Monster Integration - Chapter 856 - Battle II

Chapter 856 - Battle II

Chapter 856 - Battle II

In the three days I had been home, I had ordered hundreds of types of knives and practiced with them. Though my main knife is still Kunai as it has a perfect weight and perfect length that suits me, it is not perfect for all occasions.

Like just now, with speedy's speed, it would have been able to avoid the Kunai if I had thrown at them, but the tiny needle knife in is quite discrete and had a small size, which helped me nail the tough opponent like Speedy.

Sup Sup Sup…

"It is your turn now!" I said to another Nine Star Star Golden Elite Fire Horn Lionmen, who is currently attacking me with its huge hammer. I let the hammer get close to me before I threw several knives at it.

Seeing the knives coming at it at such fast speed, it got alarmed as it had seen how easily these knives had killed its friend and which is why just as it saw knives coming at me, it had made the gigantic s.h.i.+eld appear in front of it.

The s.h.i.+eld was really huge; it had completely covered its Seven and a half meter body.

This Fire Horn Lionmen is smart, I had thrown knives aimed at each part of its body, and since it did not have speed type skill, it is very difficult for it to dodge the attacks, so it directly takes the huge s.h.i.+eld.

But regretfully, it had made the mistake, it should have taken the chances with the knives, and with such a s.h.i.+eld, it completely blocked its vision, and I could deceive its senses with the help of the killing rule.

Clang Clang Clang...

So, just as the s.h.i.+eld appeared, I took a quite bit of Featherlight energy and took a jump. As the knives collided against the s.h.i.+eld creating deafening metallic sound, I brought down the sword from above.


My attack was so fast that it did not have to lift its Warhammer to defend before it was cut into two by my sword. It is a perfectly clean-cut, that not even a drop of liquid was able to fall off from the body as everything is cauterized.

Thud Thud!

As the two halves of the body fell on the ground, I looked at my sword, which had its corners glowing red. Just now, when I cut the Fire Horn Lionmen two, I felt slight resistance.

Since I activated the enchantment in my Toten Artifact, I have never felt any resistance when I am cutting through anything. Still, this time when my sword cut through the flesh of the Nine Star Golden Elite Fire Horn Lionmen, my sword felt slight resistance.

It looks like Nine Star Golden Elite is the current limit of my sword, and if I want the smooth cutting power as before, I will have to increase the power of my Totem Artifacts enchantment, which is easier said than done.

There are only two ways from which I could boost the power of enchantment: one is to upgrade my ability, and the other is upgrade my Rule power; both of the options seemed quite far for the current me.

It had just been three two seconds since I had killed them when I saw another group of Fire Horn Lionmen coming toward me speedily.

The weird smile on my face got brighter seeing there are Six Fire Horn Lionmen that are coming toward me, and all of them are Nine Star Golden Elites.

The two Nine Star Golden Elite I had killed were already quite difficult to kill, and now six others came on top of it.

It would have been fine if these Nine Star Golden Elite were normal, but these are battle-hardened, stronger than normal Nine Star Golden Elite I have come across till now.


I did not wait for them to come at me; instead, I went toward them while throwing a few knives toward my teammates and other humans who are in danger, and like always, all of the knives. .h.i.t on their target.


The faces of the Fire Horn Lionmen who were quite surprised seeing me coming at them got angry, seeing me killing others while coming at them.

They are quite mad, not because I killed a low-level Fire Horn Lionmen in front of their eyes but because I killed them in front of their eyes, their pride hurt seeing I am not giving them the respect they deserve.

Zap Sup Sup Zap…

This is why of the six Fire Horn Lionmen, four of them launched an attack at me, and their attack is not a normal attack but a method attack that could directly kill me if it hit.


Seeing their attack coming at me, I laughed madly and took more featherlight energy as I leaped into their attacks, which shocked the h.e.l.l out of them. As this is clear insanity.

No one here would dare to jump between the method attack of Nine Star Golden Elite. They are Peak of Golden Elite, and their attacks are incomparable, even eight-star elite could say to be an ant in front of them, that is how powerful they are, and I am jumping between their attacks, it is clearly a suicide.

No matter how many times I had done this before, I wouldn't have dared to do that even in my madness if I had not had the confidence.

Earlier in conscious s.p.a.ce, I ran numerous stimulation and found the perfect way to pa.s.s through them; it is because of them, I had the confidence to take such a dangerous leap into their attacks.

As I was leaping through the attack, I four-needle knives came into my hands and went toward the Nine Star Golden Elites. I only attacked them as they are the only ones that are most shocked about my leap into their attacks.

Puchi Puchi Puchi Clang!

My attacks. .h.i.t them before I got out of their attack, this attack was not perfect as one was able to defend against, but I am still happy that I could kill three Nine Star Golden Elites through a single attack.

"You wretched creature!" said one Nine Star Golden Elite Fire Horn Lionmen as it speedily came at me as if it had teleported and swung its huge Warhammer at me in rage, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d had hidden its speed skill right now and used right on time when I got out of the attack.

Zub "Hehe"

Seeing its attack coming at me, I took a healthy dose of FeatherLight energy and twirled at extremely fast speed.

As I twirl, I was able to avoid its attack by the center, and even got burned quite a bit by the blazing fire, but I did not have time for that as I am concentrating on directing all the the momentum of the twirl to my sword so, I could generate enough power and sleep to cut off Fire Horn Lionmans head.


It had tried to avoid the attack and nearly did as I was not able to cut its head off fully, there is a centimeter of skin that had remained which did not matter as its outer skin, it had died them a moment, I cut its head off.

Puch! Puch!

Just as I finished cutting the head off, I threw two knives at the two Nine Star Golden Elite, and in them, I added a s.h.i.+t load of method energy in them and results were good as both knives I threw were able to pierce the skull of two Fire Horn Lionmen.