Monster Integration - Chapter 797 Golden Elite

Chapter 797 Golden Elite

Golden Elite!

I thought as ecstatically as my body and soul had finally entered the boundary of the Golden Elite under the nourishment of the Multicolored Energies.

I had not thought I would become a Golden Elite this early, I found fortune amid the tragedy but reaching the Golden Elite is just a side benefit, the real benefit I got is my Const.i.tution.

That Multicolored colored energy had upgraded my Const.i.tution, my Const.i.tution I had earlier was already quite good, but this multicolored energy had upgraded it even more.

It will suffice to say that instead of it harvesting me, I had harvested it and got all perks it had, meaning now I had very potential to reach whatever Adamantine level it is talking about.

There is another benefit I got, and that is fire ability, which also has advanced. In the multicolored energy, there was one energy that was very good for my fire ability.

This energy had not only upgraded the power of my ability, but it had upgraded the ability from the core. I am very aware that the Crimson Eyed Hyenamen are not fired elemental Grimm Monsters, so the only reason it could have such energy is that it had harvested from someone else.

It talked about harvesting three people; one of these people must have a Special Const.i.tution for Fire. So when it harvested it, it laid dormant inside it, but when I harvested it from the Grimm Monsters, it had automatically merged with mine and Ashlyn fire, upgrading from the core.

The Tower had stopped sucking energy minutes ago, but there is still quite some amount of multicolored energies that had remained in my heart s.p.a.ce, though it would not help but reach Two Star Golden Elite, it will still increase my power by quite a bit, which is more than enough for me.

So, without wasting any time, I started to refine all the energies that were left in me. In a few minutes, I finished refining it, and as I had expected, my power grew a bit.

I withdrew my consciousness from my heart s.p.a.ce and looked ahead, only to see the husk of Crimson Eyed Hyenaman. I had expected it to be dead, but I had not expected that when I opened my, I would only see its husk.

To be honest, the thing I was expecting to see was a greyed dead body of Crimson Eyed Hyenaman, which would look even scarier than the original, but all I saw is the husk of it.

The first thing I did was to collect its stuff, I did that and directly put it back to my storage rings, I intentionally did not check its storage despite my utter curiosity as it would waste too much of my time. I would be pretty disappointed if I did not find anything which would intern affect the dangerous battle that I will fight.

Little more than an hour had pa.s.sed since I entered this cave, and it could be said that one and a half hours had pa.s.sed since I left the battlefield, and I wanted to go there immediately, but I controlled myself as there is one more thing I have to do before I join the battle.

Before going into battle, I have to practice the 2nd level of Mystic Method; I would have left it be for a day if not for me refining grey energy in the 2nd Flood of the Tower.

Such refined energy was beyond the limit of what the grey Runic Lily could handle, and cracks started to appear on its body. Now it has become useless if I dare to use it, then it will crash, and all the energies it had will spread through my body.

If That happens, even with my current body, there will be a very high chance of me dying by it.

I checked on the condition of the Runic city one more time before I took out several materials from my storage, one of which is a big leather bundle.

I unfolded the leather bundle, and it became a three-meter diameter circle on which a very complicated formation is drawn. This bundle is called a formation Sheet; I had it commissioned especially for the practice of 2nd level of my Mystic Method.

The formation drawn on it is the formation that required for the 1st to 3rd level of Domain of Withering Sand Mystic Method, the only thing I have to do is create formation ink and add in valve in the corner, once the valve is filled, it will be automatically spread in the formation drawn Formation Sheet, saving me trouble and time of drawing the formation.

So without hesitation, I started to create the formation ink, and this time, I added twenty drops of White Grade Origin Water inside it, which is twenty times more compared to last time.

I wanted to add more, but I can't as it will destabilize the composition of materials so that I could add a maximum of 20 drops inside the formation ink. I added half the formation ink into the valve, just as I did, it started to fill the formation sheet, and within a few seconds, the whole formation filled with the formation ink.

This process would take me an hour as not only would I have to draw the formation, I would have also had to double-check multiple times for the slightest mistake, but with the formation sheet, I don't have to worry about all those things.

"Ashlyn, stand guard!"

I said to Ashlyn as I sat in the center of the formation and started to draw the formation on my body. This formation bore many similarities to one I had brought for the Level 1 of the Mystic Method; the only difference is that it is slightly complicated; this lily had nine petals instead of the six.

It took me a total of half an hour to draw the formation on my body, just as I finished drawing the formation. I started to put different things on the different places on the formation before activating it.


The formation activated and the process started, first, the essence of herbs came out of them before they started moving toward the black sand in the center.

When all the herbal essence came to the center, they started to merge with Black sand, and after the merging process completed, the whole mixture began to flow toward my chest.

Unlike last time, this time, I am not worried; this time, my body and soul are more than strong enough to bear the load of the 2nd Level of Mystic Method.

Soon the black material filled the Runic Lily in my chest and started to seep inside it. This step is one of the most dangerous steps; I have to be careful even if I am confident in my abilities.

The Black material completely seeped inside me and appeared in my heart s.p.a.ce where it appeared and covered Dark Grey Runic Lity whole and started to change it.

This process lasted for quite a while before a Nine Petal Runic Lily appeared in my heart s.p.a.ce, fluctuating with dangerous withering energy that could turn anything into ashes.