Monster Integration - Chapter 793 Battle I

Chapter 793 Battle I

After it finished saying it had attacked and when I saw its attack I closed my eyes and it would be impossible to follow it attack with my eyes, so I might as well close my eyes fighting it as they will be no use.

As I closed my eyes, darkness appeared momentarily before it vanished, and the world of red seemed. Here, everything is red, the plants, the soul, the people around me, everything has turned red.

This is Scarlet World, the vision that killing Rule provides, here everything became clearer and which is why the claw of Crimson Eye Hyenaman, which I have a problem seeing, is now appearing clearly before my eyes.


Seeing the claw, I immediately activated the mini blast and moved my sword according to it.


Step Step...

Its claw clashed against my sword, and the next moment we both took a step back with blood trickling down from our lips. This attack was launched using our full strength without holding back anything—the only thing we have not used our Mystic Method, which I think would be used soon.


The Crimson Eye Hyenaman laughed weirdly as it attacked me again, but this time, I saw its claw glowing. It had used its Mystic Method and I was shocked to find out that the power of the claw came really close to my Mystic Skills.

This is really shocking as till now, the only Mystic Ability which could compare to my Mystic Method is Rachel's, which she had got from her inheritance, but now this Grimm Monster had something which is power close to my Mystic Skill.

I knew very well that the mystic method I have is a regular Mystic Method, but due to the refinement of my refinement engine, it had become powerful.

"Cold Moons Murders!"

The Crimson Eye Hyenaman shouted, and when its attack was halfways, the power of the claw increased three times, it had now become so powerful that if it had hit directly, then even Golden Elite would experience the grave wounds, might even die under this claw.

"Breeze of Withering Sand!"

Seeing its claw coming toward me at the speed that is barely visible in the Scarlet, my mouth curled up in a smile as suddenly my sword covered in a cloud of grey energy as streaked toward the claw of the Crimson Eye Hyenaman.

Expression of shock appeared on the face of the Crimson Eye Hyenaman, during the whole battle, it always had a confident smile on its face, this is the first time that usual confident smile disappeared from its face.


Step Step Step... Puh!

As our weapons clashed, both of us started to take a step back, which I had only taken three steps before stabilizing; it continued to take a step back while puking a mouthful of blood.


Just as I stabilized, I used short instant movement and appeared in front of the Crimson Eye Hyenaman and used Instant Blast to swung my sword at it and like last time, this time also my sword covered in this cloud of grey energy, once the blade of my sword touched it, it will be finished.

Till now, I had not used the Instant Blast and Short Instant Movement in this battle; I had kept them as the trump card to use in a moment like this.

A terror appeared on its face, my sudden onslaught, it is my most powerful attack, and there would be barely anyone below the Golden Elite would be able to survive from it.


Suddenly all the terror it had in its eyes dissipated, and its eyes became calm as water as the armor of smoke appeared on its body. Seeing the Armor, I cursed in my mind as I know this Grimm monster is not simple as it was able to practice two Mystic Methods before breaking the limit.

The only I had seen practicing two Mystic Methods before breaking the limit is Rachel, even I am not sure if I could practice two methods since I hadn't tried yet, but this Grimm Monster is able to, it is clear that either it had received some kind of inheritance or gone through some lucky encounter.

I have to kill it, I have seen how powerful Rachel's Inheritance is, and she said she was barely able to scratch the surface of her Inheritance. If this Grimm Monster received something like that, then it will become a big trouble for us humans in the future.

So it is better that I kill it right now and save countless humans that will die by its blade in the future.

It will not be easy since it has two Grimm Methods, but I will try. I have confidence that I will be able to kill it with the help of Instant Blast and Short Distance Movement as these two are comparable to the Mystic Method, but they did not exhaust me as the Mystic Method, I could continuously use them.


Our weapons clashed and unlike before, it did not shake even slightly much less and take a step back.

"You had made me use my final trump card and now die by it!" It said and launched an attack at me which is swifter than all of its attack, seeing even with the help of Mystic Method I will not be able to dodge it, I chose to use the Short instant movement and created distance between us but to my surprise it followed me like a shadow.

This second Mystic Method of its seemed to provide it with the strength and speed, which is helping it to make the short instant movement like me. Seeing it also using the short instant movement, I did not panic and used the short instant movement to get away from it.

My strategy is simple, make it spend its energy on its Mystic Method, unlike my swirling Armor, which helps me make the short instant movements which I can use for hours, the mystic skill could not be used for a long time as it had limited energy and makes one exhausted.

"Die Die Die…"

A crazed expression appeared on its face as it continued to follow me with the use of its Mystic Method as I continuously used the Short Instant Movement to run away.

It had the crazed expression on its face, but it had not gone crazy, it is very much sane, the craziness is just a facade it is putting on to make me fall into its trap.

Every attack of it may seem simple and direct, but it was made with great calculation and it was ever-changing; it could easily change the direction of its attack, if I am not cautious then I

Be it Grimm Monster or Humans; both are shocked by our fight as we looked like we are teleporting at short distances. This scene is not unfamiliar to them as this is happening above, which is why they are shocked; it is happening below as what we are doing is only Golden Elite are capable of doing in their eyes.

Time pa.s.sed by, and fifteen minutes pa.s.sed since I started running away from the Grimm Monster, but it was not able to catch me even once and to his surprise as time pa.s.sed I became even more expert in avoiding its attacks which frustrate it to no end.


I dodged another attack of it, and I thought as it would follow up with another attack, but to my surprise, it had opted to run away, which stumped me on my spot.

I looked at its running figure while thinking whether to chase it or not before deciding to chase it.

This Grimm Monster is very dangerous and will become even more dangerous in the future, it better I kill it now and so humanity will have one less problem to worry about in the future.

So I decided to chase it, I don't know when I started to chase it, a victorious smirk appeared on the Crimson Eye HyenaMan Lips.