Monster Integration - Chapter 794 Life Extraction Art I

Chapter 794 Life Extraction Art I

I started to follow it with my greatest speed, but this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was so fast with its Mystic Method that I am barely able to keep it under my view.

Few minutes pa.s.sed in the chase, and we got out of range of the Battle, and now we could hear the sound of real Battle. Away from the big Battle, there is another battle going on, and that is between the five Guidmasters and Leaders of the Grimm Monsters.

They are the people that have power equal to Lords, and that makes them very powerful if they fight above us, then they will be not only a threat to us but also the Golden Elite also.

Any stray attack of them could easily kill the Strongest Golden Elite much less us who were below, which could die in doves under their stray attack, which is why they have chosen a distant battlefield.

When I looked at their fight, I did not see anything except for detaining sound and colorful attacks, as for the silhouette of humans and Grimm Monsters, they have become invisible.

They have not become invisible; they are just two fast that they are not visible to the naked eyes.

Ten minutes had pa.s.sed since I started chasing it, and we had already moved far away in front of the Battle except for the sound of the leader's Battle, I could not hear any other sound.

The Grimm Monster, which I thought would be able to use the Mystic Method for maximum for five minutes, but even after ten minutes, it is still using it, and there is no sign of exhaustion could be seen in its gait.

As I am following it, I got some weird sensation and felt something wrong about the current condition. I felt like I should go back as it will be dangerous if I continue to chase it, but I still chased it. I felt that killing this Grimm Monster is also necessary if I did not, then it will bring terror for us, humans.

Ten more minutes pa.s.sed, and I finally saw the exhaustion on the face of the Grimm Monster and felt like if I continue to chase it for a while, then I will be able to catch it.

"Human, you will never be able to catch me!" The Grimm Monsters shouted, and the next moment, it shot inside the waterfall.


I was a little surprised to see it pa.s.sing through the waterfall, but I still followed it without stopping. There is a cave behind the waterfall, and I could see it going deeper and deeper inside the cave.

I had already started to use the power of my Killing Rule and Artifact to the highest, so I could quickly defend myself against it if it dared to launch an attack at me. I walked inside the cave and ran toward the Grimm Monster, who is still going fast; I am also following it with my greatest speed caution in hand.

A minute later, I saw the end of the cave through my senses. In the end, it is not narrow as the path I am walking but is quite wide; it has an area of about two hundred meters.

The Grimm Monsters stopped as it entered inside, and a few seconds later, I followed cautiously.

There I saw Crimson Eyes Hyenaman at the other side where there is no other bath but a solid cave wall that it could not pa.s.s through. It is clearly very exhausted using the two Mystic Method's at once, but I noticed that it is recovering.

Seeing that my face hardened even more as I saw its pace of recovering, it is recovering is greater than me.

The Grimm Monsters already have monstrous healing abilities, and top of that whatever it had received had made this Crimson Eyes Hyenaman recovery very fast, it's recovery speed is so fast that within four minutes it will completely recover and become capable of using Mystic Method again.


I don't want to give it any chance to recover, so without hesitation, I used the short instant moment and appeared in front of it.

Sup Sup Sup…

As I appeared in front of it, I was about to activate Instant blast when horns blared inside me warning me of very life-threatening danger, sensing that I was about the retreat at my quiet speed when suddenly Ghostly Green Threads appeared from Crimson Eyes Hyenaman chest and pierced through every part of my body.

It had happened so fast that I didn't even get a moment to make a retreat. I had sensed the Grave danger, and that exact moment, I found thousands of Ghostly threads pierced through my body.

As these threads pierced through me, they made me completely immobile and stopped all energy circulation in my body that I became incapable of maintaining control over mana; thus, the Swirling Armor on my body puffed away.

Seeing that, I tried to summon my Mystic Method but found there is no response from it either. These Ghostly Green Threads had pierced through my body and my soul and immobilized both, except for having power over thoughts, I could not do anything, but I did not panic.

I have Ashlyn, and she said these threads did not affect her, she wanted to come out and kill this Crimson Eyes Hyenaman, but I had stopped her and asked her to keep an eye on those Ghostly Green Threads.

I have become very curious about it and found the risk worth it if I found something about these Ghostly Green Threads, I could be prepared against them if I have come across them in the future.

These Ghostly Green Threads are the strangest thing I've seen, and these threads are not the Mystic Method I am sure of it.

Mystic Methods are given completely different feelings no matter how strange they are, and there is another feeling I am getting from it that whatever these Ghostly Green Strings are, their level is far far above that of Mystic Method.

"Do you know how hard it is to find someone with special Constipation?" Suddenly Crimson Eyes Hyenaman asked. It looked very happy and was looking at me as if I am some kind of precious treasure that it had been searching for all of its life.

"I've chanced upon Life Extraction Art a decade ago, and since then, I've only come across those with a special const.i.tution only three times." It said when it said that clear indignation could be clearly seen on its face.

Life Extraction Art? I have the first time since I have heard some such words in my life and became quite curious about it.

"So, Imagine my surprise when I saw your Special Const.i.tution. Your const.i.tution is more powerful than the other Three I've extracted." It said happily.

"The wait was worth it, though you did not have the Natural Const.i.tution, it is better than natural Const.i.tutions I had harvested before."

"With your extraction, not only will I advance another step in the Foundation Stage of my Art, which will clear the path of me becoming Adamantine, but I will also become Golden Elite." It said ecstatically as if it is already imagining it becoming stronger.

Adamantine? Another unknown word I've never heard, still, I became very cautious and ready to act as soon as those Ghostly Green Strings acted on me.

"Hahaha… All these years of wait are worth it; I will finally have a clear way to become an Adamantine." It said laughingly before it suddenly turned serious and looked directly in my eyes.