Monster Integration - Chapter 791 Shudder

Chapter 791 Shudder

It has been fifteen hours since we left the city and now Grimm Monsters are just one hour away from us.

We arrived here five hours ago, but we did not immediately attack, we rested and waited for them to come to us, and this is the place we have decided to attack. Currently, I am studying battle strategy like everyone in my team of five hundred.

I don't want any mistakes during the battle, which is why I am studying the battle strategy and topography of this place again and again.

"It is Time!" said the team leader after half an hour, hearing that all the five hundred people got up in unison and took their position before the cloud of five hundred people rose into the air.

Around us there are many clouds like us, with the biggest Cloud of twenty thousand people a few kilometers ahead of us, they will launch an attack a few minutes before us pincer teams and bear the biggest burnt of attack for a few minutes.

Which is all five Guild leaders and three fourth of Golden Elite is in that Group.

We are flying openly without hiding our moments as there is no need to, there are many powerhouses amongst the Grimm Monsters that have exceptional sensory abilities and not to forget powerful scouts, they could track our moment even if we attack from the woods, so we might as well attack openly as always.

Soon the big Army two hundred thousand Grimm Monsters come under view; even in the thick woods, they are already visible. With their huge numbers and big bodies, they have filled up several small hills.

Clang Clang Clang…

Few minutes later the force of twenty-five thousand people clashed against the force of two hundred thousand.

Thud Thud Thud…

Seeing their clash, we know we don't have much time and landed on the ground as we ran toward the Grimm Monsters, we are going to attack them from the position given to us.

"Leave No Grimm Monsters Alive!"

Shouted our leader as he spotted the First Grimm Monster like before, he did not wait for us; instead, he shot toward Grimm Monsters. He did not kill any Grimm Monsters as they did not worth its time; his real opponent is Golden Elite Grimm Monster, which is a little deeper.

Running through the woods, a heavy sword appeared in my hand, and a very thin layer of fire appeared on my body. If one looked from a distance they would think I am wearing very compact silver armor, which had a thickness of the nickel.

It had been compacted to the limit; it had reached the limit of its design, and the power it is giving me is immense, but it is still not enough to reach that of the Golden Elite.

Still, with my power and the aid of the Armor, there will be barely anyone who will be my match below that of the Golden Elite.

I would have liked to say no one below the Golden Elite could match me, but saying that would be preposterous as many people are infinitely closer to being a Golden Elite and more than enough of my match.

"Hehe, die huma!" Puchi Puchi….

Soon I saw Grimm Monsters and it saw me, as it saw me and a bright smile appeared on its face. It opened its mouth to speak the usual stuff that Grimm Monsters talked about but before it could form a full sentance, it found its chest pierced, not only it, the seven Grimm Monsters around it who had just taken steps toward the humans they saw coming found their chests pierced.

It happened so fast that they did not understand how such a heavy sword appeared pierced through their chest without them knowing.

Just fast as I killed them, just as fast I stored them in my storage. Androids are flying everywhere would probably tracking everything, so these bodies of Grimm Monsters would not anywhere but I still stored them as this time there are no non combat personnel to help me collect bodies of Grimm Monsters, so I will have to collect them later, so I might as well collect them now.

The Grimm Monsters I had killed were nothing special, they were Seven Star Silver Elites, even if they were Nine Star Silver Elites they would still be clueless about how my sword had pierced through them.

Puchi Puchi Puchi…

I became a death G.o.d on the battlefield, killing any Grimm Monsters that came in my way be it Six Star Silver Elite or powerhouse that is very close to becoming a Golden Elite all of them had died under my blade.

I kept killing and killing in just ten minutes; I had killed nearly three hundred Grimm Monsters; this is the record for myself. My power had reached very close to the Golden Elite and added to the Swirling Armor that had reached its peak; I simply have no match on the battlefield.

Wherever I do, I will kill the Grimm Monster, except for Golden Elite, I have not come across any Grimm Monster that I do not have the confidence to kill.

Half an hour pa.s.sed and I had killed nearly a thousand Grimm Monsters, killing such Grimm Monsters, I have become a little restrained as unbridled killing will catch the eye of Grimm Monster sooner or later and I don't want that to happen as it will mean certain death for me.

It is a good thing that this is a hilly area where I could kill at my heart content, if it had been plain, I would not have been this audacious in my killing as such killing speed is very noticeable, and once I got noticed by the Grimm Monster, it will be very hard to stay alive.

This is why I am using my new sensory artifact at its limit, keeping track of every Golden Elite Grimm Monster in my range. I have even divided them according to their danger level.

I will only hunt in a place where there is low-level Golden Elite is present or no Golden Elite is present as for that area where a mid and high-level Golden Elites are present, I left them be, I could kill few Grimm Monsters in that area, but I did not, the less I come under their senses, the better.

With this strategy, I moved around the whole battlefield to kill the Grimm Monster, though it had reduced my speed of killing, I did not mind as safely of myself is more important than some Grimm Monsters.

Time pa.s.sed by, and three hours pa.s.sed since the battle had started, both sides have got heavy casualties, but we are still fighting. In these past three hours, I have killed more than three thousand Grimm Monsters, which could be called a huge number as it is more than 1% of Grimm Monsters that are fighting.

I don't think anyone had a similar kill count as me in this battle as only those who have exceptional sensory abilities and would be able to do something like this in this highly dangerous battlefield.


Another hour had pa.s.sed, and I was killing cautiously when suddenly an uncontrollable shudder ran through my body and I felt dead cold sensation spreading through my body.