as fighting immense number of Grimm Monsters bearing down huge loads on us. If it continues for a few hours, then there wouldn't be any humans remaining alive to fight against these Grimm Monsters.

I continued fighting, and over time, my attacks have become more maddening, and with it, my efficiency in the killing. My killing became so swift that, I only needed a minute to wipe out a big team of Nine Star Golden Elite.


I cut off the neck of last Fire Horn Lionmen of the group that I had been fighting and about to go search for another group of Grimm Monster when I suddenly saw something which made my eyes needle-sharp and even my madness inside me completely calmed for a moment before bursting over with even stronger emotions.