Monster Integration - Chapter 822 - Death Brigate

Chapter 822 - Death Brigate

Chapter 822 - Death Brigate

I now only have twenty-five minutes to reach the Guild and report to my team. I quickly wore my outside clothes and all the artifacts before I went to the bathroom and washed my b.l.o.o.d.y face.

I wanted to take a bath before going, but there was simply no time, so I just washed my face and dried it with my ability before getting out of the building.

Feeling something like this would happen, I booked the hotel very close to the guild, so I will only have to make the short-run of the few minutes, and I will reach the Guild.

Ten minutes later, I had reached in front of the Guild and went inside as I only have fifteen minutes. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but they have given a separate block for the Death Brigade and every team and their own conference room and everything.

The way to the Death Brigade's block is not complicated. I just have to reach the 17th floor of the castle. The whole seventeenth floor is for the Death Brigade, and when I entered inside it, I found I've entered the completely new world.

Everything seemed normal, but people that were going around also seemed normal, but this normal is giving me a completely different feeling as if I am entering a completely different place.

This place seemed to have a hint of madness and killing and other emotions filling through the air that even normal people could sense much less me who had comprehended the Killing Rule.

As I had entered the, I saw a board named Death Board, which has a hundred entries and names of the various teams written on it. On the top is Team 78, on second had a Team 34, and when I looked for the team I've a.s.signed to, I found them way down at 77.

That was really too low, though I did not know what this 'Death Board' is. I know that 77th is not a good number to have in any team.

Knock Knock!

Soon I reached the door that had 'Team 52' written, I am five minutes early than the required time which is a good thing, I don't want to be late on my first day, even criminals don't like those who came late.

Sup! "Oh, here comes a newbie who is going to die in his first Mission."

I heard a door opened, in front of me I was in a big conference room with a big conference table. There are about fifty seats on the table on which more than half were occupied.

The interesting thing is in the center of the conference table Image of me is floating. Besides my photo, my detailed information is floating in there.

In there I could see my Battle Power, which is Four-Star Golden Elite, that is the lowest of all.

Here everyone is Six Star Elite above, even the Six Star Elites are less, in thirty-something, most have the power of Eight Star Elite and the most powerful is the Redhead girl who is above Golden Elite but below that of Platinum.

I observe them as they observe me, their sense a.s.saulting me rudely but could get past the protection over my body, I had protected myself with the help of Artifact, except for High-level Platinum and above them, n.o.body will be able to see my level.

Though when inside the city, I did not mask my aura but it is necessary, most of the people present here are the criminals, if they got to know my real power which is Two Star Golden Elite, they will tear me apart before Grimm Monsters do.

So, it is important to maintain a little air mystery that makes them guess if I'm a really a Four Star Golden Elite. I will not be able to maintain this mystery for long as I will have to fight eventually, but that is fine as that my main focus would be that of surviving.

"Brat, what crime did you commit to being sent to this h.e.l.lhole?" Asked a burly whos is sitting at the end of the table, he looked the same age as me but still called me Brat.

"Conspiracy," I said mysteriously, he seemed a little confused hearing this but did not ask further.

I walked toward the end of the conference table. Here everyone seemed to be sitting according to power level, and my being lowest had to sit at the end of the table right beside the Burly guys who had called me a brat.

I walked next to a burly guy and was sitting when I noticed a moment from the Burly guy. It had extended him a hand at a very fast speed. He had calculated the perfect timing as he would yank my chair when my a.s.s was about to touch the chair.

It would have been able to laugh at my expense when I was if I hadn't practiced such amazing Method, but now it will be very difficult for it with the speed its hand was moving.


Just as he moved his hands toward my chair, I took a slight violet energy of the feather. It made my movements extremely fast that its hand only reached halfway when I sat on my chair and turned toward him with a smile.

Seeing my extremely fast movement, its expression froze midway before a look of surprise appeared on his face.

"Hahaha… Tom, you have been successful in the past two rookies, but this you failed." several people laughed loudly, but the man on the other side laughed so loudly that he had downed all others with his laugh as he mocked the burly young man.

The burly guy did not say anything, just glared at one who is laughing at us before turning toward me with a bright smile. "Welcome to h.e.l.l rookie, I hope you survive at least one mission he said," he said as he is welcoming me at the most fun amus.e.m.e.nt park, not to a place where my chances of dying are very high.

As time pa.s.sed, more and more people came to the room, but no one asked me any question if I am not here, but they all spread their senses over me and looked at my info floating in the center of the table.

Soon a young man of my age entered the room, and I was quite surprised seeing him as he is the first person who talked to me in Warzone. It is the same young man who had advanced me about the teleportation formation.

He also seemed quite surprised. He also did not talk to me and he just smiled at me and sat near the redhead as he is Nine Star Golden Elite.

'Crazy!��� I thought when I read about Death Brigade earlier, I've come to know that Death Brigade is not only for the Criminals, other people also could join too, but normally people don't as the rate of fatality rate is very high.

Still, some crazy people like that young man in Blue joined the Death Brigade, people had many reasons, the rush of risk or wanting to kill maximum Grimm Monsters but the most important reason for normal people Joining the Death Brigade is progress.

The rate progressed very high in Death Brigade, even more, an untalented person would make superfast progress in it. The immense danger stimulates one's talent and makes one improve faster.