Monster Integration - Chapter 796 Second Floor

Chapter 796 Second Floor

The 2nd Floor of the Chaos Crus.h.i.+ng Holy Tower is a very difficult to breach, in this past few days I've been in the home, I have tried it to breach many times so that I could get even more refinement energy.

But all my efforts came to nothing; the maximum result was a faint crack on that steel like layer which I sometimes doubt was real of just my hallucination after so many disappointments.

But now I have no choice but to breach the second layer as without, I will not be able to refine such precious energies and might even die from exploding.

So, I did not waste any time as I am already reaching my limit and start to move the energies toward the layer of the second floor.

With so much experience, I did not directly try to breach that layer; instead, I acc.u.mulated energies to my limit and built the highest momentum I could control before cras.h.i.+ng it toward the layer that is blocking my path.


The moment crashed across the thick wall, and all I saw was a faint crack, seeing it I did not get angry instead became happy as I know many times I had to try before I was able to make a faint crack on their layer, but now I had made a crack in the first try.

There is hope of breaching this later and taking these energies to the 2nd floor, but I had to do it quickly as the energies reached the limit swiftly. It is earlier than I thought, and when I looked at it, I understood the reason for it, the Tower had increased it's sucking speed.

With rate, it is increasing its sucking speed; I barely have three minutes to breach that layer if not then I would explode and die to the Tower will stop sucking energies, both of the options are unacceptable to me.

Bang Bang Bang…

I did not waste time and build even greater momentum to crash across the layer that is stopping me from advancing to the 2nd flood.

Crack Crack Crack…

Each crash would create a bigger crack than the previous, but it is not enough, the cracks are too small to shatter the layer. If this goes through at such a pace then it will be impossible for me to break the layer before my body reaches the limit.

So Close!

I thought to see the big crack and about to make the energy crash against it again when I felt reaching the limit and saw the glow of the two receding and sucking speed also lessening.


I shouted in my mind seeing that, at one time, I would have preferred the explosion rather than the receding energy. This energy had the power to make me Golden Elite, and I let it go unused, then I would be the biggest idiot.

'All hope hadn't been lost yet!' I said to myself, the suction is slowing down, but it hasn't stopped yet completely, there is still a chance, as long as I could open blast apart the layer before the suction stops completely the suction will up but to do that, I had only one chance.

I will only have one chance if I missed it then I will lose the opportunity to become Golden Elite and slowly work hard before I could be able to become a Golden Elite.

So, I started to build momentum. This time I sucked even more energy; I sucked so much energy into a tower that sheer mental efforts made me bleed physically, but I did not care about little bleeding when there are so many important things at stake.

So, I kept sucking till I filled every inch of toward tightly with energy, that not even a speck could fill; still, I wanted to try again to fill it, but I did not as time had run out, so I released all concentrated energy at the solid wall that is blocking my way to the second floor of the Tower.

BANG! Crack Crack Crack…

A loud bang sounded as the energy crashed against the layer, and the next moment, cracks started to form on it at a rapid pace.

Faster faster!

I shouted in my mind, seeing the speed of cracks as time is running out for me, the speed of sucking had really slowed down so much that it could stop any time if the layer blasted after the sucking stop them all my efforts would be wasted.


Finally, after what seemed like hours, the second layer blasted open with the boom, and energy roaringly went up. Seeing that I did not waste time and started the refinement process while I sucked more energy from the tower.

I've now only reached the 2nd floor of the Tower and hadn't refined energy through it; I have to refine it quickly as possible otherwise, the sucking would stop again.

So, I used all the energy I had to refine the energy; I did not care that due to the strain I am going through, I had started bleeding from various spots from my body. The only thing I have in mind is to take the energy top of the second floor so that the energy could get completely refined.

I did just that as one by one, runes on the 2nd floor of the tower started to lit up, though the lighting up process is way slower than that of the 1st floor, it is still consistent.

Finally, through my consistent efforts, I reached that final door on the 2nd floor, and unlike the 1st floor, this time, I had not felt any restriction, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh in relief.

Finally, the energies went through that door and came out of the tower, when the energies came out of Tower, they were still multicolored, but there is natural vibrancy in them, all the chaoticness they have before had utterly vanished.

The multicolored energy lingered around the heart s.p.a.ce for a moment before it disappeared as it started to spread through my body and soul, nouris.h.i.+ng it making it stronger than before.


I couldn't help but sigh as I felt a refres.h.i.+ng cooling sensation spreading through my body. It felt like I was bathing in the freshest waterfall in the world, the sensation of it was magical, but just that sensation came it disappeared as I am not the only one recipient of the energy.

Ashlyn and Nero also took one part of energy each without doing much work, just as I thought came into my mind, an angry chirp rang out saying if not for her, I would have fallen into despair the moment the Ghost Green Strings pierced through my body which I can't refute as it is true.

After getting the first bout of energy, I started to refine even more multicolored energy as there is a s.h.i.+t load of the present in my Heart s.p.a.ce and more is coming every second, this much of energy would be enough to satisfy us.

So, I started refining even more speedily while also enjoying the cooling sensation that it gave me and as such time pa.s.sed and finally I reached the edge, I just needed a tiny bit of energy to become a Golden Elite.